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Our products precision surface equipment machine accessories tooling aids bed clamping welding platen precision measuring machines vibration isolated work tables (viwt) manufacturing and exporting test bed floor plate surface plate angle plate tooling blocks box angle plate cast iron tilting tables measuring machine precision measuring machines cast iron lapping plates cast iron surface table.

Suzhou Brightech (China)

Suzhou brightech is a high tech company whose purpose is to design and manufacture custom made innovative stainless steel process equipments for the food dairy beverage pharmaceutical biopharmaceutical cosmetics and chemical industries. our products list pharmaceutical bioreactor and fermentor process vessels api process system liquid products preparation system wfi purified water and clean gas loop cip system of process system sip system of process system personal care high quality vessel design/manufacturing purified water loop process for various ranges of pcc products including shampoo body form detergent cream toothpaste mascara hair dyes lipstick etc. cip system in line control and measurement systems

Our complete product range is as under. Please find the below enlisted ae products the attached leaflet for the same. kindly send your valuable requirements for the same buy best discounts. instrument transformers (ct/pt/hvt) 1) lt current transformers(cts) (tape wound/resin cast/plastic molded encapsulated type cts) 2) lt potential/voltage transformers (pts) (single/three phase resin cast type) 3) ht current/potential transformers (cts/pts) (indoor/outdoor air/oil cooled type ranges 11kv to 220kv) 4) high voltage breakdown testers (hvts) (ranges 2. 5kv to 200kv above on request) power control equipments(lt transformers/variacs dimmerstat ) 1) dimmerstates continuously variable voltage auto transformers/variacs (single/three phase flush back panel mounting/portable with complete metal enclosure air cooled/oil cooled types) ranges 0. 75a to 1600am

Propack SystemsDELHI (India)

All the users are happy with the quality as also the service and support being provided by propack. manufacturer distributor and trader of esd control products esd handling systems solar products batteries and measuring instruments. products and services soldering station rework station esd work station wrist band gloves ead mats clean room esd apron esd protective area personal grounding system esd packaging systems handling storage systems test measuring equipments dust control sticky mats clean room face masks head gear esd cum clean room garments clean room gloves finger cots shoe covers

SGM Lab SolutionsDelhi (India)

products test chambers clean room equipments lab incubators ovens cooling equipments microscopes telescopes laboratory bath shakers balances general lab equipments spectrophotometers sterilizers/autoclave construction materials testing lab essentials chromatography water testing equipments ndt equipments environment test equipments optical fiber testing equipment peristaltic pump electrical test measurement instruments laser fume extractor general lab equipments spectrophotometers sterilizers/autoclave construction materials testing lab essentials chromatography water testing equipments ndt equipments environment testing equipments optical fiber testing peristaltic pump electrical test measurement instruments


We are manufacturers and exporters of high voltage power supplies battery formation equipments customised power supplies for atomic energy centres test / research centres low voltage high current power sources telecom power supplies products for railways uninterrupted power supplies wound components industrial software services. hermetically sealed construction. hv transformer rectifier ac reactor choke assembly is lid mounted for convenience and ease of maintenance and repairs. conforms to ingress protection class ip 65 as per iec pub 947 1. doubly wound cross over winding with electrostatic shield between primary and secondary. high frequency choke for surge protection of rectifier stack diodes. high voltage rectifiers for better stability and shield for induction free signal waveform. hv rectifier stack design consists of special glass sealed

AUTO PRIMAPune (India)

Vehicle repaires servicing restoration sale/purchase of used indian /imported vehicles automotive professionals inspection /valuation of vehicles sale of automotive equipments imports/exports of autocomponents/dvelopment of component components and roadworthyness testing and certification. exports of petrol and exlectric scooters motorcycles. . . automotive parts car spare parts oils batteries automotive diagnostic equipments garage equipments approved gas conversion kits test engine exhaust gas


We are manufacturer of pharmaceutical laboratory equipments. products and services carpenters fabricators laboratory equipment dealers cupboard dealers table dealers trolley dealers dustbin dealers steel cupboard dealers shoe rack dealers container dealers steel fabricators ss fabricators steel cupboard manufacturers container manufacturers cupboard manufacturers dustbin manufacturers trolley manufacturers vessel dealers dryer dealers drum dealers shoe rack manufacturers sink dealers laboratory instrument dealers drum manufacturers pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers tray dealers tray manufacturers storage rack dealers table manufacturers steel table manufacturers lab instrument manufacturers lab equipment manufacturers steel table dealers vessel manufacturers stainless steel drum manufacturers chemical tank dealers stainless steel sink ma


Manufacturer of treadmills for personal use health clubs cardiac stress test. Exerclimber. Other health club equipments. Sports good. Magnetic bicycles.

"Quality and customer satisfaction" Is our motto. products laboratory stirrer centrifuge medico / clinical melting / boiling point apparatus muffle furnace autoclave(portable vertical fully automatic) incubator bacteriological b. O. D cooled incubator orbital shaker incubator bulk density apparatus microscope centrifuge laboratory colony counter conductivity meter constant temperature water bath humidity oven (environmental chamber or stability chamber) leak test apparatus heating mantle hot air oven hot plate karl fisher apparatus automatic tablet hardness tester (horizontal / vertical model) low temperature bath cryostat bath magnetic stirrer ph meter tablet dissolution test apparatus polarimeter soxhlet tds meter u. V. Cabinet tablet disintegration test apparatus vacuum oven vacuum oven rectangular viscometer bath( kinematic viscos


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