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"Quality and customer satisfaction" Is our motto.productslaboratory stirrer centrifuge medico / clinical melting / boiling point apparatus muffle furnace autoclave(portable vertical fully automatic) incubator bacteriologicalb. O. D cooled incubator orbital shaker incubator bulk density apparatus microscope centrifuge laboratory colony counterconductivity meter constant temperature water bath humidity oven (environmental chamber or stability chamber) leak test apparatus heating mantle hot air ovenhot plate karl fisher apparatus automatic tablet hardness tester (horizontal / vertical model) low temperature bath cryostat bath magnetic stirrerph meter tablet dissolution test apparatus polarimeter soxhlet tds meter u. V. Cabinettablet disintegration test apparatus vacuum oven vacuum oven rectangular viscometer bath( kinematic viscos

Manufacturers and exporters of a wide variety of packaging testing equipment paper plastics testing equipment.our products lists ampule snap tester balloon burst tester (p312d) bopp tape shear tester bottle jar compression tester box compression tester p1000d box compression tester u1000 bursting strength tester 403 series bursting strength tester 807 series bursting strength tester 810 series bursting strength tester 3125 series caliper thickness gauge (analog) s10a s1a caliper thickness gauge (digital) s10d s1d caliper thickness gauge (motorised digital) m10d m1d caliper thickness gauge (ultra) u10d u1d cobb tester coefficient of friction (cof) tester cone collapsing strength tester cone compression p300a cone compression p300d core collapsing strength tester core compression p1000a core compression p1000d crush tester (rct ect fct pat) dart impact te

Optics TechnologyDelhi (India)

We are manufacturers of laminar air flow technology biological safety cabinet fume hoods clean room instrument and other laboratory instruments. Our wide range of products are air curtain autoclave vertical high pressure surgical high pressure triple walled portable autoclave rectangular horizontal cylinderical horizontal balance biological safety cabinet b. O. D. Incubator centrifuge machine for diary chart recorder colony counter conductivity meter currency detector dehumidifier freeze dryer fume hood garment cabinet heating mantle hot plate humidifier humidity chamber ice master laminar air flow horizontal model vertical model inclined model table model a. C. Module pressure module down flow booths sampling / dispens

RAC ExportsAmbala Cantt (India)

We manufacturer exporters of pharmeceutical equipments hot extraction (soxhlet) equipment tablet making machine tablet hardness tester tablet coatingpan conical percolators metronome kymograph. test and mesurment instruments weight machine surgical and medical disposables home appliances laboratory glasswares porcelain wares microscopes. more products are in the list we are also manufacturing the following products on large scale for the worldwide market. scientific laboratory optical research instruments spectrometers spectrophotometers polarimeters scherimeters centrifuge machines moisture meters punching needle laminar flow hand abbe refractometers magnetic stirrer hot plates laboratory stirrers gel electrophoresis app rotary vaccum film evaporators vaccum pumps water soil analysis kits rheostats. electronics instruments electromagnetism

Sintrex CorporationMumbai (India)

Manufacturer supplier and exporter of large range oflab glassware laboratory instruments.product range lab sintered ware gooch crucibles buchper funnels pipeline filter funnels sintered discs (10mm 150 mm dia) rods microfiltration assemblies (13mm to 90 mm) chromatography columns whitt's apparatus sperical joints ground jointslaboratory glassware lab adapers reduction expansion multiple receiving still heads splasheads vacuum screw cap miscellaneous. lab beakers micro graduated fleekers. lab bottles dropping reagents screw cap aspirator specific gravity woulf weighing gas washing.lab burettes straight bore rotaflow key double oblique bore ptee key automatic pressure filling.lab condensers plain liebig double surfaxce coil bulb inland revence ether friedrichs. lab columns plain rotaflow key sintered dis

Shivam InstrumentsDelhi (India)

We manufacture exclusive laboratory instruments so that they easily meet the international quality parameters. These are also highly durable and completely safe to use. With strict compliance to various international standards our products are of superior quality. Our laboratory instruments are manufactured using premium quality raw materials and widely used in various research labs etc. Tested for both specific features and performance our products are cost effective and manufactured after intensive research and development.general laboratory instruments portable vertical hotrizontal cement single walled double walled serological high precision peraffin culinderical metab olic shaking low temperature high temp oil bath walltype table patern glass distilations kjeldhal distilation combine units extaction units muffel crucible industrial high temp recta

Manufacturers suppliers and exporters of diagnostics chemical instruments and glassware.instrument division gnostic equipments biochemistry analyser cardiac reader urinalysis pulse oximeters spirometer oxygen concentraors multiparameter monitor digital thermometers probes/sensors disposable sensors y sensors finger sensor neonatal sensor ysi temperature sensor ear sensor opthalmoscope ecg electrode ecg cables repair kits medical chart paper prortable oxygen cylinder electronic bp instruments nebulizers blood sugar meter digital colorimeter slide projector with audio kit slide projector over head projector transcope compact blood cell counter colony counter micro pipettes multichannel pipette electronic pipette glass pipette filler.centrifuges machines medico centrifuge clinical centrifuge doctor centrifuge compact lab centrifuge g

Optics TechnologyNew Delhi (India)

Manufacturers of products arelaminar air flow laminar air flow horizontal laminar air flow vertical laminar air flow table top model laminar air flow inclined model laminar air flow down flow booths laminar airflow laminar airflow (sealing filling m/c)shaking machines rotap sieve shaker gyratory sieve shaker table sieve shaker rotary shaking machine kahn shaking machine wrist action shaking machinewater bath equipment water bath single walled water bath double walled water bath serological water bath incubator shaker water bath high precision water distillationmodule a. C module pressure modulelaboratory autoclave autoclave portable autoclave rectangular horizontal autoclave cylindrical horizontal autoclave vertical high pressure (surgical autoclave) triple walled (sur


Productspharmaceutical machinery tablet press control system r d sifter heavy duty slugging tableting machine r d tablet lab press machine r d tablet lab press machine single sided rotary tableting machine double sided rotary machine magnum tablet press heavy duty magnum tablet press heavy duty magnum tablet press 2 heavy duty magnum tablet press 3 oscillating granulator heavy duty magnum tablet press 4 pharmaceutical dust extractor pharmaceutical deduster deburring machine pharma micro dies punchies multi purpose r d equipments r d colloid mill homo colloid mill ultra labeling machine pharma mass mixer capsule tablet counting filling machine comminuting mill triple roll mills tablet capsule coating machine tablet hardness testers


Manufacturers and exporters of packaging machinery form fill seal machines liquid filling machine bottle capping machine batch coding machine powder filling machine paste filling machine vial sealing machine bung washing machine capsule filling machine strip packing machine tube crimping machine bottle washing machine capsule loader strip defoiler tablet capsule counter label gumming machine heat sealing machine tube filling machine pouch sealing machine lami tube sealing machine.processing machinery s. S. Tanks filter press multi mixer series triple roller mill pans with without jacket pressure vessels reaction vessels tray driers dehumidifiers dehydrater fluid bed drier ointment plant conveyors s. S. Items like scoops powder liquid sampler spatula ladles sieves membrane filters transfer pump homogenizer / emulsifier stirrers dis


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