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Product Description
Dolphin™ Abacus 13L
Dolphin™ Abacus 15L
Dolphin™ Abacus 17L
Dolphin™ Abacus 13L "Guru"

Amos Glu Stick 8 Grams
Amos Glu Stick 15 Grams
Amos Glu Stick 22 Grams "White"
Amos Glu Stick 22 Grams
Amos Glu Stick 35 Grams
Bostic Blutac Re-usable Adhesive 45 Grams
Bostic Blutac Re-usable Adhesive 75 Grams

Dolphin™ Table Pad "ALSI"

Cello Ballpen Finegrip
Linc Ballpen - Starlet

Dingli Binder Clips 32mm
Dingli Binder Clips 51mm
Dingli Binder Clips Color 6603 32mm (24)
Dingli Binder Clips Color 6604 25mm (48)
Dingli Binder Clips Color 6605 19mm (40)
Dolphin™ Binder Clip 19mm (10)
SDI Binder Clips 25mm
Yihai Binder Clips 15mm
Yihai Binder Clips 19mm
Yihai Binder Clips 25mm
Yihai Binder Clips 32mm
Yihai Binder Clips 41mm
Yihai Binder Clips 51mm

Dolphin™ Comb Binding Machine S308

Black Board 14 x 20
Black Board 20 x 27
Black Board 22 x 33
Black Board 27 x 38

Genmes Bookends 6" 2220
Genmes Bookends 8" 2210
Genmes Bookends 9" 2232

Dolphin™ Book Reading Light Panel
YHX Book Light 160A

Konve Brochure Stand K-150
Konve Brochure Stand K-156
Konve Brochure Stand K-180
Konve Brochure Stand MF K-301
Konve Brochure Stand MF K-302
Konve Brochure Stand MF K-303
Konve Brochure Stand MF K-309
Konve Brouchure Stand K-217 10.5 x 14.8
Zhao Sheng Brochure Stand ZS-961

Cable Tie 100mm (1000)
Cable Tie 150mm (500)
Cable Tie 200mm (100)
Cable Tie 250mm (100)
DY Cable Tie

Citizen Calculator CT 500J
Citizen Calculator CT 600J

Plastic Date Big
Plastic Date Small

Sky Gold Calligraphy Set 4N

Genmes Call Bell
3angle Call Bell
Sharp Call Bell 101
Sharp Call Bell 102

Camlin Carbon Paper TW
Kores Carbon Paper - Red
Kores Carbon Paper 503
Kores Carbon Paper Sapphire

Baidun Locker 36.5x21.5x26.5
Dingli Cash Box 9001
Dingli Cash Box 9002
Dingli Cash Box 9003
Dingli Cash Box 9004
Eagle Cash Box 8333M
Eagle Cash Box 8878LEU
Eagle Cash Box 8878M

Hi Chalk 12 White
Hi Chalk 12 Color
Hi Chalk 100 White
Hi Chalk 100 Color

Dolphin™ Clipper Clips
Yihai Magic Clipper

Ajantha Clip Pad
Dolphin™ Clip Pad Elite
Genmes Clip Pad A4 G410
Genmes Clip Pad B6 7510
Prime Clip Pad Big Boss BBT-1
Regal Clip Pad 5200 PC
Regal Clip Pad 5800 Magic
Zhao Sheng Clip Pad A4 ZS-009

Marco Coaster

Changli Correction Tape CR-821
M & G Correction Pen MF-6002
M & G Correction Tape 11805
M & G Correction Tape T-182
Thumb Correction Eraser
Top Correction Pen

Hand Tally Counter
Hand Tally Counter with DC
Milky Way Counter

Chicken Craft Punch
Jef Craft Punch 821 "Alpha"
Jef Craft Punch 832
Jef Craft Punch 832A
Jef Craft Punch 833 L
Jef Craft Punch 860CP
Jef Craft Punch 880CP
Jef Craft Punch 88M
Jef Craft Punch 88MA
Jef Craft Punch 99L
Jef Craft Punch 99M
Jef Craft Punch 99S
Jef Craft Punch 99XS
Jef Craft Punch 99XL
Jef Craft Punch 99XXL
Jef Craft Punch 33CM
Jef Craft Punch with Scissors 625-882
Jef Craft Punch Set Big

