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Products / Services :
Manufacture And Exporter Of Pharmaceutical formulations and bulk drugs, Infusion solutions and oral solids, Disposable syringes and needles.

Presently we are operating in the following major therapeutic segments:
-Analgesics Anti Inflammatory
-Large Volume Parenterals
-Disposable Syringes & Needles
-Herbal Drugs
-Placental Extracts
-Cough Preparations
-Skeletal Relaxants
-Anti-Arthiritic / Chondroprotective Agents.

Analgesics Anti Inflammatory :
Anaflam Tablet
Anaflam Suspension
Nimeril Tablet
Nimeril Suspension
Alfam Tablet
Alrof Tablet
Adlin Gel.

Anti-Bacterials :
Alcorim Tablet
Alcorim Suspension
Alcorim-F Tablet
Aldezol Tablet
Cipad 250/500
Rifampicin Capsule
Siomox Capsule
Siomox-C Capsule
Sodium Stibogluconate Injection.

Anti-Ulcerants :
Ranial Tablet
Siozole Capsule
Pansure Tablet
Sioguard Suspension
Sioguard-o Suspension.

Dermatologicals :
Placentrex Lotion (Containing Human Placental Extract)
Siofin Cream.

Anxiolytics :

Large Volume Parenterals :
Dextrose INJ. BP 5% & 10%
Normal Saline Sol" for Inj. BP 0.9%
Dextrose 5% Sodium Chloride 0.9% INJ. BP
Ringer Lactate Sol" BP
Sodium Lactate 1.87%
Mannitol USP 20%
Cipad Inj
Leclyte R
Leclyte E
Leclyte G
Leclyte M
Leclyte P
Amino Acid Infusion Soln.
Alamin SE
Alamin SN 5% & Alamin SN 10%.

Small Volume Parenterals :
Dextrose 25% w/v.

Disposable Syringes & Needles :
Siotone Capsules
Adliv Forte Capsules
Adliv Syrup
Adliv Drops.

Nutrition :
Alamin Forte Capsule
Sioplex Capsule
Sioplex Lysine
Sioneuron Injection
Sioneuron Tablet
Sioplex-Z Capsule
Leclyte W
Alamin M Capsule
Sioneuron Forte Tablets
Alamin Injection in 20ml ampoule.

Placental Extracts :
Placentrex Injection
(Human Placental Extract)
Placentrex Gel
Placentrex Lotion.

Anthelmintic :
Sioban Tablet
Sioban Suspension.

Haemostatic :
Alstat Tablet
Alstat Injection.

Cough Preparations :
SIOKOF - AS Tablets
SIOKOF - AS Syrup.

Laxatives :

Skeletal Relaxants :
NIMERAL-T Tablets.

Anti-Arthiritic / Chondroprotective Agents :
Company Profile :
Albert David, headquartered in Kolkata, is a leading, fast growing and a professionally managed pharmaceutical company in Eastern India. During the current fiscal year, the company has achieved an excellent annual sales turnover of Rs 87 Crores (1, 95, 50, 000 $) and ranks 58th out of 22, 000 plus companies competing in the Indian pharma market.

We are pioneers in Human Placental Extract Therapy.

History :
Albert David Limited, a part of a premier industrial house in India belongs to the Kothari group. We have our core competence in manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations, infusion solutions, herbal products, bulk drugs and disposable syringes and needles at four different manufacturing units located in Kolkata, Ghaziabad ? near New Delhi, Mandideep ? near Bhopal and Bangalore, strictly adhering to WHO (World Health Organisation) prescribed CGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Our state-of-the-art Ghaziabad factory near Delhi is an ISO 9002 certified plant.

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: Public. Ltd.
: Manufacturer , Export / Import
: International

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