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Kaleva Sweets


Kaleva Sweets

About Us

Sweets add a special touch to every occasion. And in India sweets form an integral part of celebration be it marriage birth of a child or festivals. And we at Kaleva have been trying to make every occasion a special one with our sweets. KALEVA means sweets or snacks served at any and every occasion. At Kaleva We have been preparing sweets from generation to generations in the traditional method giving hygiene the top priority. So the next time you get the urge to eat make sure it is from Kaleva.

Kaleva located in heart of Delhi stocks close to 1000 varieties of sweets namkeens and other traditional eatables. Be it the Bengali Rossogolla Rajasthani Ghevar Karachi Halwa or the Mysore Pak we at Kaleva give you the very best and exotic Indian taste. Sweets that are made in the traditional way passed on to generations for the past 500 years. Ours is a family involved in business of preserving the traditional method of sweet making. We are the fourth generation of Agarwals initially from Bikaner in Rajasthan presently running business.

Kaleva specializes in sweets that remind you of a forgotten era with Raj Bhog Rasmalai Pista Burfi Kaju roll and more than 15 varieties of ladoo. Sweets that have been savored by the royals that have ruled the country in the past.

Kaleva's preparation involves the most ethnic way of sweet making using the traditional method while keeping your health as a priority.

Last but not the least we at Kaleva offer a treasure even for those who do not have much of a sweet tooth. We prepare over more than 500 kinds of namkeen from the famous Dal moth Navratan Chana jor and the exclusive spicy Alu wafers. The variety includes non spicy namkeens for children and non fried version for the health conscious.


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Manufacturers of Sweets namkeens papads and squashes.

Mix Pickle
Chilli Pickle
Sweet Lime Pickle
Lime Pickle
Sweet Mango Pickle
Mango Pickle
Sharbats (Syrups)
Khatta Meetha
Moong Dal
Methi Mathri
Bhel Puri
Petha Sweets
Pista Sweets
Kaju Sweets
Bengali Sweets
Badam Sweets
Ghee Sweets
Khoya Sweets

Contact Information

Kaleva Sweets

109 Gole Market
New Delhi, 110001 (Delhi) - (India)

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