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Products / Services :
We are Manufacturers and Exporters.

Our Products Range Include:
-Cylinder liners
-Centrifugal cast
-Phosphated liners
-Ductile iron sleeves
-Ring castings
-Valve seat inserts
-Valve guides
-Alfin piston inserts
-Centrifugal casted pipes tubes
-Cast iron liners
-Cast iron cylinder liners
-Cast iron cylinder sleeves
-Pipes for ash disposal
-S.G. Iron liners
-S.G iron sleeves
-Ductile iron liners
-Nodular iron sleeves
-Cylinder tubes
Company Profile :
Kusalava International ltd. , The front runner of Indian Cylinder Liner Manufacturing Industry, well tuned to hi-tech environment always reaching new heights in fulfilling world class customer requirements. Kusalava is enjoying a major share in domestic OEM requirements as well as After Market in India for the past 3 decades. It has spread its wings to global market and now exports across the globe. In recognition to the quality excellence, Kusalava received TS 16949:2002 Certification in October 2004 from TUV renewed up to 2007.
Kusalava Group activities cover almost every nook and corner in the automobile sector right from FOUR/TWO wheeler dealerships to spare parts, Leasing and Finance activities.
Products Manufactured :
TIGER POWER - The Tough Parts
Most of the vehicle manufacturers in the Indian Domestic market has a tie-up with international manufacturers Like Mazda, Hino, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi.
Kusalava International Limited supplies their products to the below OEM’s in India who has international collaboration.

1. Ashok Leyland Ltd Hino-Japan & British Leyland 50%
2. TELCO Mercedes Benz 70%
3. Eicher Motors Mitsubishi 100%
4. Bajaj Tempo Ltd Daimler Benz 100%
5. Swaraj Mazda Mazda 100%
6. Mahindra & Mahindra Nissan 100%
7. V.S.T. Tillers Tractors Ltd Mitsubishi 100%
And for the International Market, Kusalava International Limited had a start 4 years back and supplying the products after quality validation for the below customers. Interestingly, Kusalava has worked in tandem with the above International collaborated Indian OEMs to achieve their stringent quality requirement both in Foundry and Machining. The above OEMs contribute 30% of Kusalava International Limited turnover. Technical officers from Kusalava have played a vital role in establishing and understanding the International specification for the domestic OEMs and had good report for working hand in hand to meet the drawing print specifications. And for the International Market Kusalava International Limited is supplying the products after quality validation for the below customers.

Kusalava is supplying liners to "Ford Certified Rebuilders" at USA. They are

DOMESTIC AFTER MARKET : Kusalava International Limited has a good market share in domestic market with the "Tiger Power" brand and is the biggest liner manufacturer in India. Kusalava has well established off site warehouses and branch set-ups across India for market and customer access.

Company Products:
Kusalava manufacturers Liners/Sleeves in both Cast Iron and S.G.Iron, Centri Cast Valve seat Inserts and Alfin Piston Inserts. As a new development Kusalava has started manufacturing the engineering items out of its own technology like 3 mts., pipes for ash disposal for the thermal power plants, sugar crushers material, and motor frames for the heavy electrical motors.

Technical Strengths:
1) Automated Foundry
2) Spectro Check (German Make) for instant Chemical Analysis
3) Centri Cast Pipes upt to 3.0 mts., Length
4) Hardness Testing (Rockwell and Brinell)
5) Tensile and Bending, yield strength, % of alongation (upto 40MT)
6) Microscopes: Graphite morphology (etched & unetched conditions) upto 500x
7) CNC Machines for machining complicated profiles
8) Plateau honing (Nagel make) machine with auto size control
9) WMW Grinding / Honing Machines(German Make) for maintaining stringent tolerances
10) Quality control equipped with latest Pneumatic/Electronic Gauges and Profile projectors
11) Geometrical Accuracies :Taylor Hobson-Roughness testing equipment, Optical profile projector

Technology Up gradation:
Kusalava has developed the basic technical requirement for the manufacturing of their products, and in line to develop the technical strength hires experts from Germany for upgrading the foundry technology in line to the international practices. Till today Kusalava has taken 3 rounds of experts views to validate their process and to fine tune their existing process for better productivity. Most significantly, Kusalava deputes their technical and managerial personnel for the training in different institutes for betterment of their knowledge and practices.
Mr.Prasad R.K Chukkapalli, Managing Director of the company has visited Japan under AOTS programme for 15days technical training in Quality Systems during the first week of October02.

Product Development and Outsourcing:
New Thrust is identified in the developing/sourcing group of products related to the Automotive/Engineering Industry. In this line Kusalava has achieved a significant development in the Domestic and International Sourcing Requirement. Highlighted some of the products developed in "Tiger Power" brand and bulk supplied for After Market customers are Piston Assemblies, Valve Guides and Gaskets, TP Springs etc.

Network and Logistics :
In India :
At present Kusalava has central office/warehouse at Vijayawada, and has warehouses and trained personnel across India for identification and follow up. Our own fleet of trucks play a major role in logistics for on time deliveries as per customers requirement. The central warehouses in India are :
1) Vijayawada
2) Chennai (Madras)
3) Cuttack
4) Nagpur
5) Rajkot
6) Ghaziabad

Through Sea :
Being an established 2 preferred brand in US "Tiger Power", Kusalava International Ltd., supplies 2 to 3 containers per month for replenishing the parts and new parts developed for both existing and new customers. Having movement of frequent containers from factory to US made us to prove an economical sourcing to compensate the high freight cost for different customers in USA. There by the freight cost per piece is economically shared by volume of parts.

At USA :
Our central warehouse at Houston TX with 10, 000 Sq. Ft., area has facility to stock and distribute parts across US and Canada . Tiger Power has around 24 factory warehouses for easy to lift option for customers across US and Canada.

ERP Software :
Kusalava has inhouse software development Centre, and presently implementing self developed ERP System 'KOnline' integrating Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution & HR activities across INDIA and USA offices.
At KOnline, we understand the strategic role supply management must play in a corporation today and the significant impact a supply chain management strategy can have on earnings. Supply Chain Management Solutions helps companies transform supply strategy into a competitive advantage.

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: Public. Ltd.
: Manufacturer , Export / Import
: International

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