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Companies From India - Open End Spinning

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Manufacturers and exporters of of spiral paper tubes paper cores.productsspirally wound paper tubes texturising/twisting poy bobbins open end spinning packing of denim carpet furnishing fabrics bopp films multi ply films aluminium foils submersible pump packing paper tubes paper cores carpet packing cores open end spinning machineries denim packing machineries bopp films furnishing machineries submersible pump packaging machineries tube winding machine.slitting machine auto cut off unit machine spiral wound paper cores spiral tube winding machine tube recutter machine glue device spiral wound paper cores tube recutter machine paper tubes spiral paper tubes nozing polishing machine spiral tube winding machine slitting machine notching machine spiral paper tubes/cores for textile industry spiral wound paper cores for industrial application pap

The company has full fledged oil blending and grease manufacturing plant fully equipped quality control laboratory and aerosol filling lines. It also offers consultancy services in the field of manufacturing and marketing of functional chemicals and industrial aerosols.automotive applications cvc antifreeze coolant cvc aquadegreaser high performance general purpose cleaner (cvc aquakleen) battery terminal protector (cvc battery coat) grip improver (cvc belt dreser) cvc brake cleaner synol decarb (decarbonizing solution for petrol/diesel engines) cvc radiator flush (flushing fluid for radiators) spray cleaner for carburettor (cvc carburettor cleaner) protective coating (cvc chromeguard) synol dfa 561 (diesel fuel additive) zinc coating spray(cvc galvanizing spray) 5 in 1 mainteinance aid (cvc multilube) cvc nt rust (df) synol flusher (flushing oil additive) cvc polylube (x)(oil add

Jayantilal A ShahMumbai (India)

We manufacture different products using advanced techniques and high performance machines. Ring spinning open end spinning etc. Are some of the processes that we use for manufacturing the products. Likewise modern equipment is used for precise work and fast completion of work.our product rangeindustrial sewing threads cotton crochet threads multi ply threads cotton twine threads cotton line dori cotton rakhi threads cotton yarn woven elastic tapes cup bra padsstitching threads sports stitching threads upholstery tarpaulin stitching threadsbag closing threads book binding threads cotton candle threads cotton embroidery skein cotton glace wax cord thread cotton tag threads cotton tape ropes kite flying threads


We manufacture all kinds of rubber cots aprons.cots conventional plain cot springgrip or easy fit cot ssd cot aluminium press fit cot alugrip cot .allied products cots aprons for air jet spinning draw frame cot clearer tubes for draw frames and combers gill box cots cots and aprons for jute industry cordless aprons for tfo cots for open end spinning two component adhesive for mounting cots cots and aprons for woollen and worsted spinning.aprons super tex skived aprons.

Shanthi Gears LimitedCoimbatore (India)

Manufacturers and exporters of worm reduction gear boxes helical and bevel helical gear boxes geared motors custom built gear boxes mill gear boxes helical open gearing blow room carding planetary coiler comber simplex racks differential gear unit pedestal conversion ring frame open end spinning engineering gears cnc machine tools.

Prabha Import & ExportAmritsar (India)

Export and import of following items.products all type of weaving loom. warp knitting raschel raschel jacquard machines. circular knitting flat knitting machines. embroidery machines including shifli multi head. processing machinery for woolen fabrics cotton synthetic fabrics. woolen worsted spinning plants. cotton ring spinning openend spinning plants. any othet textile machinery you require.textile weaving machines projectile looms sulzer looms type tw11 pu p7100 p7200 in working width 73" 153" With dobby cam motion or jacquard. rapier looms dornier somet vamatex picanol nuovo pignone sulzer rapier (f2001 g6100 g 6200 g6300) in working width 1800 mm. 3900 mm. In different amount of weft feeders with and without dobby and jacquard.airjet waterjet looms we deal in wide range of airjet waterjet looms includi

Sumanlal J. Shah & CoCOIMBATORE (India)

Manufacturers exporters of machinery replacement spare parts. product range blow room carding drawframe speed frame comber vps drive uni lap ring frame cone winding autoconer open end spinning overhead traveller cleaners general spares.

Manuactureres and suppliers of electronic slub making machine which is being used fancy yarns. product range electronic slub making machine semi servo driven slub motion injection slub making machine open end spinning slub making machine front roll stoppage type slub making machine combination fancy slub making machine2. Fancy yarn 3. Ring slubs in fabricssk 01 02 servo control slubmotion for open end ssoe 01 invk 01 semi servo control injection slub making machine

KLRF TEXTILESGangaikondan (India)

Manufacturers of ring spun yarn open end spun yarn.product range 1. Lakshmi rieter blow room lines 2. Rieter cards with uster autoleveller 3. Rieter autoleveller draw frames rsb 851 4. Rieter combers e 7/4 5. Speed frames lf 1400 6. Rieter ring frames g 5/1 7. Schlafhorst 338 autoconer 8. Rieter open end spinning machines m 1/2 9. Two for one twister 10. Sieger yarn conditioning plant.

We are manufacturers trader service provider exporter/importer of high precision steel pins and pinned products for the textile non woven and packaging industry.our products list waste reclamation blow room carding open end spinning worsted spinning preparatory weaving looms finishing stenters micro perforation pinned fibrillation non wovenservices customized solutions upgradation of spinning preparatory pin audits designrepinning lags rollers.


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