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Products/Services : Dealing in elevator controls, machines, parts & accessories.

product category :
? control accessories
? contactors
? p.c.b. cards
? oen realys
? relay / coils
? sockets
? phase failure / reversal
? transformer
? rectifier
? overload relays
? timer
? capacitors
? connector terminal block co
? fuses
? resistors
? control panel
? control for special
? machine bearings
? machine assesseries
? motor spares
? rubber pad
? traction pulley
? spare for break
? break liners
? ropes / accessories
? overspeed governor
? travelling cable & pvc wires
? truffing
? junction box
? guide clips
? s cam / p cam
? gang / floor limit switch
? shoe liners car / c.w.
? gate lock
? gate lock spares
? gate / collapsible
? indicator bulbs
? car gate switch
? landing push button box
? lp box with 32mm sq avon s/w, digital up &
down arrow display, ss plate[ with indicator]
? lp b

Products/Services : Our products range :

micro processor power factor control relays .
digital p.f. , kva, kw, watt, volt , amp.. freq.
digital panel meters.
automatic voltage regulating relays .
digital tap position indicators .
digital set point relays - type mrd .
auto reclosing relays.
dc regulated power supply .
digital temperature indicator / controller .
digital-w.t.i , o.t.i , tpi indicator .
oil test set , relay test set , h.v. test set .
current transformers, auto transformers .
insulation testers, earth testers .
servo control voltage stabilizers .
primary/secondary current injection kit.

Products/Services : Batch controller,
weight indicators,
printer interface unit,
data collector,
scavenging unit,
stream selector unit,
electronics for portable gas chromatograph,
flow totaliser,
process indicator,
3-axis position controllers,
remote i/o,
eprom programmers,
plc based systems
customised solutions
scada development

Products/Services : Micro processor based automatic power factor control relays (size : 144mm * 144mm & 96mm * 96mm).

digital p.f. , kva, kw, watt, volt , amp.. freq. meters

automatic voltage regulating relays .
size : horizontal type / vertical type)

digital tap position indicators .

digital set point relays .-type mrd-a/v/hz.

dc regulated power supply .

digital temperature indicator / controller .

digital-w.t.i , o.t.i , tpi indicator .

oil test sets , relay test sets , a c/ d c high voltage test set .

current transformers, auto transformers .

insulation testers, earth testers .

servo control voltage stabilizers .

auto reclosing relays- single / double shot type.

Products/Services : Prok devices private limited manufactures and markets a whole range of solid state micro controller protection relays and digital meters used in power system applications.

manufacturers and exporters of
earth leakage relay
earth fault relay
ac voltage relay
voltage relay
frequency relay
phase failure relay
auto power factor correction relay
numerical over current & earth fault relay
numerical over voltage & under voltage relay with negative sequence protection
tap position indicator
frequency meter
kilo watt meter
power factor meter.

Products/Services : Salient features

*cnc control with colour lcd screen membered soft keys
*ac servo motor with drive for back gauge movement
cnc programmable paper cutting machine- of make parks 92/115.

*position accuracy +/- 10 micron
*programming method – menu driven
*24v dc control voltage for machine operation
*high speed infrared light barrier
*bolt protected crank shaft for carrier over load
*adjustable clamping pressure with indicator
*air float table to facilitate easy movement of heavy paper stock.
*flash memory storage
*in / mm selection on screen
*label cutting feature
*sheet divide feature
*tech-in programming
*32mm dia, 10 mm pitch c5 ball screw rod

Products/Services : Description :

flowtech metal tube variable area flow meters (rotameters) are intended for application where high pressure, temperature or corrosive conditions preclude the use of conventional glass tube. these are all metal variable area type flowmeter design to measure flow rate of liquids, gases & steam under critical conditions. it consists of a tapered metal tube, an indicating assembly and a float. a magnet encapsuled in float couples with rotating magnets connected to an indicating pointer, thus the movement of the float, is accurately indicated in terms of flowrate.

design features:

• simplified piping and reduced space requirements.
• permanent magnetic link between metering float and motion position transmitter.
• precision swaged metering tube.
• heavy duty welded float and guide construction.
• guide cartridges easily removable for cleaning
• provide with

Products/Services : We introduce ourselves as reliable source in the field of electrical heating and temperature control systems in south maharashtra and north karnataka
our areas of operation are
 we are authorized representative of m/s elpro international ltd. pune for their electrical heaters
 we are in position to supply all cerawool products of m/s orient cerlene ltd. lakhtar[formally orient cerawool ltd.] at reasonable prices.
 we are in position to supply all products of m/s kanthal india ltd. banglore
 manufacture all types of heaters including coiled wire heaters.
 manufacture and supply of all type sensors and indicator controllers.
 manufacture all types complete control systems.
 manufacture and supply of all types ovens, furnaces incubators hot plates soxalet apparatus and other heating systems both industrial and laboratory

Products/Services : While we appreciate you sending us an offer, it is on higher side. our keywords are:

indicator, transducer, convertor, isolator, temperature scanner, transmitter, annunciator, controller, timer, counter, moving message, flow totalizer, auto manual station, control panel, power supply, sensor, thermocouple, thermowell, corrector, rtd, tmt automation, program logic controller, pf corrector, data logger, temperature sensor, process automation, control instrument, c & i, conveyor switch, level monitor, rtu , vfd, frequency drive, wireless, modem, pull chord, belt sway, limit switch, mft , mfpt, mfm , multifunction meter, scada, remote monitoring, ammeter, voltmeter, plc , ultrasonic, radar level, capacitance level, conductivity level, signal multiplier, oltc , on load tap changer electronic attendance record, pid controller, datalogger, power supply, energy management system, mcc panel, pcc panel,

Products/Services : Manufacturers and suppliers of switches, microprocessor basedinstruments, process controller and other products.

products :
-proximity switches
-process controller
-electronic timer-counter
-belt monitoring switches
-level controllers, flow switches
-embedded circuit based product
-intrinsically safe circuits
-temperature control instruments
-microprocessor based instruments
-converters / transmitter, signal isolators
-special purpose instruments for use in hazardous area.

proximity switches :
-inductive proximity switch
-capacitive proximity switch
-optical proximity switch
-magnetic proximity switch.

process controller :
-process indicators
-humidity indicator controller
-flow rate indicator totaliser
-pressure indicator
-speed indicator techometer
-linear speed indicator.

electronic timer-counter :
-electrical counter
-electronic timer : digital, blind
-jet p

Search Term : Tap Position Indicator     |     Total records - 19     |     Page .. 1 2 .. of 2    

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