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Companies From India - Tea Leaves

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Chakrapani AyurvedaJaipur (India)

Service provider of ayurveda consultations panchakarma treatments and ayurveda training in the natural way. Manufacturers of indigenous ayurvedic medicines and herbal health supplements.our product list ayurveda tablets ashwagandha tablet amalaki rasayana tablet amalaki tablet arjunadi tablet ayushkar bone heal tablet brahmi tablet chandraprabha tablet etcherbal oil brahmi amla oil 777 oil anu oil apamargrakshka oil baby massage oil bhringaraj oil etcayurveda tea chintahar (stress alleviation) tea dhyan ginger tea hriday (heart tonic tea) kapha herbal tea medohar tea etcayurvedic formulations hridya yog (heart tonic) sandhivata yog (osteoarthritis formula) liver care formula etcbeauty products acne face pack (for prevention cure of acne) aloe vera anti dandruff hair oil aloe vera premium gel with 24 carat gold leaves herbal face pack (for all types of skin)

we are involved in manufacturing supplying and exporting of various industry based products.our product list industrial packaging division drum locking ring drum locking clamps drum accesories cap seals drum closuresraw herbs and medicinal plant division psyllium (plantago ovata) senna leaves ( cassia angustifolia) flaxseeds (linum usitatissimum) ashwagandha (withania somnifera) tulsi (ocimum sanctum) amla (emblica officinalis) brahmi (bacopa monniera) shatavari (asparagus race) fresh ekangi alpinia galanga neem (azadirachta indica) aloe vera ( aloe barbadensis) jivanti (leptadenia reticulata) kalmegh (androphaugs paniculata)plastic division high quality plastic disposable cutlery regular trash bags eco friendly trash bags biodegradable trash bags drawstring trash bags disposable cap disposable clear pe apron apron disposable glove hdpe glovefrozen products division

PNH TradersJodhpur (India)

We are one of the leading traders service providers and exporters of pulses spices quinoa and agro products.our products vegetables fruits raw quinoa process quinoa organic quinoa chia seed fennel seeds cumin seeds pulses spices tea basil leavesour servicesselection work breeding soil expertise farm machines laboratory analysis grain research

SVM NaturalsTuticorin (India)

We are manufacturers traders exporters and importers of agricultural seeds and others products.moringa products bacopa monnieri ocimum sanctum tribulus terrestis papaya leaves centella asiatica cuttlefish bone gloriosa superba hibiscus rosa sinensis gymnema sylvestre 100 natural moringa leaf powder 100 natural moringa seed oil cake 100 natural moringa seed oil 100 natural moringa seed oil 100 natural moringa tea cut leaf best quality moringa seed oil cake best quality moringa tea cut leaf drumstick seeds high quality moringa leaf high quality moringa leaf powder high quality moringa seed oil cake high quality moringa seed oil high yield moringa seed moringa dry leaves moringa leaf powder moringa leaves moringa leaves moringa seed moringa seed oil moringa seed oil cake moringa tea cut leaf natural moringa leaf powder natural moringa leaves natural moringa seed

The Counts Coimbatore  (India)

1. Panner rose petals (rose water) 2. Dried rose petals (cosmetic) 3. Orange peel 4. Lemon peel 5. Alovera gel 6. Punarnava root / coarse roots 7. Dried oregano 8. Dried thyme 9. Dried rosemary 10. Dried saga leaves 11. Gymnema leaves 12. Lotus leaves 13. Lotus petals 14. Cissus quadrangular 15. Lemon grass 16. Mint leaves 17. Curry leaves 18. Coriander leaves 19. Nannari root 20. Majit 21. Mooringa dried leaves(organic non organic available) 22. Papaya dried leaves 23. Marigold leaves 24. Marigold dried flowers (food colors) 25. Calendulla leaves 26. Calendulla flowers 27. Chamomile 28. Stevia dried leaves (organic non organic available) 29. Basil leaves (holy basil and wild basil available ) 30. Kalmegh (nilavenbu) 31. Neem leaves 32. Dried ginger flakes (organic non organic available) 33. Dried ginger whole(organic non

