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Products/Services : allopurinol
bisoprolol fumarate
dicyclomine hydrochloride
propranolol hydrochloride
sodium picosulphate

Products/Services :

please contact shamrock chemie pvt ltd , yogin : 00 91 90 99055460 , for your requirments of the below mentioned chemicals/phamraceuticals/intermediates


15, 600 kgs.
sodium 2 napthalene sulfonate

7600 kgs.
4 bromobenzyl bromide

24000 kgs.

7100 kgs.
diatrizoic acid

15400 kgs.
acetyl chloride

10, 500 kgs.

20000 kgs.
adipic acid

6100 kgs.
triisopropyl borate

2000 kgs.
heptanoic acid

6400 kgs.

18000 kgs.
adipic acid

9000 kgs.
tributyl chloride

20000 kgs.
adipic acid

17500 kgs.
fumaric acid food grade

35000 kgs.
calcium stearate fcc

42000 kgs.
adipic acid- 2nd quality

2500 kgs.
trazadone hcl

5750 kgs.

2300 kgs.

10950 kgs.

20000 kgs.
adipic acid

2, 500 kgs.
normal bet

Products/Services : Manufacturers & exporters of api's, chemical.

our products:
* api
- allopurinol
- amlodipine base
- amlodipine besilate
- amlodipine maleate
- carbidopa
- carvedilol
- chlorhexidine base
- chlorhexidine salts
- ciprofloxacin hci
- clofibrate
- diloxanide furoate
- enrofloxacin
- fenofibrate
- iopomidol
- metformin hci
- nrofloxacin
- pefloxacin mesilate dihydrate
* specialty chemicals
- 2- furoic acid
- 2 – furoyl chloride
- metol
- phenidone – a
- adipic acid dihydrazide (adh)

Products/Services : Satire remedies private limited ( pharma division )

we are marketing ceftriaxone+ sulbactum , adenosylcobalamin , spirulina , allopurinol , gabapentin + methylcobalamin , ferrous ascorbate , calcium citrate maleate , lycopene , pre biotics and pro biotics etc
all over state of madhya pradesh , with the field strength of 20 peoples

satire remedies private limited (foods division )

we are manufacturing protein preparations of amino acids , whey , creatine , glucose monohydrate etc and marketing / supplying in all over the state of madhya pradesh .

Products/Services : Manufacturer and exporters of bulk drugs / active pharmaceutical ingredients belong to different therapeutical-categories, such as anti-diabetics, anti-convulsants, anti-epileptics, anti gouts, anti fungals, anti depressants, cardio vascular drugs, sedatives.

anesthetic : ketamine hcl

anti-convulsant; anti-epileptic : lamotrigine, phenobarbital, phenobarbital sodium, phenytoin, phenytoin sodium, sodium valproate, valproic acid

anti-fungals : fluconazole

corticosteroids : betamethasone dipropionate, betamethasone valerate, betamethasone sodium phosphate

vitamins : vitamin b2-5-phosphate-sodium

anti-muscarinic : oxybutynin chlorine

anti-diabetic : glibenclamide, glimepiride, metformin hydrochloride

anti-gout : allopurinol

drug intermediates : demethyl amine hydrochloric

cns stimulant : methylphenidiate

pipeline products : amiodarone, glycopyrolate, ? amitriptyline, m

Products/Services : Exporters of,

product range :
1.pharmaceutical machinery :
-tablets presses
-fluid bed dryer
-rapid mixer granulator
-paper folding machine
-hot air drying oven
-sifter (gyro type -vibro type)
-dedusting / deburring units (down flow / elevating type)
-automatic coaters
-tube filling machines for aluminum and plastic / lami tubes
-liquid filling machine
-blister packing machines for al-pvc and al-al blisters
-carton erectors
-tablet counting and filling machines
-capsule printing machine
-capsule filling machine
-other machines for use in tablet manufacturing

2.packaging materials :
-glass bottles in amber and clear color from 10ml to 1000ml capacity
-plastic bottles of any shape or size.

3.laboratory chemicals & accessories :
-laboratory glassware.
-laboratory chemicals of analytical grade.
-laboratory instruments for schools, colleges and resear

Products/Services : Alfacalcidol, allopurinol, amorolfin, arte mether, arte ether, artemisinin, artesunate granules ready for compression, atorvastatin, b- artemether, becalpremin bisulphate, bicalutamide, calcipotriol, calcitriol, carboplatin, celecoxib, cephlosporin c sodium, cetolapram hbr, clopidogrel, diclizumab, dobutamine hcl, doxazosin mesylate, eplerenone, esomeprazole, ezetimibe, faropenem, fexofenadine, finastride, gabapentin, gatifloxacin, glutathione oxidized, granisetron hcl, ibopamine hcl, indinavir, infliximab, interferon gama 1b, iphosphamide, itopride hcl, itroconazole pellets 22.5%, lamivudin, lamotrigine, lansoprazole 8.5%, l-carnosine, linezolid, mesna, meropenam, methyl dopa, miglitol, mosapride, nebivolol, nelfinavir, olenzapine, omeprazole megnesium, omeprazole sodium, ondonsetran, paclitaxel, parecoxib sodium, paroxietine hcl, pentaprazole, pioglitazone, primaquin, rabeprazole, raloxifen, reb

Products/Services : In 1979 the second unit was started at ambernath to manufacture pharmaceutical bulk drugs, and the third unit to manufacture paracetamol bulk drugs and formulations started in 1982 at ambernath.
all the bulk drugs and formulations are exported to all over the world.
anti viral drugs


-losartan potassium
-methyl dopa
-sodium valporate



-alendronate sodium






Products/Services : Manufacturers and exporters of
active pharmaceuticals ingredients (api) :
alendronate sodium
econazole nitrate
edta di sodium
erythromycin salts / base

vaterinary api :
closantel base/sodium
diminazene diaceturate
dintolmide (dot)
mebendazole off white
mebendazole white/poly-c
piperazine adipate
piperazine citrate
piperazine salts
quinapyramine hcl / so4

excepients :
activated carbon
bees wax
carboxymethyl cellulose
cellulose acetate phthalate
cross camalose sodium
dicalcium phosphate
kaolin light / heavy
lactose monohydrate
magnesium stearate
maize starch
micro crystalline cellulose
sodium starch glycolate
stearates-mag, cal, zinc
talc purified

nutraceuiticals :
aloe vera gel

Products/Services : Manufacturers and exporters of allelopathic and ayurvedic herbal medicinal products.

acetazolamide 250mg. tablet
albendazole 400mg. tablet
allopurinol 100mg. tablet
allopurinol 300mg. tablet
allyloestrenol 5mg. tablet
alprazolam 0.25mg. tablet
alprazolam 0.50mg. tablet
alprazolam 1mg. tablet
aluminium hydroxide gel 500mg. tablet
aminophyllin 100mg. tablet
amiodrone 100mg. tab.
amiodrone 200mg. tab
amitriptyline 100mg. tab.
amitriptyline 10mg. tab.
amitriptyline 25mg. tab.
amitriptyline 50mg. tab.
amodiaquin bp 200mg. tab.
amoxycillin 125mg. (kid) tab.
amoxycillin 250mg. tab.
amoxycillin 500mg. tab.
ampicillin kid 125mf. tab.
analgin 300mg. tab.
analgin 500mg. tab.
antacid tab.
anti-spasmodic tab.

amino-acid with vitamins caps.
amoxycillin 250mg. + cloxacillin 250mg. cap.
amoxycillin 250mg. cap.

Search Term : allopurinol     |     Total records - 36     |     Page .. 1 2 3 4 .. of 4    

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