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Products / Services :
Heat Sealing Machines : Hand Operated Sealing Machines - (H-Series), Foot Pedal Operated Series Sealing Machines -(F - Series), Tong Sealer (For Heavy Bags/Sacks), Hot Bar Sealer (For Laminated Pouches), Mobile Sealer (Wheel Mounted Movable Sealer), Detergent Packing Machine (Fully Stainless Steel Heat Sealer), Foil Sealer (Cup/Bottle Foil Sealing), Foot Operated (Pedal) Pepsee Machine (Sip-Up Sealer), Hand Operated Pepsee Machine (Sip-up Sealer).

Vacuum Packing Machines : Vacuum Packaging Machines (V-Series), Briquette Tea Vacuum Packaging Machines (VV-Series) New, Table-Top Vacuum Packaging Machine, Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine (Cashew Packing Systems), Twin chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine- New, Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Machines (CAP-Series) New, Diaphragm Vacuum Packaging Machines (Chilly/Cushion Packing) New.

Shrink Wrapping Machines : Table-top Shrink Wrapping Machine - New, Linear Type Shrink Wrapping Machines - Linear Shrink Tunnel, Rotary Type Shrink Wrapping Machines, L-Type sealing machine for sealing & cutting of Shrink Film.

Semi Automatic/Manual Machines for Liquid Packaging : Quick Fill W 1000 - For filling pre set quantity of water in cups/bottle, Quick Fill O 1000 - For filling pre set quantity of oil in cups/bottles, Quick Seal 200 FFW - For filling and sealing preset quantity of water in pouches, Quick Seal 200 FFL- For filling and sealing preset quantity of liquid in pouches, Quick Seal 200 FFLO - For Packing Oil In Pouches, Fill Sealer (For Milk Packing/ Manual Packing of Liquid/Free Flowing Products)

Medical Disposable Division
Home Tools Division
Control Panels and Electronics Division
Medical Disposable Division
Agro Drier Division
Agro Products Division
Company Profile :
Apart from its credo of offering quality products at realistic prices, the success of Sevana lies in the pathbreaking adoption of decentralized manufacturing.

Sevana engages over two hundred families in and around the village where the company is located, to supply ancillaries, assembled products and ensure product quality at every stage of manufacturing. Each product thus assembled undergoes a thorough quality check by the technicians of the company.

The products marketed by the company are designed by the associate company Sevana Engineering Research Centre Private Limited.

The Sevana way of decentralized manufacturing is considered the appropriate model for industrial development in countries like India where mass production should be achieved by involving masses and if possible not by expensive manpower eliminating production techniques. Eminent economists and industrialists consider this as a suitable model for industrialisation in our part of the world.

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: 2002
: Pvt. Ltd.
: Manufacturer
: Local

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