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Online outlet for men's and women's fashion wear.
We manufacture and export, cut and polished diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious gemstones. We have an exclusive collection of cut stones, beads, cabochons, carvings and figures in emeralds to choose from.
Company Profile :
Long before the age of globalization dawned in India, Benzer opened a fashion store in 1982 strategically located on Mumbai?s very own ?golden mile?, in the heart of the glittering, up market district of Breach Candy.

The Store became a landmark in more ways than one. It heralded the beginning of the retail and consumer revolution in the country, an economic miracle in India that continues to reverberate in boardrooms around the world, attracting the attention of investors and industries from the Far East, Europe and North America.

Like the country, Benzer has indeed gone places since then. Chalking up double-digit growth figures consistently over the years. Enabling the group to diversify its interest into a host of activities-from a food processing and cold storage complex to stock broking to the manufacture of vital chemicals, to name a few.

Benzer?s home is India but its vision spans the globe. As India?s first international fashion store, it has a clientele to match. Successful, affluent, discriminating non-resident Indians around the world besides its formidable domestic customer base.

Indeed no trip to the city of Mumbai is complete without a visit to the store . No surprise considering the single-minded commitment with which the store has invested in advertising over the years. Building up an equity that projects both the store and the brand on a scale that has no equal in the fashion industry in India.

Benzer has elected to remain a single store by choice, in order to deliver these quality standards without compromise. In the age of the internet, however, it is fast going global through its website which offers online shopping to its customers worldwide.

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