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Manufacturers Of:-
Bar Mill, Wire Rod Mill, Light Section Merchant Mills, Cold Rolling Mills, Non-Ferrous Rolling Mills, TMT Process, Induction / Electric Arc Furnace, Continuous Caster, And all other related Equipments, All kinds of spares for Electric Arc Furnace and Induction Furnaces

Rubber, Sugar And Paper Industries-
Rolls for ferrous and non-ferrous Rolling Mills, Rubber, Sugar and Paper Industries, Clear Chill Rolls, Alloy Chill Rolls, Indefinite Chill Rolls,
S. G. Iron Rolls, Double Poured Rolls, Nichilite Rolls, Alloy Steel Rolls, Geared Couplings, Fly Wheel Assembly, Reduction gear Boxes, Pinion Strands, Combined Reduction Gear Boxes cum Pinion Stands, Mill Stands-2 Hi, 3 Hi and 4 Hi, Alligator Shear, Billet Shearing Machine, Plate/Scarp Shear, Cold/Corp Shear, Rotary Shear
Snap Shear, Pinch Roll, Pinch Roll with Pinion Stand, Straightening Machine, Twisting Machine
Coiler Machine, Reheating Furnace, Pushers for Furnace- Hydraulic and Electro Mechanical type,
Hydraulic and Electro Mechanical walking beam design Billet charging bed and mechanical billet unscrambler, Ejector, Roller Table, Tilting Table and other conveyors, Repeaters and Static Guides
Roller Guides, Universal Couplings/Spindles, Fiber Bearing and Keys, Nylon Inserts, Mechanized moving rack/walking beam cooling bed, Controlled cooling systems for conventional high speed mills, Lubrication systems for various mill equipments.
Company Profile :
GAYSON & CO. PVT. LTD. Undertake, manufacturing of Automatic & semi Automatic Rolling Mills right from layout and design concept to commissioning of continuous and semi-continuous, Medium Section, Merchant, Wire Rod and Bar Mills. GAYSON's systematic approach to design and assimilation of technology together with a well defined network of Sales Offices in important cities in INDIA and co-ordinators aboard, assure dependable Sales co-ordination and efficient after sales attention. Gayson and its Group companies take pride in matching Technology with Economy and offer speedy solution to all your Rolling Problems.

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: Pvt. Ltd.
: Manufacturer
: National

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