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Manufacturers and exporters of biopesticides micro nutrients biofertilizers fungicide zinc edta zinc sulphate magnesium sulphate manganese sulphate copper sulphate boron molybdenum and related inputs of agricultural importance. Aluminium sulphate and other industrial chemicals of high quality are also produced by the bicco group.biopesticides bioneem a broad spectrum biocide based on azadirachtin from neem seed kernal provides the most effective economic and lasting control of major pests of agricultural horticultural and plantation crops. It is environment friendly highly biodegradable and residue 2001 is the only plant based acaricide effective against eggs and damaging stages of all species of phytophagous mites. Like bioneem it is broad spectrum totally ecofriendly highly biodegradable and residue mit k based on a combination


We are traders of chemical products.acetic acid sodium bi sulphite sodium meta bi sulphite sodium sulphite edta di sodium sulphamic acid

We are importer and exporter of chemicals product.our product amines epoxy curring agents amino ethyl ethanol amine (aeea) ancamine k 54 (epoxy accelerator) ancamine 2268 (top coating for flooring) ancamine 2883 / 2726 ancamide 221 (polymide 115) ancamide 261a (polymide 125) ancamide 351a (polymide 140) ancamide 2717 (polymide 160) aquamine 401 (water borne epoxy hardners) diethanolamine (dea) diethylene triamine (deta) epilink 360 / 701 epodil 748 / lv5 (epoxy diluent) ethylene diamine (eda) isophorone diamine (ipda) n n dimethylethanolamin (dmea) n methylethanolamine(nmea) polyetheramine (d230 / 2000 / 400 / t 5000) triethylene tetramine (teta) tetraethylenepentamine (tepa) triethanol amine (tea) 99 triisopropanol amine (tipa)biocides aqucar thps 75 dbnpa 100 (powder) dowicil qk 20 dowicil 75 dowicil 200 dowacide 1

Classic ChemicalsHyderabad (India)

Exporter and importer a large volume of quality water treatment chemicals bulk drug chemicals power plant chemicals fertilizer chemicals oil refinery chemicals.productswater treatment chemicals polycarboxylic antiscale and dispersant organophosphine antiscale and corrision inhibitors chelants bacteriacide and algicide ( biocides) corrosion inhibitor sodium hexametaphosphate (shmp 68 ) tech grade tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (tkpp) sodium tripoly phosphate tech grade trisodium phosphate tech grade glutaraldehyde 50 tech grade carbohydrazide edta na2 (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid disodium) edta na4 (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid disodium) edta acid (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) tributyl tetra phosphonium chloride ( ttpc ) morpholine cyclohexylamine sodium meta bi sulphite (smbs) sodium sulphite n n diethylhydr

Spectrum MarketingMumbai (India)

We are manufacturing and marketing of scientific pathology products.micro esr for paediatric and geriatic micro esr animal restrainer wax tray capillary sealing wax tray rbc tube wbc tube rbc pipette wbc pipette mouthpiece mouthpiece with rubber tube disposable esr tube plastic esr tube hamotocrit capillaries hamotocrit ubes heparinised capillaries heparinised tubes sodium heparinised capillaries lithium heparinised capillaries ammonium heparinised capillaries edta capillaries non heparinised capillaries non heparinised tubes btct capillaries bleeding time capillaries bleeding time clotting capillaries btct capillaries blood gas analyser capillaries blood gas analyser capillary tubes heparinised blood gas capillary mixer blood capillary float malaria test capillary tube strumia


We are traders importers and exporters of industrial chemicals glacial acetic acid formic acid para formaldehyde chloroform phosphoric acid methylene chloride dimethyl formamide aag textile acid hydrogen peroxide soda ash substitute amm per sulphate pott per sulphate phosphoric acid piprazize anhydrous pott permanganate paraffin wax phenol di methyl formamide activated carbon powder ethyl glycol butyl glycol emulsifier 9. 5 emulsifier 4. 5 mets xylene 4 amino butyric acid mono chloro benzene sebacic acid mercury (metal) pure triethanolamine 99 sodium methoxide cryst. succinic acid methyl chloroformate dimethyl sulphoxide ethyl acetoacetate methyl acetoacetate diisopropyl ether di butylamine tertiary butanol hydroxylamine sulfate petroleum ether cyclohexanone mix xylene formic acid glyoxal o xylene b


Exporter supplier manufacturer dealer and trading service activities in various chemicals automation solutions and supplies pharmaceutical ingredients sweetener apis gearbox control panel industrial motors contactors relays r d architecture education in nata jee main and advanced since more than 7 years in vadodara gujarat india.inorganic products ammonium acetate ammonium oxalate monohydrate ammonium phosphate dibasic ammonium phosphate monobasic ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate barium chloride dihydrate boric acid calcium carbonate calcium chloride anhydrous calcium chloride dihydrate calcium nitrate tetrahydrate calcium sulfate dihydrate edta disodium salt dihydrate magnesium chloride hexahydrate magnesium sulfate heptahydrate manganese sulfate monohydrate oxalic acid dihydrate potassium bromide potassium chloride potassium hydrogen phthalate potassium nitrate p


We are manufacturers suppliers and traders ofour products pregelatinized starch carboxymethyl starch sodium carboxymethyl starch monochloroacetic acid sodium monochloro acetate sodium starch glycolate edta and nta salts carboxymethyl cellulose metal edta substitute of edta and salts sodium monochloro acetate for textile industry monochloroacetic acid for pesticides pregelatinized starch for food industry


D. D. Enterprises pune established in the year 1996 is among the leading manufacturers suppliers and exporters of electronic products chemicals.pcb ink solder mask ink pcb inkcopper clad laminate cem 1 copper clad laminate xpc copper clad laminate fr4 copper clad laminate flexible copper clad laminate ptfe copper clad laminate copper clad laminate panel copper clad laminate aluminum copper clad laminate glass epoxy copper clad laminatealuminum clad laminates for pcb aluminium sheet for pcb industriespcb v groov cuttersagriculture fertilizer chemical potassium chloride water soluble fertilizer calcium chloride potassium nitrate citric acid soda ashindustrial chemical pastille sulphur monopotassium phosphate zinc edtacalcium nitrate sulphate of potash copper edta muriate potash monoammonium phosphate zinc sulphate chemical ammonium choride magnesium edta magn

Bhagyanagar LaboratoriesHyderabad (India)

Manufacturer exporters of thermistors electrical characteristics micronutrients chelated zinc edta chelated iron edta chelated magnesium edta chelated manganese edta chelated copper edta chelated calcium edta chelated boron edta chelated micronutrient mixtures.


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