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Companies From India - Edta

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Remedy LabsAhmedabad (India)

Manufacturer traders and exporters of bulk drug / api's intermediates chemicals and excipients.our products rangepharmaceutical ingredients / bulk drugs alendronate sodium celecoxib diphenhydramine hcl chlorhexidine gluconate 20 solution clomiphene citrate lidocaine base lidocaine hydrochloride tenoxicam meloxicam cetirizine di hydrochloride calcium stearate piroxicamexipients magnesium trisilicate bp di calcium phosphate sodium starch glycolate bp magnesium stearate microcrystline cellulose powder tri calcium phosphate zinc stearate calcium stearate manufacturer aluminium stearateintermediates chemicals monochloro acetic acid (mca) sodium monochloro acetate (smca) e. D. T. A. Di sodium salt edta acid e. D. T. A. Tetrea sodium salt n. T. A di phenyl methane (dpm) hydrazo benzene ethyl bromide (ebr) isopropyl bromide n butyl bromide (nb

We are manufacturers suppliers and exporters of chelating / sequestering agents and fine chemicals. Edta (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) ava expanded its product range to include other chelating agents like dtpa (diethylene triamine penta acetic acid) nta (nitrilo triacetic acid) fe eddha hedp humic acid etc.our productsacetates ammonium acetate barium acetate calcium acetate lead acetate manganese acetate tetrahydrate magnesium acetate tetrahydrate potassium acetate sodium acetate anhydrous sodium acetate trihydrate zinc acetate sodium acetate solutionamino acid chelates calcium amino acid chelate copper amino acid chelate iron amino acid chelate magnesium amino acid chelate manganese amino acid chelate zinc amino acid chelatebenzalkonium chloride (bkc)citrates ferric ammonium citrate trisodium citrate dihydrate extra pu

Pat Impex ConsultantVadodara (India)

We are manufacturers traders service providers and exporters of various chemicals automation solutions and supplies pharmaceutical ingredients sweetener apis gearbox control panel industrial motors contactors relays r d architecture education in nata jee main and advanced since more than 7 years in vadodara gujarat india.inorganic products ammonium acetate ammonium oxalate monohydrate ammonium phosphate dibasic ammonium phosphate monobasic ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate barium chloride dihydrate boric acid calcium carbonate calcium chloride anhydrous calcium chloride dihydrate calcium nitrate tetrahydrate calcium sulfate dihydrate edta disodium salt dihydrate magnesium chloride hexahydrate magnesium sulfate heptahydrate manganese sulfate monohydrate oxalic acid dihydrate potassium bromide potassium chloride potassium hydrogen phthalate potassium nitrate potassium o


We are traders of chemical products.acetic acid sodium bi sulphite sodium meta bi sulphite sodium sulphite edta di sodium sulphamic acid

Exports of a wide range of chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials.pharmaceutical raw materials actives acetyl salicylic acid bp/usp ibuprofen bp albendazole usp isoniazid bp ambroxol hydrochloride bp itraconazole bp amiloride hydrochloride bp amitriptyline hydrochloride bp amlodipine besylate bp ketamine hydrochloride bp amodiaquine base/hcl usp ketoconazole bp/usp amoxycillin trihydrate compacted usp ampicillin trihydrate compacted usp arteether lamivudine hydrochloride bp/usp artemether levo cetrizine dihydrochloride bp artesunate lidocaine hydrochloride atenolol bp/ep lisinopril bp atorvastatin calcium usp loperamide hydrochloride bp lumefantrine benzocaine bisacodyl bp/usp magnesium trisilicate bp bromohexine hydrochloride bp maize starch bp mebendazole usp metformin hydrochloride ep/bp methyl dopa bp caffeine anhydrous bp methyl salicylate bp magnesium trisilica

Classic ChemicalsHyderabad (India)

