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Pharmaceuticals formulation- Tablets, Capsules, (General & B-Lactum), Oral-Liquid, External Preparations(Ointments, Cream & External Liquid), Injectable small volume(Liquid & Powder-General) and Herbal Products.
Products Name Contains Pack.
FOLRON Tablet Ferrous Ascorbate (eq.Elemental Iron 100mg.)+FolicAcid 1.5.Mg.+ Methyl Cobalamine 500mcG. 10x10
CORLAC Tablet Lactic Acid Basillus 60million spores 10x10
CORMOX-KID Tablet Amoxicillin 125mg. 10x10
CORMOX-250 DT Tablet Amoxicillin 250mg. 10x10
CORFEN-PLUS-A Tablet Aceclofenac 100mg.Paracetamol 500mg. 10X10
CORFEN-S Tablet Aceclofenac 100mg.Serratiopeptidase 15mg. 10X10
ZENOX-200 Tablet Ofloxacin 200mg. 10X10
ZENOX-O Tablet Ofloxacin 200mg. Ornidazole 500mg. 10X10
CIPROLEY-500 Tablet Ciprofloxacin 500mg. 10X10
CIPROLEY-TZ Tablet Ciprofloxacin 500mg. Tinidazole 600mg 10x10
OLFIX-100 Tablet Cefixime 100mg. 10X10
OLFIX-200 Tablet Cefixime 200mg. 10X10
AZITH-250 Tablet Azithromycin 250 mg. 10X10
AZITH-500 Tablet Azithromycin 500 mg. (per 3 tab price) 20X1X3
CEFUROX-250 Tablet Cefuraxime Axetil 250mg. (per 4 tab price) 10x4
CEFROX-500 Tablet Cefuraxime Axetil 500mg.(per 4 tab price) 10x4
OLCEFO-100 Tablet Cefopodoxime Proxitil 100mg. 10x10
OLCEFO-200 Tablet Cefopodoxime Proxitil /200mg. 10x10
PANTACORE-D Tablet Pantaprazole 40mg. Domperidone 10mg. 10x10
RABZOL-20 Tablet Rebeprazole 20mg. 10x10
CALCYCOR-500 Tablet Calcium Carbonate 500mg. VitaD3 250i.U. 10x10
SPASMO-CORFEN Tablet Dicyclomine HCL , Paracetamol 500mg. 10X10
ZOLEMEC Tablet Ivermectin 6mg. Albendazole 400mg. 20X3Per3tabs
CORCE-K PLUS - 250 Tablet Etamsylate 250mg. 10x10
CORGLIC-M Tablet Gliclazide 80mg. Metformin HCL 500mg. 10X10
TRAMOL Tablet Tramadol 37.5mg. Paracetamol 375mg. 10X10
CORFEN NS Tablet Nmesulide 100mg. 10x10
CORFEN NS PLUS Tablet Nmesulide100mg.+ Paracetamol 500mg. 10x10
CORGESIC-PLUS Tablet Diclofenac sodium 50mg.Paracetamol 500mg. 10x10
CORGESIC-PLUS MR Tablet Diclofenac sodium 50mg.Paracetamol 325mg. Chlorzoxazone 250mg. 10x10
CORZYZATE Tablet Phenylepharine 5mg. Paracetamol 500mg.C.P.M.2mg.Caffeine 15mg. 10x10
CORZOLAM - 0.25 Tablet Alprazolam 0.25mg. 10x10
CORZOLAM - 0.5 Tablet Alprazolam 0.5mg. 10x10
MALIATE Tablet Artesunate 60mg. 12x4
MALIN Tablet Pyrimethamine 25mg.Sulphamethoxypyridazine 500mg. 1x10x2
COR-QS 300 Tablet Quinine sulphate 300mg. 10x10
COR-QS 600 Tablet Quinine sulphate 600mg. 10x10
CORCE-K Tablet Rutin N.F.100mg.Ascorbic Acid100mg.Adrenochrome Mono.1mg. 10x10
CORMOX-250 Capsules Amoxicillin 250mg. 10x10
CORMOX-500 Capsules Amoxicillin 500mg. 10x10
CORMOX-PLUS Capsules Amoxicillin 250mg. Dicloxacillin sodium 250mg. 10x10
COROMEZ-20 Capsules Omeprazole 20mg. 10x10
COROMEZ- D Capsules Omeprazole 20mg.Domperidone 10mg. 10x10
COR-UP Capsules Protein Capsules with Vitamins & Minerals 10x10
HEMLAY Capsules Haematinic(Ferrous Sulphate) zinc & Folic Acid 10x10