Jef Embosser 840CP-4
Jef Embosser 850CP-12

Dorco Cutter Blade Big
Dorco Cutter Blade Small
NT Cutter Blades BIG
Olfa Cutter Blade Small

Cox Cutter SX 48-2
Dorco Cutter DC76
KW-trio Corner Cutter
LE Corner Cutter
Max Cutter S2
Monomax Cutter Big MX-1883
NT Cutter iA-300RP
NT Cutter iK-200RP
NT Cutter L-550
Olfa Cutter CMP-1
Olfa Cutter P-450
Premier Cutter Small
SDI Corner Cutter
SDI Cutter Big 0425
SDI Pencil Knife
Shif Pencil Knife
WB Touch Knife Cutters – Big
WB Touch Knife Cutters – Small
Warrior Corner Cutter
Wood Carving Set of 12

Morn Sun Cutting Mat A3
Morn Sun Cutting Mat A4

Dingli Damper
Premier Damper
Premier Damper Crystal

Digital Direction Compass
Direction Compass 001
Direction Compass 002T
Direction Compass 003G
Direction Compass 135S
Direction Compass 321
Direction Compass 401
Direction Compass 666
Direction Compass 777
Direction Compass 83
Direction Compass 999
Dolphin™ Direction Compass "BigBall"
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 002
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 002S
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 003G
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 003S
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 004
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 005
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 007
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 010
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 011
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 111
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 222
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 404
Dolphin™ Direction Compass 645
Dolphin™ Map Measure
Mingle Altimeter-Barometer DC

Dolphin™ LED Black Board

Dolphin™ Display Hook 100mm
Dolphin™ Display Hook 150mm
Dolphin™ Display Hook 150mm Grill

Meet Ultrasonic Distance Meter

Deer Grip Double Side Tape 1 1/2" x 5
Deer Grip Double Side Tape 1 x 5
Deer Grip Double Side Tape 1/2 x 5
Deer Grip Double Side Tape 2 x 5
Deer Grip Double Side Tape 3/4 x 5
Dolphin™ Double Side Tape 1 x 1
Dolphin™ Double Side Tape 3/4 x 1
Dolphin™ Double Side Tape 1/2 x 1
Nippon Double Side Tape 1"
Red Double Side Tape 1/2"
Wonder Double Side Tape - Tissue

Rotring Drawing Pen 0.1 & 0.2
Rotring Drawing Pen 0.3 onwards

Dingli Duster - DL071 (B)
Dingli Duster - T29
Ikon Duster
Zeel Duster

Motex Embossing Machine E5500
Motex Embossing Machine E202

Motex Embossing Tapes 2M
Motex Embossing Tapes 3M
Tenza Embossing Tapes

Cloth Line Cover 10.50 x 4.50
Cloth Line Cover 12 x 10
White Envelope 10.50 x 4.50 100gsm

Dolphin™ Envelope Opener

Faber-Castell Eraser Small
Kohinoor Eraser 6631/50
Party Eraser Assorted Design
Pelikan Eraser AS30
Pelikan Eraser TW BE 20
Union Eraser

Canofax Fax Roll 30M

Century Inkjet Clear Film A4 20 Sheets IJ100
Century Inkjet Transparency Film A4 A4FC
Novajet Inkjet Clear Film A4 25 Sheets
Novajet Inkjet Transparency Film A4 TFS100

Airmail 69 TM - Thick Fountain Pen
Airmail 69 TS - Thin Fountain Pen

Bell Gem Clips 26mm
Dolphin™ Gem Clips 35mm (50)
Dolphin™ Zebra Gem Clips 33mm
Dolphin™ Zebra Gem Clips 50mm
Koopee Gem Clip 28mm
Master Antique Paper Gem Clips
Zebra 33mm Gem Clips
Zebra 50mm Gem Clips

Teacher Geometry Set
WB Compass

Dolphin Glue Sticks for Glue Gun
MTX Glue Gun G-250
Ultra Heat Gun

Kangaro Gun Tacker TP-10
Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-13H
Max Gun Tacker TG-A
Max Gun Tacker TG-D

