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We are traders of chemical products.acetic acid sodium bi sulphite sodium meta bi sulphite sodium sulphite edta di sodium sulphamic acid

We are importer and exporter of chemicals product.our product amines epoxy curring agents amino ethyl ethanol amine (aeea) ancamine k 54 (epoxy accelerator) ancamine 2268 (top coating for flooring) ancamine 2883 / 2726 ancamide 221 (polymide 115) ancamide 261a (polymide 125) ancamide 351a (polymide 140) ancamide 2717 (polymide 160) aquamine 401 (water borne epoxy hardners) diethanolamine (dea) diethylene triamine (deta) epilink 360 / 701 epodil 748 / lv5 (epoxy diluent) ethylene diamine (eda) isophorone diamine (ipda) n n dimethylethanolamin (dmea) n methylethanolamine(nmea) polyetheramine (d230 / 2000 / 400 / t 5000) triethylene tetramine (teta) tetraethylenepentamine (tepa) triethanol amine (tea) 99 triisopropanol amine (tipa)biocides aqucar thps 75 dbnpa 100 (powder) dowicil qk 20 dowicil 75 dowicil 200 dowacide 1

Classic ChemicalsHyderabad (India)

We are exporters and importers of large volume of quality water treatment chemicals bulk drug chemicals power plant chemicals fertilizer chemicals and oil refinery chemicals.our products water treatment chemicals polycarboxylic antiscale and dispersant organophosphine antiscale and corrision inhibitors chelants bacteriacide and algicide ( biocides) corrosion inhibitor sodium hexametaphosphate (shmp 68 ) tech grade tetrapotassium pyrophosphate (tkpp) sodium tripoly phosphate tech grade trisodium phosphate tech grade glutaraldehyde 50 tech grade carbohydrazide edta na2 (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid disodium) edta na4 (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid disodium) edta acid (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) tributyl tetra phosphonium chloride ( ttpc ) morpholine cyclohexylamine sodium meta bi sulphite (smbs) sodium sulphite


We are manufacturers suppliers and traders ofour products pregelatinized starch carboxymethyl starch sodium carboxymethyl starch monochloroacetic acid sodium monochloro acetate sodium starch glycolate edta and nta salts carboxymethyl cellulose metal edta substitute of edta and salts sodium monochloro acetate for textile industry monochloroacetic acid for pesticides pregelatinized starch for food industry

Manufacturers exporters and importers of pharmaceutical raw materials bulk drugs veterinary feed additives and chemicals fine and all metallic salts.our products range ammonium acetate ammonium bromide ammonium chloride ar ammonium chloride lr ammonium chloride tech ammonium meta vanadate ammonium molybdate ammonium para tungstate ammonium phosphate mono basic ammonium phosphate di basic anti caking agent aspartame sweetener barium hydroxide octahydrate barium peroxide bismuth oxide bronopol carnauba wax calcium nitrate calcium d pantothenate chromium acetate chromium chloride chromium nitrate cobalt acetate cobalt carbonate cobalt chloride cobalt nitrate cobalt oxide cobalt sulphate copper acetate copper bromide copper carbonate pharma copper carbonate tech copper nitrate copper oxy chloride edta ferrous edta magnesium edta mang


Manufacturers ofpharma intermediatesamlodipine besylate hydroxy ethyl phthalamide methyl 3 amino crotonate / 3 amino crotonic acid methyl ester 2 (2 phthaloylethoxy)methyl 4 (2 chlorophenyl) 3 ethoxycarbonyl 5 methoxy carbonyl 6 methyl 1 4 dihydropyridine 2 (2 aminoethoxy)methyl 4 (2 chlorophenyl) 3 ethoxycarbonyl 5 methoxy carbonyl 6 methyl 1 4 dihydropyridine amlodipine base phthaloyl amlodipine. carvedilol 2 (2 methoxyphenoxy) ethylamine hydrochloride 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 4 oxocarbazole 4 hydroxy 9 (h) carbazole 4 oxiranylmethoxy 9(h)carbazol 4 hydroxy carbazole. cyproheptadine intermediate n methyl 4 chloro piperidine n methyl 4 hydroxy piperidine doxazosin mesylate 4 amino 2 chloro 6 7 dimethoxy quinazoline n 1 4 benzodioxan 2 carbonyl piprazine domperidone intermediate n carbethoxy 4 piperidone

Manufacturers of medical instruments and testing reagent. Our products range of heparin tubes no anticoagution pt tubes esr tubes oxalate tubes pro coagulation edta tubes gel and clot activator tourniquet blood collection needle.

Manufacturers and exporters of food ingredients and chemical products.our product list thickener maltodextrin carboxy metyl cellulose (cmc) sodium alginate xanthan gum industrial grade calcium propionate carrageenan injection type carrageenan rolling type hydroxy ethyl cellulose xanthan gum pharmaceutical grade xanthan gum oil drilling grade xanthan gum food grade carrageenan pectin lm jelly powder pectin(orange) pectin(apple) xanthan gum food grade 200mesh konjac gum propylene glycol alginate(pga) modified corn starch arabic gum guar gum hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose corn starch potato starch xanthan gum food grade 80 mesh.acidulant citric acid anhydrous edta ca2na fumaric acid l tartaric acid sodium acid pyrophosphate edta acid alginic acid l malic acid potassium citrate dl malic acid sodium citrate dl tartaric acid citric acid monohy

Edta ca 10 edta cu 15 edta mn 13 edta zn 15 edta mg 6 edta fe 13 edta chelated micronutrients (fe. Zn. Mn. Cu. Mg. S. Mo. B) edta acid edta 2na edta 4na dtpa nw acid dtpa fe boron fertilizer 21.

Our corporation is specialized in supplying fine chemicals bulk pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical intermediates pipes and fittings.our product list chemical supplies glyoxal pyruvaldehyde 3 ethoxy 4 ethoxycarbonyl phenylacetic acid piperidine hydrochloride chloroacetone phthaloyl amlodipine p chlorobenzonitrile 2 4 thiazolidinedione 2 3 5 trimethylhydroquinone 3 ethyl 4 methyl 3 piogline 2 tone phenoxyethanol (s s') 3 methyl 1 (2 piperidinophenyl)butylamine n acetyl glutamate salt basic red 1 (c. I. 45160) 2 methylimidazole trans 4 methylcyclohexyl amine amlodipine besylate (111470 99 6) glyoxylic acid monohydrate choline chloride cyclohexene benzidine yellow g cyclohexyl chloride n n dimethylacrylamide (nndma) ronidazole 3 4 dimethyl benzaldehyde 2 hydroxynaphthalene 2 imidazolidinone 2 (5 ethyl 2 pyridyl) ethanol 3 ethyl


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