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Traders importers and exporters of industrial chemicals solvents minerals intermediates pharmaceutical raw material laboratory instruments analytical electronic weighing scales. We deal in acetone banzene tolune mibk m xylene activated carbon pine oil phenol pthalic laboratory chemicals industrial chemicals.our products range industrial chemicals glacial acetic acid formic acid para formaldehyde chloroform phosphoric acid methylene chloride dimethyl formamide aag textile acid hydrogen peroxide soda ash substitute amm per sulphate pott per sulphate phosphoric acid piprazize anhydrous pott permanganate paraffin wax phenol di methyl formamide activated carbon powder ethyl glycol butyl glycol emulsifier 9. 5 emulsifier 4. 5 mets xylene 4 amino butyric acid mono chloro benzene sebacic acid

Manufacturers and exporters of textile chemicals oil drilling refinery chemicals sugar mills / paper / leather chemicals boiler / cooling tower chemicals agro chemicals. Products include e. D. T. A. Acid e. D. T. A. Di sodium tetra sodium ferrous ferric calcium copper magnesium manganese cobalt zinc. N. T. A. Acid n. T. A. Tri sodium d. T. P. A. Acid penta sodium humates phosphates phosphites benzalkonium chloride glutaraldehye formulations.products services acetyl chloride edta standard chelating agent. Hedta chelating agent nta biodegradable cheakating agent pdta chelator mmicrobiocides sodium mono chloro acetate mono chloric acetic acid sodium benzoate dtpa chelating agent.

We are exporters of sourcing and marketing wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredient's (a. P. I. 'S)to the worldwide market. amlodipine besylate hydroxy ethyl phthalamide methyl 3 amino crotonate / 3 amino crotonic acid methyl ester 14205 34 1 2 (2 phthaloylethoxy)methyl 4 (2 chlorophenyl) 3 ethoxycarbonyl 5 methoxy carbonyl 6 methyl 1 4 dihydropyridine 2 (2 aminoethoxy)methyl 4 (2 chlorophenyl) 3 ethoxycarbonyl 5 methoxy carbonyl 6 methyl 1 4 dihydropyridine 88150 42 9 amlodipine base phthaloyl amlodipine. carvedilol 2 (2 methoxyphenoxy) ethylamine hydrochloride 64464 07 9 2 (2 methoxyphenoxy)ethyl amine 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 4 oxocarbazole 2295 31 0 4 hydroxy 9 (h) carbazole 54989 33 2 4 oxiranylmethoxy 9(h)carbazol 51997 51 4 4 hydroxy carbazole. cyproheptadine intermediate n methyl 4 chloro piperidine n meth


Manufacturers and exporters of monochloro acetic acid (mca) sodium monochloro acetate (smca) ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (edta) pure acid it s salts nitrilo tri acetic acid (nta) carbaxy methily cellouse (cmc) for varied applications like paints dyes pesticides pharmaceuticals insecticide textile processing detergent agriculture and agrochemicals.

SPARCHEMMumbai (India)

Manufacturers and exporters of regularly imported products speciality chemicals paint chemicals industrial chemicals agrochemicals specialty aromatic chemicals herbal extracts rcf products and hospital disinfectants.speciality chemicals and pharmaceuticals 1 3 bis phenylthio propane 2 chloro acetamide 2 chloro benzonitrile 2 2 2 trichloro ehtyl chloroformate 2 2 chloro ethexy acetamide dimethylamino propyl chloride 60 in toulene 3 amino phenyl acetylene hydroxy coumarin activated manganese dioxide benzene selanic anhydride barbituric acid bromo butyronitrile benzonitrile benzal acetone benzhydrol bis phenyl sulphonyl ulfide cyclohexyl phenyl ether chloro acetonitrile cyanogen bromide yano toluene diphenyl ditelluride diphosphorous tetraiodide ichloro dicyano benzequinone dimethyl diselenide dichloro diselenide dimethyl dioctadecyl ammoniu

Manufacturer and traders of sequestering/chelating agents fine chemicals specialty chemicals laboratory chemicals.our products range sequestering/chelating agents edta series dtpa series nta series 1 3 pdta series chelated micronutrients series hedp/ atmp/ detmp series amino acid (protein hydrolysate)fine chemicals acetates bromides/ iodides citrates oxalates salicylates phosphates nitrates zinc saltsspecialty chemicals phenylhydrazine series amine halides serieslaboratory chemicals edta pure acid edta disodium edta tetrasodium edta calcium disodium edta trisodium edta dipotassium edta tripotassium edta diammonium edta magnesium dipotassium dtpa acid nta acid ammonium bromide sodium bromide potassium bromide cuprous bromide potassium iodide sodium iodide cuprous iodide

Trader distributor and supplier of industrial chemicals commercial chemicals raw material and laboratory equipments including (lab chemicals glasswaresceramic chemicals colbalt oxide zinc oxide mangnese carbonate mangnese sulphate magnesium sulphate nickel sulphate ammonium chloride sodium chloride ferric chloride powder and liquid sodium acetate pure potassium bromide sodium hexametaphosphate tri sodium phosphate dicalcium phosphate sodium nitrate copper sulphate calcium nitrate glycerin sulphamic acid nickel oxide potasium iodide mercury metal lab grade ph paper qualigen make silver nitrate 99 sodium molybdate qualigen make diethyl glycol qualigen make acetone methanol benzene charcoal activated o phosphoric acid formaldehyde acetic acid citric acid hydrochloric acid sulphuric acid nitric acid perchloric acid

Manufacturers and exporters of general chemicals ammonium sulphate ammonium chloride potassium chloride edta acid pure and metals salts nta / dtpa / hedp humic acid plant nutrients metal sulphate (cu fe mn mg zn etc. ) Benzalkonium chloride acetyl chloride mono chloro acetate sodium mono chloro acetate. organic chemicals mono / di / tri methyl amine ortho / meta / para nitro toluene di methyl acetamide / di methyl formamide nitrobenzene pigment dyes copper phthalocyanine blue copper phthalocyanine blue 15 0 copper phthalocyanine blue 15 1 copper phthalocyanine blue 15 3 copper phthalocyanine green 7 reactive / direct torquoise blue plasticizers chlorinated paraffins epoxy plasticizers

Bhagyanagar LaboratoriesHyderabad (India)

Manufacturers and importers exporters of thermistors micronutrients chelated zinc edta chelated iron edta chelated magnesium edta chelated manganese edta chelated copper edta chelated calcium edta chelated boron edta chelated micronutrient mixtures.


Importers and exporters of basic chemicals oleochemicals intermediates dyes and pigments speciality chemicals food colours flavours fragrances pharmaceutical chemicals cosmetics ayurveda.basic chemicals acetic acid aluminum paste ammonium nitrate ammonium persulfate aniline oil calcium carbonate caprolactam caustic soda caustic soda flakes cyclohaxanone di ammonium phosphate di calcium phosphate di sodium phosphate anhydrous di sodium phosphate crystal edta pure acid and salts enzymes fluorocarbons glycerine gum rosin hydrogen peroxide lignosulfonate melamine menthol mono ammonium phosphate mono chloro acetic acid mono potassium phosphate mono sodium phosphate anhydrous mono sodium phosphate crystal pentaerythritol peppermint oil potassium bicarbonate potassium carbonate potassium iodide potassium persulfate soda ash sodium acetate


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