Dolphin™ Hook 7279
Hiten Wall Hook
Rong Xing Hook RX-383
Shunmei Hook SM-1125
Shunmei Hook SM-1822
Shunmei Hook SM-1824
Shunmei Hook SM-1825
Shunmei Hook SM-1826
Shunmei Hook SM-7316
Shunmei Hook SM-7713
Shunmei Hook SM-7715
Shunmei Hook SM-7776
Shunmei Hook SM-7777
Zhengtu Hook ZT-1402
Zhengtu Hook ZT-2101

A1 Glue ID Card holder
A2 Glue ID Card holder
CBE ATM Card Holder
Dolphin™ ID Card Vertical
Dolphin™ ATM Card Holder
Dolphin™ ATM Card Holder 6D
Dolphin™ Flat ID Rope "Clip"
Dolphin™ Flat ID Rope 415
Dolphin™ ID Card DS Vertical
Dolphin™ ID Card E2
Dolphin™ ID Card Horizontal
Dolphin™ ID Rope Jumbo
Dolphin™ YoYo ID Card Holder "Chrome"
Dolphin™ YoYo ID Card String Holder "eVu"
Dolphin™ YoYo Oval ID Card Holder
Kejea ID Card Holder T-017
Lily ID Card Clip 50 Pcs in Box

Artline WB Marker Ink
Chelpark Ink 60ml
Faber-Castell Stamp Pad Ink 30ml
GPI Marker Ink
Numex Fast Drying Ink
Numex Numbering Ink Black
Numex Numbering Ink Red
Rotring Drawing Ink 23ml Black

DY Card Ring L-9
DY Card Ring M-9
DY Card Ring S-12

Dy Key Tag (5)
Dy Key Tag (6)
Dingli Key Tag (30)
DY Key Tag 1004 (48)
DY Key Tag 1012 (28)

Monarch Labels 1136
Motex Labels 2316 W
Motex Labels 2316 Y
Motex Labels 2316 YMRP
Motex Labels 2612 Y
Motex Labels 2612 YMRP
Motex Labels 5500 W
Motex Labels 5500 Y
Motex Labels 5500 YMRP
Motex Labels 6600 W
Motex Labels 6600 Y
Motex Labels 6600 YMRP
Motex Labels 7700
Motex Labels 2628
Motex Labels MX-808

Dorco Labeling Machine 5500
Motex Labeling Machine 2612
Motex Labeling Machine 2628
Motex Labeling Machine 5500
Motex Labeling Machine 5500 "ALPHA"
Motex Labeling Machine 6600 with 1 Box Labels
Motex Labeling Machine MX-808

Motex Ink Roll 18mm
Motex Ink Roll 20mm
Motex Ink Roll 23mm
Motex Ink Roll 25mm

Motex 5500 Handle
Motex 5500 Ink Holder Cap Only
Motex 5500 Ink Holder Only
Motex 5500 Ink Roll Holder
Motex 5500 Top Cap & Label Roll Holder Set
Motex 6600 Handle
Motex 6600 Ink Holder
Motex 6600 Label Cover
Motex 6600 Side Cap
Motex 6600 Wheel
Motex Bands for EOS-2316-2612-6600

Dolphin™ Luggage Label Thick No:1
Dolphin™ Luggage Label Thick No:2
Dolphin™ Luggage Label Thick No:3
Dolphin™ Luggage Label Thick No:4
Dolphin™ Luggage Label Thick No:5
Raj Luggage Label Thick No:1
Raj Luggage Label Thick No:2

Dolphin™ Luggage Tag
Oddy Luggage Tag

Jef Magazine Rack

Dolphin™ Magnet Strip
Dolphin™ Magnet SS Mini
DY Magnet 30mm (10)
Fuqiang Magnet 30mm FQ-3010
Fuqiang Magnet 30mm FQ-3012
Genmes Magnet 15mm
Genmes Magnet 20mm
Genmes Magnet 40mm
Genmes Magnet Super Strong RS
Shuter Magnet 30mm
Super Magnets Pushpin Shape
Xiandai Magnet Set 200
Xiandai Magnet Set 9600
Xiandai Magnet Set 9601
ZRH Magnet Set

