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Products / Services :
We provided services such as following products
Broadband, Cameras &, Conferencing, Internet & Digital, Peripherals, ISDN, LCD Monitor, Mainboards, Modems, NICs / Adapters, Routers & RAS, SCS Systems, Security, Switches, Trans / Conv, USB, VOIP, Wireless, UPS & Inverter

- Broadband :-
Wired Networking - ADSL Modem, IP DSLAM, Routers
ISDN/Cable/DSL Routers - Video Conferencing
Wireless Networking - Wireless Routers

- Cameras &, Conferencing :- Internet Cameras, Video Conferencing

- Internet & Digital Peripherals :- Digital Home, Internet Servers, KVM, LCD Monitors, Print Servers

- ISDN :- Terminal Adapters (TA), NT1, Routers/Internet Gateways

- LCD Monitor

- Mainboards :- Gigabyte Motherboards

- Modems :-
Broadband - ADSL Modem
Leased Line Modem
Interface Convertor
Dial-Up Modems - USB Modems, Internal Modem, External Modem.

- Adapters :-
Desktop Adapters - Ethernet/Fast Ethernet PC Cards, Gigabit Adapters
Portable Adapters - PC Cards

- Routers & RAS :- Enterprise Routers, ADSL / SHDSL Router, ISDN Routers, Cable/DSL Routers, Wireless DSL/Cable router, Remote Access Server

- Structured Cabling :- Copper, Fiber, Structured Cabling Standards - An Overview
Certifications and Accreditations, Copper

- Security :- Firewalls, Radius Server, Hot Spot Gateway

- Switches :- Unmanaged Switches, Unmanaged Gigabit Switches, Smart Switches, Managed Layer 2 Switches, Managed Layer 3 Switches, GBIC Modules, MINI GBIC Modules, VDSL Switches, Redundant Power Supply, KVM Switches

- Transceivers and Converters :- Ethernet Transceivers, Fast Ethernet Converters, Media Converter

- USB :-
USB 2.0 - Adapters, Multimedia Converters, PC Cards, Hubs, Print Servers
USB 1.1 - Hubs, ISDN TA, Digital Home, Bluetooth Compatible Device

- VOIP :- VOIP Concept, VOIP Products, IP Telephony Solutions

- Wireless :-
1. Air - Adapters, Wireless Antenna, Antenna Cables / Accessories, Print Server, Internet Camera, Bluetooth, Flash Cards
2. AirPlus - USB Adapters, Internet Camera
3. AirPlusG - Internet Camera, USB Adapter, Print Servers, Bridge, Presentation Gateway
4. AirPlusXtremeG - Access Point, Desktop Card, PC Card
5. AirPlusXtremeG+ :- PC Card, Access Point, Routers
6. AirPremier :- Wireless Access Point, Router/Bridge
7. AirPremier AG :- Access Point, Adapter, PC Card
8. AirSpot :- Hot Spot Gateway,
9. Radius Server

- UPS & Inverter :- UPS, Inverters
Company Profile :
D-Link (India) Ltd. Is a part of the multinational D-Link Corporation, which has a presence in over 100 countries. D-Link India's (Group) revenue is Rs.308 crores (FY05). Its core business is in the area of networking and communications. D-Link India is present in the high end enterprise segment with a complete range of co-branded products from Foundry Networks, Inc. Of U.S.A in India and present in the PC hardware and PC peripherals space through a JV with Gigabyte Technology, Taiwan.

D-Link India's product range enjoys substantial market share in India and ranks among the leaders in Modems, Structured Cabling, Wireless LAN and Switches

D-Link (India) has a strong infrastructural presence with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Goa; Software and R&D Centers in Goa and Bangalore; and a Global Tech Support Call Center in Mumbai. It has a nationwide network of 17 offices, 21 territory distributors, 400+ dealers and 4000+ resellers and 4 overseas distributors in SAARC countries providing active sales and service support.

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