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Precision Etching, Chemical Etching, Chemical Milling, Chemical Machining, Photo Chemical Etching, Photo Chemical Milling, Photo Chemical Machining, SMT Stencils, PCB Stencils, PCB Solder Paste Stencils, Photo Mask, Physical Mask, Shadow Mask, Scanning Wheels, Transformer Stamping, Micro Switch Contacts, HRC Fuse Elements, Mask for Metal Deposition, Gobs, Measuring Instruments, Lead Frames, Encoder, Relay Electrical Switch Contact, Texturing, Engraving, Engravers, Precision Fabrication, Metal Components, PCB Etching, Bus Bar, Press Parts, Watch Components, Etching Name Plates, Positive and Negative Film, Encoder Strips, Electrodes, PCB Circuit Boards, Sign Labels, Surface Mount solder Screening Stencil, Laser Cutting, Etch Templates, Etch Patterns, Jewellery Box, Mask for Spraying, Encoder Disc, Laser Marking, Circuit Boards, Wall Plates, Decorative Items, Vaccuum Pump Components.
Company Profile :
GALVONICS technically manufactures metal etching components and SMT stencils to international standards. Based on the customer?s requirements, our company provides chemical etched SMT stencils. The stencils are manufactured in a class dust-free, clean-room and passes through stringent quality checks to ensure quality of the solder paste stencil.

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: 1996
: Proprietorship
: Manufacturer
: National

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