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We are exporters of automobile parts light medium heavy vehicles spare parts engine parts transmission brakes suspension electrical steering luxury fitting. Ayurvedic medicines herbs. Ceramic ceramic building bricks ceramic fibers ceramic filter candles insulating fittings ceramic pipes ceramic pots ceramic tablewares. Chemicals organic in organic. Electrical electrical equipments parts electrical transformers rectifiers inductors electrical accumulators electro mechanical tools electrical insulators electrical conductors cables electro magnents electrical lighting / signalling equipment. Engineering machinery mechanical appliances filtering equipments and spares. Glass galss sheets galss mirrors galss fibres galss for sunglasses galss for spectacles galss in balls tubes or rods galss bottles for perfumes / toileteries galss inners fo

Shiv Shakti IndustriesJamnagar (India)

Manufacturer suppliers and exporters of brass inserts neutral links brass electrical parts brass anchors brass nuts brass ball valve brass washers brass ppr pipe fittings inserts brass wood screws brass fitting parts brass moulding inserts brass sanitary fittings energy meter terminals energy meter screws hand tools parts brass turned parts brass machine parts general parts.brass inserts helical knurled inserts brass press in inserts tappex type inserts hexagonal inserts brass straight knurled inserts m/f inserts for cpvc fittings brass self tapping inserts m/f inserts for ppr fittings brass cross knurled inserts brass wood inserts brass square inserts bsp / npt threaded inserts brass press lock type inserts round knurled inserts flanged press in brass inserts brass metric thread inserts ultrasonic brass inserts teflon rubber molding inserts pla

Raj IndustriesMumbai (India)

Manufacturers of precision rubber parts from natural neoprene nitrile silicon viton rubber all types of nylon canvas parts all kind of plastic items.rubber moulding components transparent silicone tubings viton o rings kalrez o rings silicon sheets viton cord tubes sheets o ring.our products range are as followspneumatic application v seal diaphragm piston seal o rings slide rings t rings hydro pneumatic seal etc. In polyurethane nitrile neoprene viton silicon etc.hydraulic application u seal v seal chevron packing oil seal canvas seals wiper seals glyd ring. 'V' rings a s types oil seals (mi mo moc types) in nitrile neoprene polyurethane. Acrylic epdm viton silicon rubber.cement engineering industry tailor made component as per parties coloured drug. Specification such as gask


We are manufacturer and exporters of1. Tilt discharge dispersion kneader 2. Rubber mixing mill 3. Rubber extruder hot / cold feed 4. Compression rubber moulding hyd. Machine 5. Compression rubber moulding hyd. Machine with 6. Outside ejection system 7. Vacuum compression / transfer moulding machine 8. Deep drawing press pillar typeour services 1. Plus one' presses are of four pillar type designed with ground hard chrome plated pillars giving precise pressing movement of platens which enables to use secured moulds in the presses hence no need to take moulds out of the press every time ensuring minimum heat loss. Moulds are opened by press itself so as to increase mould life and accuracy resulting in to minimum flash.2. Plus one moulding presses are controlled by dedicated programmable logic controller. Being solid state circuitry it is more reliable and gives t

We are manufacturers of cyno anaerobic retainers threadlockers epoxy adhesives sealants u. V. Glue clear epoxy for glass bonding acrylic glue ge rtv silicon sealant rtv moulding compound. threading aa221 screw lock aa222 nut lock aa 223 stud lock aa 224 penetrant retaining aa331 bearing fit aa332 bearing retainer aa 333 high str. Retainer aa 334 high temp. Retainer sealing pipe seal 501 pipe seal 502(teflon paste) bonding ca 111 ca 112 ca 115 ca 120 ca 140 ca 181 b ca 182 b

Manufacturer and supplier ofbatch industrial ovens / tray type industrial ovens these industrial ovens are used for drying /heating /baking/ curing/ ageing of chemicals pharmaceuticals food products pan masala p. V. C plastics dyes paints painted equipment p. C. B's paper pulp compound tobacco abrasives powder coating asbestos footwear etc. Industrial ovens could be provided with vertical hot air or cross air flow system for controlled temperature. Heat is generated by means of electric heaters /thermic fluid/ oil fired or gas fired system.conveyorized ovens conveyorized ovens are best suited to industries where continuous drying/ heating/ curing etc. Of materials and components is required . Wire mesh belt/ slat conveyors is provided for the continuous transportation of material and components through the oven.planetary mixer the planetary mixer


1) kheddahide press boards press paper. 2) bakelite paper fabric laminated sheets rods and tubes in round square and rectangle / formica sheets. 3) insulating varnishes for thermal class a. E. B. F. H 4) epoxy polyester resins and compounds by bakelite hylam ltd. 5) fiber ( vulcanized ) red grey colour sheets rods tubes. 6) manila craft crape papers and epoxy dotted papers. 7) taco polyester adhesive tape by tesa tapes india pvt. Ltd. 8) cotton ( egyptian ) tapes and webbings. 9) fiberglass unvarnished varnished clothes. Tapes sleeving 10) fiberglass epoxy laminated sheets. 11) kapton film 12) kraft crape paper. 13) micanite ruby mica flexible micanite sheets paper backing / without paper backing / with fibreglass backing / with polyester film backing for insulation class a. E. B. F. H. commutator hard micanite sheets heaf resistan


thermo plastic industrial moulding. uhmwpe ptfe (teflon) acetal ( delrin ) nylon ( extruded cast ) p. P.

Manufacturers of all hose assemblies made of braided hoses super polymer and synthetic rubber teflon stainless steel low pressure high pressure extra high pressure and with various fittings and end connections to suit to customers requirements.manufacturers of hydraulic hose assemblies are used in high pressures hydraulic circuits in industries such as construction mining heavy earth moving agricultures transportation marine engines automobile engines injection moulding aeronautical engines machine tools hydro pneumatic air compressors hydraulic power pack hydraulic lifts and various automation required in industries material handling equipments pharmaceutical petroleum chemical rubber food industries.product range hydraulic pneumatic hose assembly s. S. Corrugated braided and teflon with various combinations of ms ss brass copper a

Manufacturers of such as copper and aluminium conductor magnet wire coils for motors generators transformer magnets machines rewinder and repairer generators transformer. spair coils stator coils field coils induction heating coil transformer coil lt/ht ac stator coils slipring/wound rotor coils squirrel cage rotor bars armature coil field/interpole coil commutator transformer coils electromagnet coil induction heater coilinsulataed conductors double fibreglass yarn covered varnish bonded enamelled double glass yarn covered varnish bonded enamelled/polyester taped glass yarn covered varnish bonded kapton /nomex /teflon /mica/cotton covered double/multi kraft paper covered subermisible winding wirerewinding machines hydraulic coil spreader semi automatic armature coil form


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