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We are into manufacturing and dealing in pharmaceutical raw materials bulk drug chemicals and vitamins. We deal in medicines surgical and hospital equipments also. Our product range includes bulk drugs chemicals medicines dialysis sugical.api and excipients acetic acid ( glacial)aerosilalbendazoleallopurinolaluminium hydroxide gelammonium chlorideaminophyllineamitriptyline hclamoxycillin trihydrateampicillin trihydrateascorbic acid (coated) ethyl celluloseatenololi. V. Fluids glucose intravenous infusion ip/ bp 5 500 ml / 1000 ml (dextrose 5 ) glucose intravenous infusion ip / bp 10 500 ml / 1000 ml (dextrose 10 ) glucose intravenous infusion ip/bp 20 500 ml(dextrose 20 ) glucose intravenous infusion ip/bp 50 100 ml (dext


Ambroxol hcl/base amiloride hcl alendronate sodium alprazolam amlodipine besylate atenolol amoxycillin sodium sterile amoxycillin trihydrate ampicillin trihydrate/anhydrous ampicillin sodium sterile albendazole atorvastatin calcium azithromycin acyclovir allopurinol amitryptylline adapalene azealic acid benzyl penicillin sodium sterile bisacodyl bp/usp bromohexine hcl bupropione hcl benzathine penicillin betamethasone its salts benazepril hcl bisoprolol fumerate buprenorphine hcl butenafine hcl brompheniramine maleate cetrizine di hcl ep non ep clarithromycin chloramphenicol powder chloramphenicol palmitate chloramphenicol sod succinate cisapride chlorzoxazone usp ciprofloxacin hcl/ lactate cloxacillin sodium sterile cloxacillin sodium clonazepam carbamezapine cyproheptadine hcl

Pharmaceutical machinery tablets presses fluid bed dryer rapid mixer granulator paper folding machine hot air drying oven sifter gyro type vibro type dedusting / deburring units down flow / elevating type automatic coaters tube filling machines for aluminum and plastic / lami tubes liquid filling machine blister packing machines for al pvc and al al blisters carton erectors tablet counting and filling machines capsule printing machine capsule filling machine other machines for use in tablet manufacturing punches dies.packaging materials for pharmaceuticals glass bottles in amber and clear color from 10ml to 1000ml capacity plastic bottles of any shape or size caps plugs accessories al ropp caps printed cartons printed labels printed al foil for blister packs pvc film for blister packs.laboratory chemicals accessories laboratory glassware

Manufacturing supplying exporting of pharmaceutical drugs to clients worldwideantibiotics and anti infectives ciprofloxacin tablets usp 250 mg ciprofloxacin tablets paediatric co trimozole oral suspension clarithromycin tablets azithromycin tablets levofloxacin tablets 500 mg ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets doxycycline capsules cotrimoxazole and sulfamethoxazole tablets aciclovir capsules azithromycin oral suspension paediatric co trimoxazole syrupbeta lactams and cephalosporins cefalexin capsules cefalexin oral suspension cefpodoxime proxetil capsules ampicillin capsules amoxicillin dry syrup amoxicillin capsulesantifungals fluconazole capsules ketoconazole tablets nystatin vaginal tablets clotrimazole vaginal tablets clindamycin and miconazole capsulesmiscellaneous allopurinol tablets carbin 5 tablets unisole 5 tablets chysin medicine glucosamine sulfate po

Manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical products and facilities forapi's and speciality chemicals apis active pharmaceutical ingredients pharmaceutical preparations pharmaceutical machineries and surgical products allopurinol amitriptyline hcl amlodipine base/ besilate amodiaquine hcl / base ascorbic acid vitamin 'c' plain atenolol atorvastatin calcium benzocaine bisacodyl bromhexine hcl bromperidol calcium ascorbate calcium sennoside carbamezapin carvedilol celecoxib cetirizine di hcl chlorhexidine gluconate 20 solution chlorhexidine hcl chlorhexidine di acetate chlorpheniramine hcl chlorzoxasone cinnarazine cisapride clebopride clomiphen citrate clonazepam clopitogrel bisulphate clprazolam coenzyme q10 cromoline sodium cyproheptadine hcl desloratadine desmethyl cyproheptadine dichloralphenazone dicyclomine disulfiram dobutamine

BioQuest InternationalMumbai (India)