FOLRON SYRUP Ferrous Ascorbate (eq.Elemental Iron.)+FolicAcid + Methyl Cobalamine. 150ml.
CORFEN NS Suspension Nmesulide 50mg. 30ml.
OLFIX Dry Syrup Cefixime 50mg./5ml.Dry Syrup 30ml.
AZITH Suspension Azithromycin suspension 100mg./5ml. 15ml.
OFLAX-O Suspension Ofloxacin & Ornidazole Suspension 30ml.
CEFUROX Suspension Cefuraxime Axetil 125mg.Suspension 30ml.
AMPECT Ambroxole HCL+Terbutaline +Guiphensin + Menthol 100ml.
CORKOF Syrup C.P.M.Maleate 4mg. Codein Phosphate 10mg. 100ml.
CORCYP Syrup Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride (Anhydrous) 200ml.
CORZYZATE Syrup Paracetamol 250mg.C.P.M.2mg. PhenylephrineHCL5mg. Dextromethorphan 10mg. 60ml.
NELIHIST Expectront Chlorpheniramine maleate 2mg. Menthol 1mg. Ammonium chloride 20mg.Sodium citrate 50mg. 100ml.
COR-QS Sus. Quinine sulphate 100mg. 60ml.
TOBRACOR-20 VIAL Injection Tobramycin 10mg.Phenol I.P. 0.5% 2ml. Vial
TOBRACOR-80 VIAL Injection Tobramycin 40mg.Phenol I.P. 0.5% 2ml. Vial
CORMIKA-500 Injection Amikacin 500mg. 2ml. Vial
CORMIKA-100 Injection Amikacin 100MG. 2ml. Vial
COR-QS Sus. Quinine sulphate 2ml.Vial
CLIN Injection Clindamycin Phosphate 150mg. 10x2ml.AMP.
CORCE-K-PLUS Injection Etamsylate 125mg. 5x2 AMP.
MALIN-ART 1ML Injection Alpha-Beta Arteether 75mg. 1ml.Vial
MALIN-ART 2ML Alpha-Beta Arteether 150mg 2ml.Vial
CEFTCOR-250 Injection Ceftriaxone 250mg. 10ml.Vial
CEFTCOR-500 Injection Ceftriaxone 500mg. 10ml.Vial
CEFTCOR-1000 Injection Ceftriaxone 1000mg. 10ml.Vial
CEFTCOR-SB-375 Injection Ceftriaxone & Sulbactam 20ml.Vial
CEFTCOR-SB-1500 Injection Ceftriaxone 1000mg.Sulbactam 500mg. 20ml.Vial
PANTACORE Injection Pantoprazole 40mg. 10ml.Vial
MALINATE Injection Artesunate 60mg. 5ml.Vial
CORGESIC Injection Diclofenac 25mg. AMP. 10x3 AMP.
CORFEN Dental cream Strontium chloride 10%w/w, 100gm.
Cleansing Identifice (Desensitizing cream)
CORSCAB LOTION Gama Benzene Hexachloride1%w/w, 100ml.
Benzocaine 2%w/v Emulsine Base
CORFEN GUM PAINT Tanic Acid 3.0%w/v, Potassium Iodid 0.2%w/v, 15ml.
Thymol 0.2%w/v, Iodine 0.5%w/v, Menthol0.2%w/v.
CORFEN Cream DiclofenacDiethylamine1.16%w/w, e.Q.To 30gms.
Diclofenac sodium1%w/w+Methy Saticylate8%w/w
Menthol 2%w/w, Linceed oil.
CORLIV HARBEL Division Liver Tonic 200ml.
OLWIN-GB Capsules Methylcobalamin 500mcG. Gabapentin 300mg. 1X10
LYCOPINK Capsules Lycopene with multivitamins & multiminerals capsules 1X10
PROLEY Protein powder Protein powder with delisius chocolate Flavour 200gm.Tin
VITALEY Capsules B-Complex. L-Lysine with Zinc 10X10
Company Profile :

In the year 1982, the senior promoters of the group conceived the idea of manufacturing the Formulations and got Orley Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Situated at 47, (Reg.Off) Hirabhai Market, D.B.Road, Kankaria Road, Ahmedabad with two directors:

1. Mr. Rajkumar Mohanlal Parekh
2. Mr. HIrabhai Jagdishchandra Parekh

Company has established 1.5 crore sale in his first year with the help of a young dynamic marketing team & with the help of excellent quality products.

Thereafter in the process of expansion, the company has established its own manufacturing unit at 1817, G.I.D.C., Phase III, Vatva, Ahmedabad In 1988. Company has launched more than 50 formulations; some of them were first Time in India. The company today is financially strong and is now well known establishment at Ahmedabad.

The unit is located at Vatva, Gujarat Industrial Development Estate, at Ahmedabad. The plan is set up in 3000 Sq.Mt. Of land admeasuring and 2000 sq.Mt. Built up area. The design of plant & Construction meets the requirements of current good manufacturing practice and good laboratory practice.

The plant complies with state GMP, Revised schedule M, and Revised schedule T & all other international standards. The plan also has facility for research & development & formulation development.

The company has appointed highly qualified, experienced, hard working and technically sound staff for manufacturing and good laboratory facility. At present company has facility to manufacture Injectables, Tablets, Capsules, Oral liquid, Dry Syrup and External Preparation.

Present Production Capacity:

1. Tablet Section: 25, 00, 000 Tablets / Day.

2. Capsule Section: 1, 00, 000 Capsules / Day.

3. Oral-liquid Section: 10, 000 Bottles / Day.

4. External Preparation: 10, 000 Tubes / Day.

5. Kid Tablet: 2, 00, 000 Tablets / Day.

6. Dry Syrup: 5000 Bottles / Day.

7. Liquid Ampoules: 50000 ampoules / day.

8. Liquid Vials: 45000 Vials / day.

9. Dry powder: 20000 vials / day.

Our Aim:

To satisfy customers through high quality product and services.
Maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.
Working towards continuous improvements.
To share with you our open mind willingness to adopt the newer technologies to match your requirements of current and future Planning of growth.

To establish, implement & maintain a quality assurance system based on international requirements.

To maintain safe working practices.
To make continuous improvement in various functional areas with the involvement of all our personnel.

Company selling its products through ethical promotion by appointing qualified marketing staff. Company is also doing job work of other companies and wishing to increase that by fetching job work of multinational or international reputed company.

Establishment Year
Firm Type
Nature of Business
Level to Expand
: 1982
: Pvt. Ltd.
: Manufacturer , Export / Import
: International

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