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Products / Services :
CYGNUS offers a range of data communication and networking products designed, developed, manufactured and marketed by it.

The CYGNUS product range includes: :
Networking Products :-
CYGNUS 508E Statistical Multiplexer
CYGNUS 516 Statistical Multiplexer with Voice Hotline option
CYGNUS 701 Data Compression Multiplexer
CYGNUS 731 Voice Data Multiplexer.

Access Products :-
CYGNUS 600 Baseband Products sub rack for CYGNUS 605 and CYGNUS606 card type products
CYGNUS 601 64Kbps G.703 - V.35 Format Converter
CYGNUS 604L 64/128 Kbps V.35/G.703 Baseband Modems
CYGNUS 605 G.703-V.Xx Sync/Async Format and Rate Converter
CYGNUS 606 IDSL 64/128 Kbps V.35/V.24/V.11/G.703 Baseband Modems
CYGNUS 801 E1/FE1 Converter with Drop-Insert option.
Company Profile :
CYGNUS MICROSYSTEMS (P) LTD. Was incorporated in September 1988 with the aim of catering to the increasing communications and computerization activity in several sectors of industry and commerce in India.

The company is managed and run by computer and data communication professionals with direct experience in the industry. The company belongs to a select band of Information Technology (IT) companies which have the ability to offer life-cycle support for their products - right from design and development to manufacture, sale, training and post-sale support. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. Of India recognized the company's in-house R&D group which designs and develop all its products.

CYGNUS designs and manufactures data communication products based on relevant international standards, with features and specifications that are contemporary in the international market. The company has considerable expertise in hardware design, and in tackling performance and reliability issues in communication product design.

CYGNUS also offers its design and development expertise to design and develop specific communication software/hardware modules and sub-systems. Areas of expertise include communication protocol implementation, communication interfaces, specialized hardware sub-systems, etc.

The company's multiplexer range has built an enviable reputation for its reliability and contemporary features with several customers. Among them is the largest on-line application in India - the Indian Railways' Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS), which uses over 5, 000 CYGNUS multiplexers to connect booking offices in over 700 towns to the central computer systems at New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Secunderabad. Other customers for CYGNUS multiplexers include banks, MTNL, DOT, BHEL, etc.

Developing its own products also gives the company the ability to provide "life-cycle" support for its products - from design through development, manufacture, marketing, training, field support, product upgrade and new product launches. Towards this end the company has been constantly investing 15-20% of its turnover on R&D.

Establishment Year
Firm Type
Nature of Business
Level to Expand
: 1988
: Pvt. Ltd.
: Manufacturer , Export / Import
: International

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