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Products/Services : Surface coating plants, turnkey projects,
powder coating plants, liquid painting plants,
ovens, paint booths, powder coating booths,
pre-treatment plants, plating plants, anodizing plants, consultancy services

Products/Services : Manufacturers of : electroplating plants, nickel chrome zinc, silver rhodium gold & anodizing plants. linings: rubber, p.v.c. lead p.p tank. barrels: silver, zinc, nickel, caustic phosphating plants & rectifiers chemicals plants etp plants.

Products/Services : Manufacturing & export of quality electroplating and metal finishing equipment

:: semi automatic & automatic electroplating plants for ferrous & non ferrous and plastic material (abs)
:: aluminum anodizing (normal with electro coloring)
:: aluminum hard anodizing
:: zinc electro galvanizing lines
:: chemical process tanks
:: electroplating chemicals
:: wire & strip electro galvanizing plants

Products/Services :

product range

* spray dip type pretreatment plant
* conveyorised powder coating plant
* conveyorised liquid painting plant
* plating plants
* anodizing plants
* consultancy

Products/Services : Kitchen equipment, powder coating unit, recovery unit with spray booth, gas fied oven, electrical oven, all industrial oven, lab oven, furnace, bakery oven, electrical panels, anodizing plants, chemical tray dryed (12,24,48,96,192)

Products/Services : Manufacturer & exporter of various plants & machinery from india.having a big range of product & equipment -
rim, spoke, rectifiers, automatic, semi-automatic mechanical electroplating plant, degreasing plant, ultrasonic plant, electrophoretic plant, chilling plant, pressure vacuum deposition plant ( pvd ), vacuum plant, electro polishing plant, hard chrome graving cylinder chemical plant, soft and hard anodizing plant, effluent treatment plant ( etp ), demineralising plant, resistance board, hanger ( jigs ), heater, water treatment plant, chemical plant, acid tanker, lead bonding plant, degreasing ultrasonic plant, rubber, pvc, pp, fiber glass & lead lining.

Products/Services : Manufacturers, traders & exporters of titanium equipment and anode, titanium pipes, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, condensers, reactor columns and custom built equipments.

- pressure vessels & storage tanks
- evaporators
- heating coils
- rotary mixers
- plug screw conveyers
- filters
- titanium blowers
- pipes & fittings
- titanium fabricated valves
- heat treatment pots-lined and solid
- titanium baskets for electroplating
- chlorine tonners
- reactors
- distillation columns
- stirrers
- heat exchangers, tube bundles
- lined & cladded vessels
- fabricated pumps (ti & ni)
- thermowells
- chlorine coolers
- jigs for plating and anodizing
- custom made titanium anodes with platinum coating
- ion exchange membrane electrolyser
- anodes platinises, metallic coated and plated on substrates like titanium, titanium alloys, niobium & tantalum
- catho

Products/Services : Manufacture exotic metal chemical process equipments, electrochlorinators, platinized & cathodic protection anodes and tantalum repair kits.

heat exchanger:-
titanium reboiler, chlorine chiller, nickel preheater, zr shell & tube heat exchanger, chlorine cooler, duplex evaporator, zirconium, nickel condenser, monel crystallizer.

pressure vessels:-
titanium non pressure vessels, zirconium columns, duplex lined
towers, titanium cladded vessel, nickel clad vessel

chemical industrial storage tank:-
titanium storage tanks, nickel tank, hastelloy tank, duplex explosive cladded tanks, zirconium lined tank, ti / ni tanks

chemical process reactor:-
titanium lined reactors, titanium cladded reactor, solid zirconium reactor, hastelloy clad reactor, duplex reactor, inconel reactors

custom built equipment:-
titanium lined chemical mixer, plug screw conveyor, quench cooler, n

Search Term : Anodizing Plants     |     Total records - 8     |     Page .. 1 .. of 1    

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