693 Magnifier
A1 Counting Glass Bobby Nickel
A1 Counting Glass Super Nickle Combined
A1 Densi Meter Plastic
Concavex Fresnel Magnifier 1056
Desktop Organizer with Magnifier M1351
Dolphin™ Magnifier 50mm
Dolphin™ MagSheet Big
Dolphin™ MagSheet BM
Dolphin™ MagSheet PC
Dolphin™ MagSheet VC
Flash Light Magnifier 5x LO305
Hand Free Loupe Magnifier 105mm MG15116
Light Head Magnifying Glass MG81001-1
Light Vision – Large - 121
Light Vision – Large -151
Light Vision – Medium - 122
Light Vision – Small -123
Light Vision – Small -153
Lumagny - Multi Angle “Hand-Free” 7561
Lumagny 5X Linen tester with White Light 7583-W
Lumagny Scale Illuminated Magnifier Scale 7580
MagPhoto Magnifier
MG50 Magnifier 50mm
MG65 Magnifier 65mm
MG75 Magnifier 75mm
MG90 Magnifier 90mm
Rx Optics Magnifier 3x
Sports Vision – Large - 101
Sports Vision – Medium - 102
Sports Vision – Mini - 104
Sports Vision – Small - 103
Tejco Magnifier 100 mm
Tejco Magnifier 40 mm
Tejco Magnifier 50 mm
Tejco Magnifier 63 mm
Tejco Magnifier 75 mm
Tejco Magnifier 90 mm
Triplet 10x 20x
Waltex Magnifier 5-12x 7562
Waltex Magnifier 5x 7549
Waltex Magnifier 8x 7550
Waltex Magnifier Loupe without Scale 8x 7504

Artline Marker Pen - Permanent
Artline White Board Marker
Chaco Erasable Pen - Water
Faber-Castell OHP Pen
Faber-Castell Text Liners
GPI Marker
GPI Marker Tip
Leader White Board Marker
Leaderart Permanent Marker
UNI Paint Marker Thin
Venus Marker

Abro Masking Tapes 20m
Abro Masking Tapes 25m

Dolphin™ Message Holder
Dolphin™ Message Holder " Fitting"
Zhengtu Magic Message Holder ZT-2059

Dolphin™ Microscope LED MG10081-4 - 45x
Lumagny Microscope 50x LED 169
Lumagny Microscope 100x LED 170
Lumagny Microscope 30x 7513
Lumagny Microscope 50x 7529
Lumagny Microscope 60x-100x 7581
USB Digital Microscope

Kid Art Modeling Clay K-100C (T-108 B)
Kid Art Modeling Clay K-200C T-200
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-100X
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-108/3M
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-150 HK - SINGLE COLOR "OLD"
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-150 HK 12 Pcs Assorted only
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-180NO
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-200NE/4 MR
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-50NE/2M - T-506NE/2M
Kid Art Modeling Clay T-50X

Currency Bill Counter 198 UV/MG

6" UV Tube
8" UV Tube
Dolphin™ ¥€$ 02 Money Checker
Universal 106 Money Detector 6"
Universal Money Detector Twin

Dolphin™ Mouse Pad Comfort
Dolphin™ Mouse Pad Logitech

Dolphin™ Suggestion Box

240 Name Card Holder
3D Dolphin™ Name Card Holder
48 Name Card Holder
96 Name Card Holder
Comix Pocket Name Card Holder
Dolphin™ Card Holder Love-lee
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder Alan
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder C1
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder D1
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder H & V
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder H1
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 001
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 101
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 905
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 5101
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 5102
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 5103
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9203
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9311
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9312
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9313
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9711
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9712
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9713
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9811
Dolphin™ Name Card Holder XL 9813
Genmes Name Card Case 4401
Genmes Name Card Case 4601
Genmes Name Card Case 4801
Jing Name Card Holder
Kejea Name Card Stand K-057
Metal Name Card Holder
PMP Name Card Holder PT-22
Shuter Name Card Holder

Aluminum Name Plate Big 9.5" A -03
Dolphin™ Name Plate 6"
Dolphin™ Name Plate 8"
Dolphin™ Name Plate 10"
Dolphin™ Name Plate 12"
Dolphin™ Name Plate V88
Dolphin™ Name Plate V95
Kejea Name Plate 5375
Kejea Name Plate 80150
Kejea Name Plate Folding K-001 - 6.8 x 10
Kejea Name Plate Folding K-006 - 4.8 x 6.5
Kejea Name Plate Folding K-003 - 5.3 x 8