Manufacturer exporter of pharmaceuticals agrochemicals and natural products.our products range active pharma intermediates acriflavine fenbendazole acyclovir ferrous fumarate allopurinol ferric ammonium citrate amoxicillin trihydrate fluconazole ampicillin trihydrate flunarizine ampicillin sodium sterile fluoxetine antipyrine frusemide artesunate glycine aspartate magnesium / potassium halquinol atenolol ibuprofen azithromycin isoniazide benzyl benzoate iodo chlorohydroxyquinoline brompheniramine maleate ketoconazole calcium sennocide lidocaine calcium lactate pentahydrate lignocaine cefadroxil lisinopril cefradine loratadine cefalexin losartam potassium cefepime hcl l arginine mix. mebendazole cefazolin sodium meloxicam cefdinir metformin hcl cefixime methopabate cefotaxime sodium

Imports exports of new molecules list alfacalcidol allopurinol amorolfin arte mether arte ether artemisinin artesunate granules ready for compression atorvastatin b artemether becalpremin bisulphate bicalutamide calcipotriol calcitriol carboplatin granisetron hcl celecoxib cephlosporin c sodium cetolapram hbr clopidogrel diclizumab dobutamine hcl doxazosin mesylate eplerenone esomeprazole ezetimibe faropenem fexofenadine finastride gabapentin gatifloxacin glutathione oxidized granisetron hcl ibopamine hcl indinavir infliximab interferon gama 1b iphosphamide itopride hcl itroconazole pellets 22. 5 lamivudin lamotrigine lansoprazole 8. 5 l carnosine linezolid mesna meropenam methyl dopa miglitol mosapride nebivolol nelfinavir olenzapine omeprazole megnesium omeprazole sodium ondonsetran paclitaxel paroxietine hcl pentaprazol

Products unidrug is presently engaged in manufacture of following active pharmaceutical ingredients with 200 tpa capacities. existing products products chlorzoxazone tinidazole ornidazole chloramphenicol palmitate allopurinol disulfiram alprazolam clopidogrel hydrogen sulphate guaifenesin nitazoxanide propranolol hcl pharmaceuticals intermediate drug intermediates 2 chloro acetamido 5 chloro benzophenone nordazepam thionordazepam 7 chloro 1 3 dihydro 5 phenyl 2h 1 4 benzodizepine 2 dihydrazoacetone ( ) alpha amino (2 chlorophenyl) acetate dextrorotary methyl alpha (2 thienyl ethyl amino)( 2 chlorophenyl) acetate cynoacetamide ethyl 2 ethoxy methylone cynoacetate 3 c carbethoxy 4 aminopyrazole hemisulphate 2 amino 5 methyl thiophene 3 carbonitrile 2 (2 nirtro anilino) 5 methyl thiophene 3


Lotus international an iso 9001 2008 certified company and an export house approved by government of india established in 1991 as an exporter of pharmaceutical formulations (branded and generic medicines) and branded products alimta benoquin etilaam kamagra gold kamagra finpecia f pecia super p force imovax polio verorab mencevax acwy engerix b tarceva velcade xeloda iressaveterinary medicines bolus suspensions injectables powders creams / ointments liquids/solutionspharmaceutical raw materials aceclofenac etidronate disodium ofloxacin acyclovir famotidine omeprazole albendazole fenbendazole ornidazole alendronate sodium finasteride oxyclozanide allopurinol flucloxacillin pamidronate disodium ambroxol fluconazole pantoprazole aminophylline flunnarizine paracetamol amitryptiline fluoxetine pentoxiphylline amlodip

We provide services and products such as 3 methyl amino propyl chloride hcl. Iso amyl alcohol iso amyl butyrate ethyl butyrate quinine bisulphate quinine dihydrochloride quinine hydrochloride artemether arteether (70 30 ) dihydroartemisinin methyl iodide 1 3 difluoro benzene ferrous fumarate ( ip/bp/usp) diethyl carbamazine citrate ip cholin bitartrate ferric ammonium citrate ip sodium hydroxide pallate ( naoh pallate ) microcrystalline hydroxy apptide complex and other more fine chemicals 2 (dimethyl amino) methyl cyclohexanone hcl iso amyl acetate iso amyl cinnamate quinine sulphate quinine hydrochloride quinine sulphate quinine base artesunate arteether trimethyl sulphoxonium iodide potassium iodide 2 4 difluoro 1h 1 2 4 triazole 1 1 yl acetophenone ( dfta) tricholine citrate 3 nitro phthalic acid / phthalamide ferric bi


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