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Qualities service transparency are the main focus area in the growth agenda of geeli machinery works. productsdewatering screw press screw presses dewatering press manufacturerwe are manufacturing dewatering screw press for several applications over a period of three decades. Geeli dewatering products have gained a national international reputation for its quality efficiency our supply installations of machinery across india is supplemented by our quality services which gained us a 100 customer satisfaction.product design is configured to suit the particular materials to be processed. We always take care of international advances in technology to help our customer to get the best of the time which we had expertise over years of experience. Thus the product ensures optimum performance and customer satisfaction.screw presses are used to dewater materia

ASR HERBALSBangalore (India)

We are manufacturer of stevia leaf powder aqueous extract spray dried aqueous extract. Our product range aloe stevia dento care system sugarless sweet supari stevia rebaudiana leaf powder stevia rebaudiana leaves diet mitha paan stevia table top sweetener stevier sugarless tea stevia whole leaf dry extract.


Medicinal herbs abrus precatorius acaciaconcima fructus achyranthus aspera acorus calamus adathoda vasica adiantum capillus veneris aloe vera gel aloe vera leaves andrographis paniculata annotto seeds asparagus recemosus azadirachita indica bacopa monnieri boerhaavia difusa boswellia serrata carica papaya cassia auriculata leaves centella asiatica cissus quadrangularis clove sticks (indonesia) curculigo orchioides cuttle fish bones 8" To 10" cymbopogon citratus eclipta alba bringraj emblica officinalis eucalyptus leaves pods euphorbia hirta evolvulus alsinoides galangal roots (imported) garcinia combogia glorisa superba kalihari gymnema sylvestre leaves hemidesmus indicus hibiscus mutabilis gorakh amli momordica charantia morinda tinctoria moringa oleifera mucunna pruriens ocimum canum ocimu

Manufacturers traders and exporters for dehydrated vegetables condiment powders white / red / pink kibbled onions white minced onions white granulated onions white chopped onions white / off white onion powder garlic flakes garlic granules garlic cloves garlic powder premium grade garlic powder industrial grade potato flakes/ cubes/ powder green chilli flakes/ powder cabbage flakes/ powder carrot flakes/ cubes green coriander leaves/ powder mint leaves/ powder spinach leaves powder sweet neem leaves/ powder tamarind powder/ pulp tomato flakes/ powder green peas soya chunks granules. maize flakes.spray dried fruit powders fruit powders mango powder alphanso alphanso mango powder banana powde orange juice powder pineapple powder lemon powder grape powder chikoo powder strawberry powder papaya powder guava powder custard apple powder


Miraj product pvt. Ltd. Is a credible manufacturer supplier and exporter of an assorted range of products comprising of chewing tobacco tea leaves oil soap stationery items miraj namkeen masala sticks salted potato chips and plastic pipes fittings.chewing tobacco tea leaves oil soap stationery items plastic pipes fittings organic vermicompost miraj namkeen masala sticks salted potato chips

Deals in herbal products like senna vinca salacia neem tribulus papaya gymnema stevia gotukola lobelia rumex moringa devil's claw myrobalan eclipta alba henna solanum xanthocarpum nut grass neem oil. manufacturers of note books pads labels tags soft board boxes for packing. manufacturer and exporter of veneers and wax safety matches. We do cardboard and wooden hand made matches. our product neem products leaves whole crushed tea cut powder. Fruits whole dried flowers whole dried. Seeds whole seeds kernel. Bark pieces powder. Kernel oil 100 pure cold pressed oil. Neem oil 100 pure cold pressed. medicinal dried herbs senna cassia angustifolia leaves pods stems vinca rosea leaves roots gymnema sylvestre leaves salacia roots stems gotu kola centella asiatica papaya leaves martynia annua devil's claw basil leaves


Manufacturer of senna cassia acutifolia senna leaves senna pods tea cut leaves senna powder n. O. Leguminosae alexandrian senna nubian senna cassia senna cassia lenitive cassia lanceolata cassia officinalis cassia aethiopica senna acutifolia egyptian senna sene de la palthe tinnevelly senna cassia angustifolia east indian senna export senna pods senna cleansing herb senna for medicine senna leaf tea cut leaf senna for medicinal applications senna for pharmaceutical. We export in australia canada china germany lebanon malaysia singapore south africa uk.


Natural spice oils essential oils. Ajowin oil ambrette seed oil ambrette seed ext. Anised oil anise oil angelica root oil aloevera gel basil oil ban tulsi oil bawchi oil betel leaf oil black pepper oil borage oil bursiera oil cade oil cajeput oil cammomile oil blue carrot seed oil cardamom oil celery seed oil cornmint oil chilly seed oil champaca oil cinnamon oil citronella oil java cumin seed oil curry leaf oil cyperiol oil nagemotha cucumber oil cypress oil davana oil dill seed oil d carvone eucalyptus oil eucalyptus citriodora oil fennal seed oil fenugreek oil galbanum ole garlic oil geranium clove bud oil clove oil rectified ginger grass oil ginger oil gurjan oil gulthria oil harshingar heeng oil jasmine oil jamrosa oil juniper berry oil juniper oil jatamansi oil kulanjan oil kalaunji oil kalaunji oil fatty kappor katcheri

Dietary supplements seapower spirulina brain power diabetic care herbal tea herbal brahmi tea herbal masala tea saffron rich tea mint tea green tea natural food alfa alfa (leaf powder) sun pops (sunflower seeds) wheat grass (powder / tablets) stevia sweet leaves ( sugarless sugar ) medicinal herbs arjuna guggal ashwagandha trifala piles

R.S.V.NADAR & CO,Tuticorin (India)

We are the supplier and exporter of senna leaves senna pods senna stems medicinal herbs botanical raw herbs herbal tea herbal extracts spices


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