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Companies From India - Tablet Hardness Tester

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Laboratory EnterprisesNashik (India)

We are leading manufacturer suppliers of all types of pharmacy instruments pharmacy equipment medical instruments and scientific instruments suppliers in india.pharmacology instruments plethysmometer grip strength meter analgesiometer hot cold plate (eddy's hot cold plate) (analgesiometer) electroconvulsiometer cook's pole apparatus rotarod apparatus kymograph physiograph organ bath plus maze y maze t maze 8 radial maze water maze video tracking system behavior studies vogel test apparatus telethermometer histamine chamber grip strength meterpharmaceutics instruments all purpose equipment diffusion cell apparatus probe sonicator capsule filling machine tablet punching machine tablet firability tester tablet hardness tester tablet dissolution tester tablet disintegration tester tablet coating machine stirre


Processing machinery offered by us s. S. Tanks pans with and without jacket pressure vessels reaction vessels distill still stirrers homogenizer filter press membrane filters transfer pump tray driers dehumidifier multi mixer series rapid mixer granulator conical mixer drum mixer planetary mixer anchor mixer mass mixer triple roller mill collodial mill multi mill pulverisor granulator oscillating rotary sifter tableting machine s. S. Coating pan polish ing pan pill cutter pill stick extruder conveyors fluid bed drier tablet disintegration tester tablet dissolution tester tablet friability tester tablet hardness tester. misc. S. S. Fabricated items such as scoops powder sampler liquid sampler spatula ladles. Work tables benches platforms etc. packaging machinery offered by us form fill seal machines powder filling machine capsule fi

Galaxy scientific equipments is a manufacturer exporter supplier of scientific laboratory testing equipment instruments for research quality control in chemical.productslaboratory stirrer centrifuge medico / clinical melting / boiling point apparatus muffle furnace autoclave(portable vertical fully automatic) incubator bacteriologicalb. O. D cooled incubator orbital shaker incubator bulk density apparatus microscope centrifuge laboratory colony counterconductivity meter constant temperature water bath humidity oven (environmental chamber or stability chamber) leak test apparatus heating mantle hot air ovenhot plate karl fisher apparatus automatic tablet hardness tester (horizontal / vertical model) low temperature bath cryostat bath magnetic stirrerph meter tablet dissolution test apparatus polarimeter soxhlet tds meter u. V. Cabinettablet disintegration test appara

Adarsh InternationalAmbala (India)

We maintain a huge ready stock and offer wide range of products like microscopes physics apparatus chemistry instruments laboratory plasticware glassware biological equipment anatomical models educational charts pharmacy equipment electronic instruments training kits dairy equipment laminar air flow spectrophotometer etc to name a few.travelling microscopes triple beam balance tripod stand tuning forks vernier calliper wash bottles watch glass water bath wave motion apparatus wire gauge student microscopes suppository moulds tablet coating pan tablet disintegration unit tablet hardness tester tablet hardness tester test tube stand test tubes thermometer transistor characteristic apparatus set of lens skeleton slotted weight solar system soxhlet apparatus soxhlet extraction apparatus spatula spectrometer spring balance stop clock projection microscopes biology lab projec

Manufacturers suppliers and exporters of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment for use in education health and vocational training.our products list physics lab equipment a. C ammeter voltmeter accessories kit air track linear aepinus condenser air blower air pump analog meter analytical balance analytical fractional weights analytical weight box aneroid barometer astronomical telescope automobile mechanism differential automobile mechanism gear box automobile mechanism single drive clutch automobile mechanism steering automobile mechanism turbine automobile mechanism pump module balance analytical balance bridge balance lever balance physical balance spring balance triple beam ball and ring apparatus bar and gauge bar magnet barlows wheel barometer aneroid biot conductor blocks acrylic bio concave blocks acrylic bio convex blocks acrylic

Kshitij InnovationsAmbala Cantt (India)

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment.physics accumulator ammeter apparatus to show force on conductor in magnetic field ball ring bar guage bar magnet alnico bar magnet ceramic with pvc cover bar magnet chrome steel bar magnet cylindrical alnico barlow wheel battery hydrometer bell in vaccum biot's apparatus boyle's law calorimeter copper calorimeter joule's capillary tubes apparatus centi second timer charle's law apparatus compound bar compound pendulam / kater's pendulam conductor contact key single convection of heat in air apparatus crook's radiometer single cylinderical lens for ray box daniel cell deflection magnetometer demonstration dynamo model demonstration induction coil demostration meter diffraction grating dip circle dip needle displacement vessel dynamic trolley ebonite rod elastic material kit electric bel

Manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipments pharmacology instruments and specialty laboratory animal house products.our products listpharmacology instruments plethysmometer all maze system analgesia meter hot plate test hot cold plate analgesia meter rota rod apparatus grip strenght meter cooks pole climbing apparatus electroconvulsiometer rotarod apparatus grip strength meter cooks pole climbing apparatus electroconvulsiometer vogel test apparatus digital tele thermometer sherrington recording drum (kymograph) vogel test apparatus actimeter digital telethermometer sherrington recording drum (kymograph) economy organ baths physiograph india stereotaxic series india automatic organ bath isolated tissue bath student physiograph stereotaxic series anesthesia system india cannula system india animal ventilators india syringe pumps india anesthesia system cannu

Manufacturers and exporters of a wide variety of packaging testing equipment paper plastics testing equipment.our products lists ampule snap tester balloon burst tester (p312d) bopp tape shear tester bottle jar compression tester box compression tester p1000d box compression tester u1000 bursting strength tester 403 series bursting strength tester 807 series bursting strength tester 810 series bursting strength tester 3125 series caliper thickness gauge (analog) s10a s1a caliper thickness gauge (digital) s10d s1d caliper thickness gauge (motorised digital) m10d m1d caliper thickness gauge (ultra) u10d u1d cobb tester coefficient of friction (cof) tester cone collapsing strength tester cone compression p300a cone compression p300d core collapsing strength tester core compression p1000a core compression p1000d crush tester (rct ect fct pat) dart impact te

Grovers InternationalMumbai (India)

Manufacturing dryers for the pharmaceutical drug chemical dyestuff cosmetics food other industries for the home and global markets.our product tablet compression rotary tabletting machine punches and dies de burrer and de duster dust extractor tablet counting machine tablet hardness testertablet granulation tablet coating rapid mixer wet granulator oscillating granulator powder mass mixer multi mill high speed sifter communiting mill coating pantablet testing tablet dissolution tester tablet disintegration tester tap density tester friabliator liquids ointmentscreams powders powder dozing machine cream filler planetary mixer/emulsifier powder filling machine tube filling machine colloid mill volumetric liquid filling machine ropp cap sealing machinepackaging labelling tropical blister packing machine alu/alu blister packing machine cartoning mach

Pharma chem machineries is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical packaging machinery. our products list capsule section manual 300 holes capsule filling machine automatic capsule printing machine semi automatic capsule filling machine (single double loader) automatic capsule filling machine automatic 300 holes capsule loading machine capsule inspection cum polishing machine blister packaging machine capsule counting and packing machine the pcm 2 high speed automatic capsule machine semi automatic high speed capsule filling machine change part of blister packing machineointment filling machine / tube filling machine automatic cream / paste / ointment manufacturing plant planetary mixer manual tube filling / manual tube crimping machine aluminium tube filling and sealing machine lami / plastic tube filling and sealing machine high speed automatic doubl


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