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Products / Services :
Manufacturers and suppliers of professional grade Electro-mechanical / electronic components.

Products & Services :
-Connectors, Terminals
-Cords and Accessories
-Fuse Holders, Lamp Holders
-Knobs and Accessories
-Other Components
-Plugs & Sockets
-Power Entry Modules
-RFI/EMI Filters
-Solenoid Connectors

Knobs and Accessories :
-Caps for Collet Knobs
-Collet Knobs
-Dials & Stators
-Instrument Knobs
-Nut Covers

Other Components :
-Card Guides
-Card Handles

Power Entry Modules :
-Power Entry Modules
-Rewirable Power Connectors.

Solenoid Connectors :
-Solenoid Connector Plugs
-Solenoid Connector Sockets.

Switches :
-Key Lock Switches
-Micro Switches
-Power Tool Switches
-Push Button Switches
-Pushwheel Switches
-Rocker Switches
-Rotary Switches
-Thumbwheel Swithces.
Company Profile :
Elcom being one of the pioneers in the professional grade Electro-mechanical / electronic components manufacturers from India for over three decades has built an infrastructure to design, develop and produce quality products economically.

Elcom has been a preferred source for major Original Equipment manufacturers based in India and overseas.

The Design, Development and Manufacturing facilities are located at Kolhapur (Maharashtra State) in India. The Marketing, Technical Support and Services are headed by an experienced team based at Mumbai (Bombay) and Bangalore and backed up by team members based at strategic locations.

A country wide network of Channel Partners enhances the reach to customers at diverse locations and facilitates availability of the products from stock.

Proven & Recognized Quality Standards :
Elcom is a ISO 9001-2000 certified company. Many of the products have compliance for CE marks and certified for UL (US), UL (C), VDE and other safety standards.

Products are also approved by various Certifying agencies for Defence, Space, Telecom industries. Many products are developed and standardized for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Also the manufacturing facility is recognized and approved by DGQA (Electronics), Ministry of Defence, Govt. Of India. Elcom`s quality team is working towards continuous quality improvement and actively targeting 100 ppm program.

Mission Statement :
Achieving total customer satisfaction through quality products & services at competitive prices, in time, every time.

Firm Type
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: Proprietorship
: Manufacturer , Trader
: National

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