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Products / Services :
Manufacturers of Industrial and Medical Gases

Industrial Gases:
- Atmospheric gases
- process gases
- Atmospheric gases
- Rare gases

Medical gases:
- Therapy Gases (Medical Drug Gases)
- Diagnostic Gases (Medical Device Gases)
- Pulmonary Functions Mixtures (Lung Diffusion)
- Anaerobic and Aerobic Mixtures
- Laser Gases
- CT Scanning Mixtures
- Sterilant Gases
- Instrument Gases

- Mobile Suction Unit

- aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders
- Indusyrail speciality gas
- Paintball cylinders
- CNG cylinders
Company Profile :
The "UTTAM" Group was founded in the year 1900 with Headquarters in D. I. Khan, now in Pakistan. It had various Trading /Financing/Export-Import activities mainly with Afghanistan and Iran. The group dealt mainly in Tea, Fruits-dry & Fresh Spices, Textiles etc. The name of the parent company was Rup Chand Uttam Chand (Grand father & fathers name respectably). The group moved into Delhi in the late thirties.

In mid-sixties, it diversified into Industry; Rup Chand Uttam Chand Industries was formed in 1965 for manufacture of Oil Hydraulic Systems. The project was promoted by Dr. Panna Lal Bhatia, who returned after doing his Doctorate from Germany.

In early seventies, the Group diversified into manufacturing of Industrial and Medical Gases under the name & style of Uttam Air Products Private Limited. This company was promoted in 1972 and has established itself well, having added another German Air Seperation Unit in 1980 under the name of Gopala Gases Pvt. Ltd. A third unit was established in Delhi in 1986, Uttam Air Products Private Limited with Indian Plant.

A 100-tpd plant was established in Alwar in 1994-95 in the name of Techgas Equipment Private Limited., New Delhi in Collaboration with Swiss firm Carbagas, a subsidiary of L' Air Liquide of France (A World Largest Gas Company). Alwar plant is now being managed by Air Liquide North India Private Limited.

A 300 cum/hr Oxygen & 120 cum/hr High Purity Nitrogen Gas Plant was commissioned in July 1999 and another 250 cum/Hr Oxygen Plant in the year 2001 and are now running to 100% capacity. Therefore; we have overall installed capacity of 5.2 million cubic meter Oxygen/annum and 0.24 million cubic meter Nitrous Oxide/annum, the largest Gas facility in India.

We have installed a state of the art facility for manufacturing NITROUS OXIDE I.P. Grade. This plant was imported from SOCSIL, Switzerland and is the most modern Plant in India and the quality of Nitrous Oxide matches the American, British & Indian Pharmacopoeia Standards.

We also have a 200 Cylinders/day approved Cylinder Testing Station certified by Deptt. Of Explosives, Nagpur, India, imported from Swedan. This is approved for Testing CNG Cylinders also and we are regularly Testing CNG Cylinders of Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL).

We have built highly efficient infrastructure in terms of man power and know how as to give our Customers complete satisfaction.

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