William Script Nib

Bambalio Numbering Machine 6D
Deli Numbering Machine 7508
Guthka 6 Digit
Guthka 7 Digit
Max Numbering Machine 10 Digit
Max Numbering Machine 6 Digit
Max Numbering Machine 8 Digit
Numex Micro Mini Printer M-554
Numex Printer for 20ltr Water Can
Numex Batch 32500
Numex Dater 47500
Numex Price 32500

Greatwall Numbering Machine Clip 10D
Greatwall Numbering Machine Clip 6D
Numbering Machine Ink Pad
Numex MMP Ink Pad

JK Paper

Camel Clip 1 1/2"
Dingli Clip 100mm DL-0023
Dingli Clip 50mm DL-0025
Dingli Clip 69601 (12)
Dingli Clip 69602 (12)
Dingli Clip 69603 (24)
Dingli Clip 69604 (24)
Dingli Clip 75mm DL-0024
Dingli Clip 8221 (3)
Dingli Clip 8222 (4)
Dingli Clip 8223 (4)
Dingli Clip 8224 (8)
Dolphin™ Clip "Welcome"
Pony Clip Magnetic (1) 4105
Pony Clip Magnetic (2) 4104
Premier Clip No:1
Premier Clip No:2
Premier Clip No:3
Premier Clip No:4
Tiger Clip 4"
Tiger Clip 5"
Yongi Clip 6027

File Adaptor

Staedfast Paper Shredder

Lapar Tray Double - 2
Lapar Tray Triple - 3
Omega Elegant Tray 1746 (2)
Raj Paper Tray
Zhao Sheng Tray ZS-902

Genmes Rotary Trimmer A3 13032
Genmes Rotary Trimmer A4 13030
Genmes Rotary Trimmer Spare Blade
Harison Paper Cutter 12"
Harison Paper Cutter 16"
Harison Paper Cutter 9"

Dolphin™ Paper Weight #7
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Dice
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Flora Big
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Flora Medium
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Flora Small
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Flower
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Globe
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P26
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P27
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P30
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P33
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P35
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P36
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P6
Dolphin™ Paper Weight P6S
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Pyramid
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Timer Big
Dolphin™ Paper Weight Timer Small
Glass Paper Weight 200
Glass Paper Weight 300

Camel Exam Pencil 0.9
Faber Castell Pencil
Pelikan Pencil 0.7 962597
Markline Pencil
Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.5
Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.5 Rainbow
Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.7
Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.9
Tombow Pencil
Venus Pencil

Changli Lead 0.7
Saber Lead 0.5
Sharp Lead 0.5
Staedtler Lead

Chanss Pencil Box 3013
Chanss Pencil Box 3020
Chanss Pencil Box 8001
Chanss Pencil Box 3016
Coler Pencil Box 3021
Dolphin™ Pencil Box 6618
Dolphin™ Pencil Box B-115
Dolphin™ Pencil Box B-116
Dolphin™ Pencil Box B-135
Dolphin™ Pencil Box KT-771
Dolphin™ Pencil Box KT-772
Dushulang Pencil Box 8001

Dolphin™ Pencil Case 1112 Fun1Print
Dolphin™ Pencil Case 1122 Fun2Print
Dolphin™ Pencil Case 444 eCircle
Dolphin™ Pencil Case 804 Polka Sport
Dolphin™ Pencil Case Chek 555
Dolphin™ Pencil Case DD 999
Dolphin™ Pencil Case Every Day 666
Dolphin™ Pencil Case Jin Pin 888
Dolphin™ Pencil Case JLD 777
Dolphin™ Pencil Case Strip FN853

