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I am the life insurance advisor of life insurance corporation of india.
The various policies of lic cover whole life plan endowment plan savings plan retirement plan plan for children joint life plan investment plan plan covering home loans capital market linked plan special plan.

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Jeevan bharati (T No160)life cover up to Rs. 25 lacs. Eligibility 18 to 50 years Money Back after every five years with facility to encash at will Facility to pay premium in advance Guaranteed returns for first five years and participation in for a limited period Life cover continues despite non payment of premium for a limited period Female Critical Illness Benifets Congenital Disability Benefits for newborn children with congenital deformity.

New Janraksha Policy Ideal for individuals with low uncertain income Risk continues even is not paid up to 3 years No medical examination required up to certain sum assured Self declartion accepted as age proof up to Rs. 50 000 sum assured Maximum sum assured is Rs. 7 50 000 In built accident benefit

Jeevan Saathi A joint life Endowment policy Term 15 to 30 years Sum Assured with bonus on maturity On unfortumate demise of one partner during the term the other gets full claim further premiums are completely waived off Surviving partner gets another claim ( Sum assured with bonus ) on surviving balance term.

LIC s endowment plans. With double and triple cover too LIC s most popular group plans provide you and your family not only the security of life insurance but also a lump sum at the end of the specified term to meet verious financial needs and add on features to suit your convenience. Choose from the wide array of lans given below and be secure
Endowment with profit (T. No. 14) Limited payment Endowment with profit (T. No. 48)
Jeevan Mitra double cover with profit(T 88) Jeevan Mitra triple cover with profit ( T. No. 133)
Marriage Endowment/Educational Annuity with profit (T. No. 90)

Jeevan Kishore (T. No. 102) A Policy that provides life cover from age 7 years.
Children s Deferred Assurance (T. No. 41 50 ) Plans with a cash option after deferment period.

Komal Jeevan (children s money back policy)(Y. No. 159) A smooth take off for your child s career
Benefit 20 of Sum Assured payable at the age22 24 30 of Sum Assured at the age 22 24
Guaranteed Addition Rs. 75/ per thousand sum Assured per annum.
Eligibility Children up to 10 years of age
Minimum Sum Assured Rs. 1 00 000/
Maximum Sum Assured Rs. 25 00 000/
Term Rider Premium Waiver Benefits available.

Jeevan Shree I ( T. No. 162 ) Guaranted Additions Rs. 50/ per thousand for the first 5 years Bonus from the 6th year on declaration basis Maturity benefit Sum Assured Guranted Addition Bonus on maturity Loan facility
Death benefit Sum Assured Guranteed Addition Bonus Accident benefit Up to Rs. 25 lakh ( Combined limit
Under all premium ) Term Assurance Rider for additional risk cover Critical illness Rider also available .

Jeevan Anand ( T. No. 149)
Survival Benefits Sum Assured Bonus at the end of the term and risk cover continues.
Death Benefit Sum Assured Bonus if death takes place during the term and policy comes to an end. However if
Death takes place after the term then the sum assured alone is payable to the nominee/legal heirs
Loan facility Available
Minimum Sum Assured 1 00 000/
Accident Benefit Available
Disability Benefit Available

61623 partial Withdrawal facility as per one s choice.
61623 Term of your choice thus making it flexible
61623 On death 250 times of monthly premium is payable return of premium loyalty addition
61623 On maturity Maturity Sum Assured loyalty addition
61623 Term rider and Accident Benefit options for additional risk cover.
61623 Auto cover
61623 Premium starts for Rs. 250 per month

Bima Plus Safety from the ups and downs of life. And the capital market.
Bima Plus is a unique scheme from LIC with a proven track record. This plan provides life insurance cover along with prospects cover along with prospects of high returns linked to the capital market.
Features Eligibility 12 55 years of age
Sum Assured min. Rs. 50 000/ max. 10 00 000/
On maturity bid value of fund units along with bonus Tax benefit under sec. 88

Jivan Suraksha I Allows you 100 tax exemption on premium upto Rs. 10 000/ U/S 80 ccc
Pension for lige with return of capital (Purchase price) after the lifetime of the pensioner.
Tax free partial encashment ( commutation up to 25 of pension ).

Group Gratuity Scheme simple administration no more warries of planning for gratuity payments.
61623 attractive returns and tax benefits. Scintific funding of gratuity liability based on actuarial caluation. Instalment funding for past liability based on actuarial aluation. Instalment funding for past liability eligible for 100 income tax deduction in the year of payment. Employees insured for death benefit based on full anficipated service.
We also have various other Group Schemes Like
61623 Group Leave Encashment Scheme. Group Savings Linked insurance scheme Group insurance schemes covering various needs.

Jeevan Surabhi A money back plan with rising insurance cover
This is multi benefit policy with a new concept.
61623 Rising life insurance cover ranging for 50 to 200 ( depending on how long the policy has been in force over and above five years )
61623 No premium payment required after 12 years for a 15 years policy after 15 year for a 20 year policy and after 16 year policy. But insurance covercontinues for the policy term.
61623 You don t have to wait till the end of the policy period to collect the policy amount.
It come to you in installments at interval as in the table below.
Policy at the at the at the at the at the
Term end of end of end of end of end of
4 years 8 years 12years 15years 18years

15years 30 30 40
20years 25 25 25 25
25years 20 20 20 20 20

Servival benefits if already paid are not deductible from the sum assured payable on death.
Yes This is a truly multi benefit plan of insurance.
This is a with profit policy. The accumulated bonus is payable on maturity or death.

Jeevan Rekha
Benefit 10 of the Basic Sum Assured is payable on survival after every 5 year from the date of commencement
On Death Basic Sum Assured with vested bonuses and final additional bonus if any is payable
Bonus Simple reversionery bonus accrues during the lifetime of the life assured and is payable on death. Final additional bonus. If any assured payable.
Accident Benefit Accident benefit available upto Rs. 25 lakhs inclusive of other Life insurance plans on payment of extra premium of Rs. 1/ per thousand Sum Assured.


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BARODA - , 390004 (Gujarat)


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