We are exporters and importers of large volume of quality water treatment chemicals bulk drug chemicals power plant chemicals fertilizer chemicals and oil refinery chemicals.our products water treatment chemicals polycarboxylic antiscale and dispersant organophosphine antiscale and corrision inhibitors chelants bacteriacide and algicide ( biocides) corrosion inhibitor sodium hexametaphosphate (shmp 68 ) tech grade tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (tkpp) sodium tripoly phosphate tech grade trisodium phosphate tech grade glutaraldehyde 50 tech grade carbohydrazide edta na2 (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid disodium) edta na4 (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid disodium) edta acid (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) tributyl tetra phosphonium chloride ( ttpc ) morpholine cyclohexylamine sodium meta bi sulphite (smbs) sodium sulphite

SM DentcareDelhi (India)

We are traders and service providers of various dental equipment.our products lists diagnostic elements diagnostic unit apex idshape twisted files k3xf k flex files endo ring pathfinders reamers triple flex files pathfinder cs headstrom files endo touch tc 2clean slickgel es smear clear edta endo vac irrigation systemobturation real seal real seal se self etch sealer k3/k3xf gutta percha tf real seal points tip snip system b cordless elements obturation unit buchanan heat pluggers touch 'n' heat 5004 tubli seal tubli seal ewtcomposites dyad flow revolution formula 2 super cor herculite precis sonicfillbonding agents optibond all in one optibond versa optibond s gel etchant hard set calcium lifecements maxcem elite nexus rmgi nx3 nexus third generation adhesor fine adhesor carbofine temp bond kavitan lc kavitan proimpression material alginot take 1 adv

D. D. EnterprisesPune (India)

D. D. Enterprises is an organization engaged in manufacturing supplying and exporting a commendable range of electronic products chemicals. These products are known for high functionality.pcb ink solder mask ink pcb inkcopper clad laminate cem 1 copper clad laminate xpc copper clad laminate fr4 copper clad laminate flexible copper clad laminate ptfe copper clad laminate copper clad laminate panel copper clad laminate aluminum copper clad laminate glass epoxy copper clad laminatealuminum clad laminates for pcb aluminium sheet for pcb industriespcb v groov cuttersagriculture fertilizer chemical potassium chloride water soluble fertilizer calcium chloride potassium nitrate citric acid soda ashindustrial chemical pastille sulphur monopotassium phosphate zinc edtacalcium nitrate sulphate of potash copper edta muriate potash monoammonium phosphate zinc sulphate ch

We are importer and exporter of chemicals product.our product amines epoxy curring agents amino ethyl ethanol amine (aeea) ancamine k 54 (epoxy accelerator) ancamine 2268 (top coating for flooring) ancamine 2883 / 2726 ancamide 221 (polymide 115) ancamide 261a (polymide 125) ancamide 351a (polymide 140) ancamide 2717 (polymide 160) aquamine 401 (water borne epoxy hardners) diethanolamine (dea) diethylene triamine (deta) epilink 360 / 701 epodil 748 / lv5 (epoxy diluent) ethylene diamine (eda) isophorone diamine (ipda) n n dimethylethanolamin (dmea) n methylethanolamine(nmea) polyetheramine (d230 / 2000 / 400 / t 5000) triethylene tetramine (teta) tetraethylenepentamine (tepa) triethanol amine (tea) 99 triisopropanol amine (tipa)biocides aqucar thps 75 dbnpa 100 (powder) dowicil qk 20 dowicil 75 dowicil 200 dowacide 1

Bimal Pharma Pvt. LtdMumbai (India)

We are manufacturers traders service providers.our products sorbic acid potassium sorbate nisin natamycin aspartame sucralose chlorzoxazone u. S. P. mebendazole (off white / pure white /polymorph c ) albendazole inositol fcc iv edta di sodium ip/ bp/ ep/ usp / lr / ar/ acs edta acid bp/usp/ lr / ar/ acs edta di potassium lr / ar/ acs chromium picolinate chromium polynicotinate zinc picolinat


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