Beili Pen Stand 8012
Beili Pen Stand 8030
Beili Pen Stand 8050
Beili Pen Stand 8060
Comix Pen Stand 2101
Dingguagua Pen Stand 2169
Dingguagua Pen Stand 802R
Dingguagua Pen Stand 8034
Dingguagua Pen Stand 8040
Dingguagua Pen Stand 804S
Dingguagua Pen Stand D-622
Dolphin™ Desk Organizer JC805
Dolphin™ Flower Mesh Pen Stand 3509
Dolphin™ Mesh Pen Stand - RWB 3341
Dolphin™ Pen Stand Mint 802E
Dolphin™ Pen Stand 555
Dolphin™ Pen Stand 8001
Dolphin™ Pen Stand 8010
Dolphin™ Pen Stand 8021
Dolphin™ Pen Stand 8036
Dolphin™ Pen Stand JC802
Dolphin™ Pen Stand Digital Mesh
Dolphin™ Pen Stand Digital Oval
Hua Jie Pen Stand 069
Hua Jie Pen Stand 4CR 468
Jinshi Multifunction with Pen Stand A-008
Kejea Pen Stand K-099
Lidou Pen Stand with Draw LD-8004
Pen Stand NALKI
Pinjia Pen Holder 606
Pinjia Pen Stand 148
Pinjia Pen Stand 156
Pinjia Pen Stand 158
PMP Pen Stand P-950
Shuter Pen Stand Round AO58
Xingli Pen Stand XL-5004
Xingli Pen Stand XL-5005
Xingli Pen Stand XL-5018
Xingli Pen Stand XL-5027
Xingli Pen Stand XL-5029
Xingli Pen Stand XL-5033
Xingli Pen Stand XL-5037
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-110
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-314
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-314A
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-314B
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-315
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-321
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-323
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-325
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-6052
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-8001
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-8002
Zao Sheng Desk Organizer 8681

No:1 SC-227 Planner

Bindermax Program Stand CC-104
Kejea Card Stand K-160 - 5.4 x 8.5 IC
Kejea Card Stand K-161 - 8.5 x 5.4 IC
Kejea Card Stand K-162 - 8.9 x 12.7 3R
Kejea Card Stand K-163 - 12.7 x 8.9 3R
Kejea Card Stand K-164 - 10.2 x 15.2 4R
Kejea Card Stand K-166 - 12.7 x 17.8 5R
Kejea Card Stand K-168 - 15.2 x 20.3 6R
Kejea Card Stand K-170 - 21 x 29.7 - A4
Zhizheng Program Stand Z-046 12 x 18
Zhizheng Program Stand Z-048 12 x 18
Zhizheng Program Stand Z-050 A4

Arlac Multi Stand
Dolphin™ Clip Dispenser with Clip
Premier Pin-Clip Dispenser BS-102
Premier Pin-Clip Dispenser TWIN

Bell Paper Pins
Bell Paper Pins 25 Grams
Crown Fox Pearl Head Pins 1 1/2"
Dolphin™ Pin "Pearl Chakri"
Oddy Pins
Vishwas Safety Pin "Colored"

Mangal Token Stand
Mayura Steel Poker

Dolphin™ Flexi Laser with LED Book Light MPT
Dolphin™ Green Laser Pointer 20mw
Dolphin™ Professional AAA Pointer Pen
Dolphin™ Laser Pointer Telescopic

Dolphin™ Best Buy Price Tag
Price & Jewel Tags All Sizes

Genmes ID Slot Punch 9772
Genmes Punch J040 - Pocket
Genmes Punch 97A0
Kangaro One Hole Punch
Kangaro Punch 1320
Kangaro Punch 2160
Kangaro Punch 2320
Kangaro Punch 280
Kangaro Punch 2030
Kangaro Punch 4 Hole
Kangaro Punch 4160
Kangaro Punch 480
Kangaro Punch 2040
Kangaro Punch 500
Kangaro Punch 52
Kangaro Punch 520
Kangaro Punch 600
Kangaro Punch 700
Kangaro Punch 800
Kangaro Punch EP-20
Ruby Kroday Punch Medium
Ruby Kroday Punch Small

Dingli Push Pin (40)
Dolphin™ Button Push Pin 50pcs
Dolphin™ Push Pin
Dolphin™ Map Pin
Scholar Drawing Pin

Silver Refill - Brass
Silver Refill - Plastic

Dolphin™ Nylon Band Mini
Dolphin™ Nylon Band # 50
Dolphin™ Nylon Band # 75
Dolphin™ Nylon Band 100 Grams
Dolphin™ Nylon Band 25 Grams
Dolphin™ Nylon Band 500 Grams
Dolphin™ ThaiBand # 50
Dolphin™ ThaiBand # 75
Dolphin™ ThaiBand 100 Grams
Dolphin™ ThaiBand 25 Grams
Dolphin™ ThaiBand 500 Grams
Dolphin™ ThaiBand PP25

