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Products / Services :
Exporter & Importer of Dried shark fins/fish maws, Dried sting rays skins, Live crabs/eels, frozen fish & shrimp.

Our Products Ranges:-
Raw Block Frozen Cultivated Black Tiger Headless Shellon Shrimps.

Raw Semi IQF Cultivated Black Tiger Headon Shrimps.

Raw IQF Cultivated Black Tiger Headless Shellon Shrimps.

Raw IQF Cultivated Black Tiger PND/PUD/PDTO/Easy Peeled & Skewers Shrimps.

Cooked IQF Cultivated Black Tiger-PUD/PDTO Shrimps.

Raw Block Frozen Fresh Water Headless Shellon Shrimps.

Raw Semi IQF Fresh Water Headon Shrimps.

Raw IQF Fresh Water Headless Shellon/P&D Easy Peeled Shrimps.

Cooked IQF Fresh Water PDTO/PUD Shrimps.

Raw Block Frozen White/Brown Headless Shellon Shrimps.

Raw Block Frozen White/Brown PUD Shrimps.

Cooked IQF White/Brown PUD/PDTO Shrimps.

Raw IQF/Block Frozen/Fillet SW Fish-Silver Pomfret, Ribbon Fish, Tongue Sole, Spanish Macherels, Cuttle Fish, Black Pomfret, Hilsha Fish, Conger EELS, Big Eye Hilsha, Yellow/White-Croakers, Queen Fish, Barammundi, Red Snapper, Black Trip/Indian Dog/Hammar Head/Saw Shark Meat and Sting Rays Meat, Barracuda, Groupers and Snapers.

Raw IQF/Block Frozen/Fillet Fresh Water Fish-Ruhu, Ayre, Boal, Pabda, Tangra, Keski, Star Baim, Long Baim, Moila, Deshi Puti, SharPuti, Bacha, Baila, Meni, Taki, Shoil, Kakila, Rita, Lasso, Bata, Tapashi, Bashpata, Chelapata, Chapila, Chiring, Buzuri, Doratana, Gulsha, Gutum, Khoilsha, Foli, Rani, Latia, Poa, Tiny Shrimps, Koi, Shing, Magur, Pangus, Mrigal, Chital, Nola, Batashi.

Chilled Silver Pomfret, Chinese Pomfret and Indian Salmon.

Salted Sting Rays Skins.

Live Mud Crabs and Yellow EELs.

Dried Shark Fins, Fish Maws, Sting Rays Skin, Turtles Edges, Fish Scale and Fish Skin.
Company Profile :
Overseas Seafood Ltd. is a 100% export oriented seafood processing, exporting, importing and trading company in Bangladesh. The company is set up in the year 1986 and headed by Mr. D. R. Shil, Managing Director of the company who has vast experience in this business for last 17 (seventeen) years having professional knowledge in every steps of seafood cultivation, procurement, processing, quality control, packing, international

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: Public. Ltd.
: Export / Import
: International

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