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Products / Services :
Manufactures of-
L.T. Switchgears and Switchboards
L.T. Air Circuit Breakers
Air Break and Oil Immersed Starters
Cam Operated Switches etc.

Unibuilt (Monoblock) Pumps
Self Priming Pumps
Submersible Pumps
Submersible Sewage Pumps
Horizontal Submersible MonoSet Pumps
Coolant Pumps

Hydel System-
Axial Flow
Kaplan or propeller
Tabular Turbine

L.T. Switchgear & SwitchBoard:-
Switch Gears-
Minimum Oil Circuit Breakers (MOCBs)
Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCBs) and Vacuum Contactors

Oil Immersed Direct-On-Line
Air Break Direct-On-Line Starter for
Oil Immersed Automatic Star/Delta
Air Break Automatic Star/Delta Starter
Manually Operated air Break
Manually operated oil Immersed Auto
Automatically Operated Oil Immersed
Air Break Starters with Electronic Relays
Oil Immersed Starter with Electronic Relays
Air Break up to 80 Amps.
Oil Immersed up to 200 Amps.
Thermal Overload Relays
Thermal Timers
L.T. Air Circuit Breakers (ACB's)
L.T. SwitchBoards
Custom Built Power Control and Motor
Control Centres.
Auto Transformer Control Panels
L.T.Magnastart System-Unique
System for Starting Slipring Induction
Instruments Transformers
Power/Dirstribution Transformer Range
Company Profile :
In 1943, a sapling was planted by the name of 'Jyoti Ltd.'. Over the years it has grown into a healthy tree with many branches such as : Jyoti Pumps and Electrical Ltd. (1954), JSL industries Ltd. (1966), JEM Industries Ltd. (1966)Established in 1954, and formerly known as JMP Marketing Services Ltd., JPEL offers comprehensive marketing services by identifying customer requirements, developing products to satisfy them and providing after-sales-services all over the country. In addition to Indian manufacturers, the Foreign Agencies Division of JPEL represents foreign companies viz.:Ringfeeder VBGmbH, Testo GmbH, Pruftechnik Alignment GmbH - all from Germany ;and Japanese companies namely Jitsugyo Co.Ltd. And TLV.
JPEL has branch offices, resident engineers and large number of dealers spread all over India.
Set up in 1966, at Mogar, Anand Dist. (Gujarat), JSL manufactures L.T. Switchgears and Switchboards, CTs/PTs, L.T. Air Circuit Breakers, Air Break and Oil Immersed Starters , Cam Operated Switches etc.
Set up in 1966, at Mogar, Anand Dist. (Gujarat), JEM Industries manufacture L.T. Motors and 3 - phase monoblock pump sets, starting and safety couplings for motors etc.

Establishment Year
Firm Type
Nature of Business
Level to Expand
: 1943
: Public. Ltd.
: Manufacturer
: National

Contact Information :

Contact Person

Phones (Office)
Phones (Resi.)



: 2280633, 2280648,2280672, 2280627
: 0265-2281871, 0265-2281871

: Nanubhai Amin Marg,
Industrial Area,
P.O. Chemical Industries,

  VADODARA - 390003
  (Gujarat) India

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