Ellora Scale 6"
Ellora Scale 12"
Gesma Scale 24"
Plastic Scale 1 Meter
Sharp Scale 6"
Sharp Scale 6" with Clip Thin
Sharp Scale 6" with Clip Thick
Sharp Scale 12"
Sharp Scale 18"
Sharp Scale 24"
Sharp Scale 36"

Craft Scissors 1606 (2)
De Xian Scissors K-04
De Xian Scissors K-36
De Xian Scissors K-37
De Xian Scissors K-38
Dingli Scissors DL-9018
Dingli Scissors DL-95
Facet Scissiors F-210
Gold Scissors
IRIS Scissors
Penha Sccissors with Cutter P140
Rangoli Scissors
Rico Scissors BH 10"
Rico Scissors BH 8"
Rico Scissors BH 9"
Rico Scissors ZigZag 9"
Shif Scissors Large 1028
Shif Scissors Medium 1027
Shif Scissors Mini 1048
Shif Scissors Small 1026

Stic On BookMark
Stic On Pads Normal 2x3x100
Stic On Pads Normal 3x3x100
Stic On Pads Normal 4x3x100
Stic On Pads Normal 5x3x100
Stic On Paper Markers 5 Color
Stic On Prompts in Floro 3 x 100 (300)
Stic On Prompts in Floro 3 x 50 (150)
Stic On Prompts in Floro 4 x 50 (200)
Stic On Prompts in Normal 3 x 100 (300)
Stic On Prompts in Normal 3 x 50 (150)

Angel 5 Pencil Sharpener
Chaoli Pencil Sharpener 800
Faber-Castell Sharpener

Faber-Castell Stamp Pad

Dolphin™ InstaStamp
Genmes Stamp 12001
Numex Handy Carton Coder 14mm
Parnami Dater 999
Parnami ODN Rubber Stamps
Parnami Rubber Stamps upto 16 Lines
Select Self Inking Stamps 706 Small
Select Self Inking Stamps 707 Medium
Shiny Printing Kit S-100
Shiny Printing Kit S-200
Shiny Printing Kit S-600
Shiny Stamp S-68 Paid with Date
Shiny Stamp S-69 Received with Date
Shiny Stamp S-401
Traxx Stamp 180T2-P 2210 T2 Paid with Date
Traxx Stamp 7817 12 in 1 + Dater
Traxx Stamp 9011
Trodat Stamp # 46030
Trodat Stamp # 46040
Trodat Stamp # 4810 "Dater"
Trodat Stamp # 4836 "Number"
Trodat Stamp # 4911
Trodat Stamp # 4912
Trodat Stamp # 4913
Trodat Stamp with Matter

Lapar Stamp Stand

Genmes Staple Remover E040
Genmes Staple Remover E091 Pliers
Genmes Staple Remover E092R Flat
Kangaro Staple Remover SR200
Kangaro Staple Remover SR500
Kangaro Staple Remover SRC100

Genmes Stapler HD 501L
Kangaro Stapler 12S/17
Kangaro Stapler 23/S/13 QL
Kangaro Stapler 23/S/24 FL
Kangaro Stapler 23L/17
Kangaro Stapler 23S/17
Kangaro Stapler 23S/24
Kangaro Stapler M-10 SMALL
Kangaro Stapler MINI 10
Kangaro Stapler No:10
Kangaro Stapler No:10D
Kangaro Stapler No:10S
Kangaro Stapler No:DS45L - LONG
Kangaro Stapler No:DS45-NR
Kangaro Stapler No:G10
Kangaro Stapler No:HP10
Kangaro Stapler No:HP45
Max Stapler HD-12L/17 Heavy Duty
Max Stapler HD-12N/17 Heavy Duty
Max Stapler No:10
Max Stapler No:10 N
Max Stapler No:10FS
Max Stapler No:50

Lock Clincher Pusher
Max Stapler Pusher
Spring # 10

ELM Staples 23/17
Etona Staples 23/17
Kangaro Staples No:10
Kangaro Staples 24/6
Kangaro Staples 23/8
Kangaro Staples 23/10
Kangaro Staples 23/13
Kangaro Staples 23/15
Kangaro Staples 23/17
Kangaro Staples 23/20
Kangaro Staples 23/24
Lock Staples 23/10
Lock Staples 23/15
Lock Staples 23/17
Lock Staples 32 x 15 Clincher
Max Staples 2115 1/4-5M
Max Staples 23/17 LOT
Max Staples 23/17 Good
Max Staples No:10 Malaysia
Max Staples No:10 Japan
Max Staples 24/6