We manufacturer and traders of quality and innovative food products personal care products consumer goods in many brand for entire family and home.our productsbrand the spice club (food products) spices masala powders turmeric powder kashmiri chilli powder black pepper powder mustard powder clove powder dhania dhall garlic powder dry ginger powder mint powder coriander powder chaat masala powder white pepper powder red chilli powder garam masala powder cumin powder cinnamon powder fenugreek powder cardamom powder and chilli flakes.mixes gulab jamun mix flaxseed chutney powder multigrain health mix multigrain diet mix powder puttu/ kozhukattai mavu (flour) brown rice flour payasam mix badam drink mix rava idli mix rava dosa mix rava kichadi mix.herbs basil thyme parsley rosemary oregano sage and mixed he

Saico Healthcare New Delhi (India)

Saico healthcare is a leading wholesaling supplier and trader of herbal tea natural food medicinal herbs natural essential oils health capsules herbal tablets aloe vera cosmetic products panch tulsi drops herbal juice wheat grass stevia leaves and nux vomica seeds.natural essential oils natural essential oilsaloe vera cosmetic products aloe vera cosmetic productspanch tulsi drops panch tulsi dropsherbal juice amla juicewheat grass wheat grassstevia leaves stevia leavesnux vomica seeds nux vomica seedshawaiian spirulina hawaiian spirulinaherbal powder herbal powdermoringa powder moringa powdervanilla powder vanilla powderdietary supplements herbal supplement tulsi herbal dietary supplements herbal extract powderherbal tea herbal brahmi tea herbal masala tea saffron rich tea

Manufacturers suppliers and exporters of herbspaper products marine products.our products list herbs medicinal dried herbs senna (cassia angustifolia) leaves pods stems vinca rosea leaves roots gymnema sylvestre leaves salacia roots stems gotu kola (centella asiatica) papaya leaves martynia annua (devil's claw) basil leaves phyllanthus niruri cyperus rotundus soapnut fruit tribulus terrestris herb thorn abrus precatorius seeds leaves stevia leaves lobelia leaves rumex (yellowdock root) asparagus rasemosus hibiscus rosasinensis cynadon dactylon lemon grass cyperus rotundus acorus calamus root andrographis paniculata adhatoda henna (lawsonia alba) eclipta alba moringa oleifera terminalia chebula emblica officinalis tinospra cardifolia andrographis paniculata momordica charantianeem products leaves whole crushed tea cut powder seeds seeds with pulp wh

Hart FoodsMumbai (India)

Indian spices and cuisines are known all over the world for their exquisite tastes flavour aroma and variety. Spices have formed an integral part of indian and international cuisine for centuries lending their wonderful taste and flavor to the food. In addition spices are also known for their therapeutic and medicinal properties.whole spices cinnamon bark chilly whole black cardamom celery seeds nutmeg whole with and without shell green cardamom galangal cumin seeds bay leaves dill seeds tukmaria seeds ajwain seed kasori methi leaves white pepper whole fenugreek seeds kashmir chilly whole turmeric whole coriander whole yellow mustard seeds black mustard seeds black pepper whole fennel seeds ginger whole clovepowdered spices coriander powder turmeric powder cumin powder black pepper powder chilly powder hot kashmir chilly powder extra red mild nutmeg powder cinnamon powder car

S. S. HERBALSDelhi (India)

Manufacturers traders and exporters of wide range of medicinal herbs ( herbarium ) spices dried fruits vegetable seeds essential oils herbal extracts and phytochemicals and other natural products.our products rangemedicinal herbs herbarium roots flowers fruits leaves plants seeds wood barkspices ginger turmeric garlic chillies caraway cumin seeds dil seeds fennel seeds fenugreek bishop weed lesser cardamomum big cardomomum black pepper coriander bay leaves mint basil stone flower poppy seed cloves saffron cinnamon tamarind foetidus star anise celery seeds sage indian cassia vanilla rosemary thyme pomegranate / quince seeds nutmeg/ mace curry leaves amchurvegetable seeds essential oils bail oil calamus oil citronella oil dill seed oil chora oil chammomile blue celery seed oil artemisia oil neem oil faty neem oil faty galangal oil olibum oil cardamom oil ajo


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