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Products / Services :
Manufacturers And Suppliers Of ECKO' Cable.

-Building (House Wiring) & Industrial Wiring Cables
-Flame Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) Cables
-Railway Signaling Cables
-Control Cables
-Power Cables
-Submersible Cables (for submersible pumps).

Building (House Wiring) & Industrial Wiring Cables :
-PVC insulated single core unsheathed cables, 1100 V grade
-PVC insulated single core flexible building wires, 1100 V grade
-PVC insulated single core flexible industrial wires, 1100 V grade
-PVC insulated single core unsheathed cables (conventional sizes), 440 V and 1100 V grade.

Flame Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) Cables :
-FIRESHIELD-FRLS PVC insulated single core unsheathed building wires, 1100 V grade.

Railway Signaling Cables ;
-PVC insulated for outdoor applications (Unscreened & screened)
-PVC insulated for indoor applications Unscreened - single armored with wire/strip & Screened - double steel tape armored & screened with Aluminum.

Control Cables :
-Armored & unarmored, General purpose, Heat retardant or FRLS PVC.

Power Cables :
-General purpose, Heat retardant or FRLS PVC or XLPE insulated.

Submersible Cables (for submersible pumps) :
-PVC insulated/sheathed, three core flat up to 50 mm2.
Company Profile :
ECKO' Cable was first produced in 1958 and found an instant acceptability in the market. Quality being its hallmark, the demand has always been outstripping the manufacturing capacity, necessitating its augmentation time and again.

In the process, in 1969, Evershine - KDK Brand was introduced for Eastern India Market as a running mate of ECKO . Both brands are synonyms of quality. Presently, ECKO & EVERSHINE - KDK cables are being produced at three different manufacturing facilities belonging to ECKO GROUP.

ECKO history is the chronicle of expansion of manufacturing capacity, constant updation of technology, modernization of Plant & Machinery and up gradation of Quality system. Each unit has an in - house testing lab", fully equipped with latest apparatus and instruments.

Under ISO - 9002, stringent quality control systems are in operation; from acceptance of raw materials, through in-process checks up to clearances of finished goods.

ECKO CABLES have now been in service of General Engineering Industry, , Textile Industry, Cement plants, Steel plants, Metallurgical complexes, Fertilizers & Chemical plants , Petro-chemical Complexes, Airports, Docks/Harbors, Commercial Complexes, Residential Buildings, OEMs, Power Projects & Railways, for over 4 decades, giving excellent performance everywhere This is an ample proof of the efficacy of ECKO's Quality System.

Establishment Year
Firm Type
Nature of Business
Level to Expand
: 1958
: Pvt. Ltd.
: Manufacturer , Trader
: National

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