Mark Courier Labels
Novajet Labels (100)
PrintaStick Hole Guard Stickers

Arrow Tag Gun 9S

Arrow Tag Gun Needle

Cox Loop Tags 3"
Cox Loop Tags 5"
Cox Loop Tags 7"
Wonder Tag Pins 15mm
Wonder Tag Pins 19mm
Wonder Tag Pins 35mm
Wonder Tag Pins 65mm

Green File Tag 24" Thick
Salem Paper Tag 6"
Salem Paper Tag 8"

Dolphin™ Clear Dispenser Only
Dolphin™™ Dispenser with Jadoo™ Invisible Tape
Genmes Tape Dispenser 3300
Genmes Tape Dispenser 3305
Genmes Tape Dispenser 3310
Ikon Tape Dispenser 2"
Ikon Tape Dispenser 3"
Motex Tape Cutter 03-ACE
Premier Tape Dispenser
Select Tape Dispenser
Sellotape Tape Dispenser
Zhuxing Tape Cutter 2"

Dolphin™ Tape Dispenser Blade
Dolphin™ Tape Dispenser Wheel

3M Tape Brown 50M
3M Tape Clear Tape 50M
Decorative Tape
Dolphin™ Jadoo™ Tape Invisible ¾” X 36y
FW Tape Floro
Panfix Tape 1" 72 Yards
Panfix Tape 1/2" 72 Yards
Panfix Tape 1/2" x 10 Yards (12)
Panfix Tape 3/4" 72 Yards
Premier Tape 10 Metre 1/2"
Premier Tape 10 Metre ¾”
Premier Tape 10 Metre 1"
Premier Tape 20 Metre 1/2"
Premier Tape 36 Metre ¾”
Premier Tape 36 Metre 1"
Premier Tape 36 Metre 1/2"
Sellotape Tape - Diamond
Wonder Tape 1 1/2" x 60
Wonder Tape 2" x 60
Wonder Tape 3" x 60
Wonder Tape 60
Wonder Tape Color

Dolphin™ Wax Chalk

Dolphin™ Slim White Board 021
Dolphin™ White & Cork Board 1006
Dolphin™ White Board 1004
Dolphin™ White Board Magnetic DS 20 x 30
Dolphin™ White Board Magnetic DS 30 x 45
Magnetic WriteWipe Pad Big
Magnetic WriteWipe Pad Small
Company Profile :
Stationeryworld.Com is owned and operated by Chennai based Madhu Trading Company established in 1966. We are Importers and Wholesaler of Stationery business, we enjoy the benefits of importing and buying in bulk for the supplies to over 270 stationery dealers and retail Stores spread all over India.

stationeryworld sells only original products and this keeps us connected with our client who are looking for the Right quality at Right price.


Please note that delivery times vary according to products. Although we deliver goods within the committed time period, but there could be occasional delays. We will contact you, in case deliveries are expected to get delayed. For complete details check shipping Policy


We are committed to ensuring that no payment misuse happens, so we work with 128 bit secured SSL encryption to ensure that your information is protected. The chances of fraud in these channels are actually very low.


stationeryworld openly publishes its office addresses so you know how to contact us in person, if required.
Our Simple 3-Day Return Policy: If you have purchased something at stationeryworldand the product did not meet your expectations , then you can return the product to us; no questions asked, as long as it is in its original packaging and accompanied by its invoice.

Take a look at the full details of our simple 3-day return policy here

Customer Support:

Support staff can take decisions and resolve your problems. They are eager to solve your problems and are aware of the processes and means to handle them. In case they cannot solve the problem at their end, they will trigger the required action on your behalf or advise you the best possible method to a successful fulfillment of all your queries/issues. Be assured that when you call us, your call is being taken seriously. Contact us

Contact Address:

64 narayana mudali street
chennai 600079
Phone: +919884723604

Establishment Year
Firm Type
Nature of Business
Level to Expand
: 1966
: Partnership
: Trader , Export / Import
: International

Contact Information :

Contact Person

Phones (Office)
Phones (Resi.)


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