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Products / Services :
Manufacturer and Exporter of medicines and animal health products.
Our product range includes:

Amoebicides -
-Amecide Tablets
-Amecide DS Tablets
-Amecide Suspension
-Entametox Tablets
-Entametox DS Tablets
-Entametox Suspension

Analgesic/Antipyretics -
-Doloran Tablets
-Doloran D.S. Tablets
-Doloran Suspension
-Eplacin Tablets
-Eplacin CF Tablets

Antacids -
-Neutracid Tablets

Anthelmintics -
-Wormizole Tablets
-Wormizole Forte Tablets
-Wormizole Suspension

Anti-asthma -
-Asmakast-4 Chewable Tablets
-Asmakast-5 Chewable Tablets
-Asmakast-10 Tablets

Antibacterials -
-Ciprocide-250 Tablets
-Ciprocide-500 Tablets
-Eplarox-100 Tablets
-Eplarox-150 Tablets

Antibiotics-Systemic -
-Ampicil Capsules
-Ampicil Suspension
-Cipamox-250 Capsules
-Cipamox-500 Capsules
-Cipamox Suspension
-Cipamox Forte Suspension
-Cipamox Drops
-Cloxapen-250 Capsules
-Cloxapen-500 Capsules
-Cloxapen Suspension
-Epidox Capsules

Antibiotic-Dusting Powder -
-Bacimix-P Powder

Anti-depressant -
-Deprox Capsules
-Eplapram Tablets

Anti-diabetics -
-Diamide Tablets
-Diaglic Tablets
-Gliguard Tablets 1mg
-Gliguard Tablets 2mg
-Sugarphage Tablets
-Sugarphage DS Tablets

Anti-diarrhoeals -
-Diarhol Suspension

Antifungals -
-Myconit Cream
-Myconit H Cream

Antihistamines -
-Histamol Tablets
-Hibastin Tablets
-Histadine Tablets
-Histadine Suspension

Antihypertensives -
-Prosdura Tablets
-Ureep Tablets

Antimalarials -
-Eplaquin Tablets

Anti-oxidants -
-Carovit Tablets

Anti-rheumatics -
-Flaren-50 Tablets
-Flaren Gel
-Nacta Tablets
-Rheprox 250mg Tablets
-Rheprox 500mg Tablets

Anti-spasmodics -
-Spasmogin Plus Tablets

Anti-ulcerants -
-Omepec Capsules
-Eplacid Tablets

Anti-viral -
-Ribazid-600 Tablets
-Ribazid-500 Tablets
-Ribazid-400 Tablets
-Ribazid-400 Capsules
-Ribazid-200 Capsules
-Ribazid Syrup
-Ribazid Cream 7.5%

Bronchodilator -
-Cefyl-P Syrup

Cardiovasculars -
-Aceartin-50 Tablets
-Eplacard-50 Tablets
-Eplacard-100 Tablets
-Prescard-5 Tablets
-Sistin-10 Tablets
-Sistin-20 Tablets

Cough Preparations -
-AmcOdrin Expectorant
-Aminolin Syrup
-Cefyl-ESF Syrup
-Histamol-D Cough Syrup

Dermatological -
-Bacimix Ointment
-Acnesafe Lotion
-Curoderm Cream
-Curoderm-H Cream

Digestive Enzymes -
-Eplazyme Capsules
-Eplazyme Syrup

Laxatives -
-Canalac Syrup
-Self Enema

Nasal Decongestant -
-Nazolin Nasal Drops
-Rinerge Nasal Solution
-Rhezole Spray

Tranquillisers -
-Anxolite Tablets
-Relaxipam Tablets 2mg
-Relaxipam 5mg Tablets

Vitamins -
-Ascorbic Acid Tablets 100mg
-Ascorvit-500 Tablets
-Cynodox-C Forte Tablets
-Cynodox-C Lysine Syrup
-Cynodox Syrup
-Eplacherrys Compound
-Mecol Tablets
-Mecol Injection
Company Profile :
Epla Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd is one of Pakistan's leading national pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing, marketing and exporting a wide range of human and animal health products.
Epla employs approximately 350 individuals in its head office and regional locations who are
Working with the objective of producing and selling high quality medicines for the benefit of the customers. Since 1952, Epla has predominantly focused on creating an environment conducive
For producing and selling quality pharmaceutical products ethically within the country And abroad.
Epla is one of the only two pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan to have received the Presidential Award for Good Manufacturing Practices. It is also among a very select group of pharmaceutical companies to be IS0-9001:2000 certified, showing its focus on quality.

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: Pvt. Ltd.
: Manufacturer , Export / Import
: International

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