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SOVIMEX Co., Ltd.Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Sovimex co. Ltd is one of the biggest companies in vietnam as a leading exporter of agricultural products from vietnam.seaweedgracilaria sea grape white e. Cottonii violet e. Cottonii ulva lactuca sargassumtapiocatapioca starch tapioca flour tapioca chip tapioca residue powder tapioca pearlsea cucumberblack skin fish stomact fish sandfish dried sea horse day fish/python fish surf fish grub fish/tala/bohaschia graeffei brown loly fish black prickly fish curry fish/stichopus variegatus white teat fishfish maw oval fish maw/sugar fish maw globe fish maw lac fish maw/eel fish maw chem fish maw pagacious fish maw/cat fish mawrice starch chitin dried tendon betel nutdetergent product detergent fabric softener drainage basin milk bath hand wash liquid javel floor washterracotta pottery

Sri Jalaram TradersSalem (India)

We are trader of high quality standards and provide some of the finest products.our product thippi starch sago broken nylon sago tapioca starch thippi flour sago broken starch sago (sabudana) tapioca starch food grade ceylon nylon sago

Our products water well screens wedge wire well screen pipe based screen for wate. . . heat pump well screen dewatering well screen pre packed screen bridge water well screen pipe based screen for oil w. . . casing and tubingcartridges cartridges for kieselguhr filter cartridges for chemical industry cartridges flow from in to outwedge wire flat panel wedge wire flat panel sieve bend screen screen for beer equipment screen for coal washing screen for chemical industry sieve bend for corn starch screen for tapioca solid liquid separation panel leacher screenwedge wire screenswedge wire screens wedge wire screens screw extruder screen self cleaning fiter screen screens for wastewater solid liquid separation screen large diameter screendistributor radial distributor resin trap lateral distributorstrainer fil

tapioca starch tapioca starch residue cassava chips rice

1. Monosodium glutamate 2. Disodium 5 ribonucleotide 3. Non dairy creamer 4. Modified tapioca starch 5. High fructose syrup 6. Coconut cream powder 7. Mix phosphate non phosphate 8. Tempura flour 9. Seasoning powder 10. Milk replacer

1. Monosodium glutamate 2. Disodium 5 ribonucleotide (i g) 3. Non dairy creamer 4. Modified tapioca starch 5. High fructose syrup 6. Coconut cream powder 7. Mixed phosphate non phosphate 8. Tempura flour 9. Seasoning powder 10. Skimmed milk replacer

ADGUMS PRIVATE LTD.Ahmedabad (India)

Gum thickeners for guar tamarind tapioca starch for printing of textile dyes sizing of cotton fibres for beater and wet end additive surface sizer in paper manufacture food processing stabilizers binding agents by adgums limited ahmedabad gujarat india.

Navin ChemicalsMumbai (India)

Manufacturing supplying and exporting of industrial dyes and chemicals.our products listdyes acid dyes direct dyes reactive dyes reactive m dyes reactive h dyes reactive vs dyes reactive he dyes reactive me dyes salt free dyes printing inkindustrial chemicals nitric acid acetic acid formic acid sulphuric acid hydrochloric acid monochloro acetic acid ammonium sulphate (lr grade) potassium iodide aniline methanol paraformaldehydepigments pigmentspigments are the solid colored powder available in both organic as well as inorganic form and mainly find usage in changing of color. As these are unaffected physically/chemically by substrate in which these are mixed some industry sectors these find use in include chemical compounding industries ink plastics textile agriculture and other areas.application of pigments pigments find a

Aryan InternationalNew Delhi (India)

Traders and exporter/importers of organic products and commodities. It includes organic cereals cosmetic formulations organic edible oils organic essentials oils and extracts organic herbs and spices organic nuts organic oil seeds organic pulses organic starch organic sugar emulsifieers and cereals rice (basmati non basmati hand punded and red) amarnath wheat.cosmetic formulations skin care products ayurvedic edible oils olive oil coconut oil sesame oil aryan gold mustard essentials oils and extracts organic essential herbs and spices basil bird's eye chillies bishop seeds caraway cardamom cassia chillies/cayenne chives cinnamon cloves coriander cumin curry leaves dill fennel fenugreek garlic ginger green pepper corns kaloonji seeds lemon grass

Exporters of all kinds of spices spice seeds oilseeds oilcakes and agri commodities.cereals rice jower bajra other milletsnatural gums medical herbs centella asiatica cassia gum powder 200 mesh cedoary roots gum guar splits guar gum powder food grade gum karaya galangal roots henna leaves and powder psyllium seeds and husk passiflora herbs semen cassia toria senna leaves and pods tamarind seedless / seeds tamarind kernel powder non deoiled 325 mesh / deoiled 200/300/400 mesh. tapioca starch valerian roots powderoil cake / meals castorseed extractions cottonseed extractions groundnut extractions mango kernel extractions mowrah extractions safflower extractions salseed extractions sesames extractions etc. soyabean extractions sunflowerseed extractions rapeseed ex


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