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Dhruv AgroAgra (India)

We are manufacturer supplier and exporter for different kind of sauces and canned fruits vegetables.our products sauces mushrooms tomato puree pineapple slices red cherries sweet corn baby corn mushroom spawn fruit cocktail are the segments for canned fruits and vegetable. Other than this we can also supply custom made requirements according specifications.our services we are consultant under the following heads bullet fruits vegetable processing bullet mushroom spawn production bullet mushroom cultivation.

SOVIMEX Co., Ltd.Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Sovimex co. Ltd is one of the biggest companies in vietnam as a leading exporter of agricultural products from vietnam.seaweedgracilaria sea grape white e. Cottonii violet e. Cottonii ulva lactuca sargassumtapiocatapioca starch tapioca flour tapioca chip tapioca residue powder tapioca pearlsea cucumberblack skin fish stomact fish sandfish dried sea horse day fish/python fish surf fish grub fish/tala/bohaschia graeffei brown loly fish black prickly fish curry fish/stichopus variegatus white teat fishfish maw oval fish maw/sugar fish maw globe fish maw lac fish maw/eel fish maw chem fish maw pagacious fish maw/cat fish mawrice starch chitin dried tendon betel nutdetergent product detergent fabric softener drainage basin milk bath hand wash liquid javel floor washterracotta pottery

Canned baby corn jalape o. Iqf baby corn whole and cut. Largest exporters from india

We are producers consultants suppliers of exotic vegetables fruits and herbs to five star hotels prestigious clubs three / four star other hotels.list of exotic vegetables grown / sourced supplied asparagus lemon grass baby carrot lollo rosso baby corn pak choy broccoli pea brinjal (thai stam) brussels sprouts red oak leaf capsicum red yellow snow peas celery sweet corn cherry tomato red golden thai bird chilly chinese cabbage thai galangal iceberg lettuce zucchini green yellowlist of exotic herbs grown / sourced supplied basil parsley fennel rosemary leeks thyme lemon grass wheat grasslist of exotic fruits grown / sourced supplied artichoke mangosteen avocado rambutan dragon fruit makrut (fruit leaves) passion fruit

Jayant food products is the prominent manufacturer and trader of cereal based potato based extruded fry roast type snack products choco based extruded roast type snack products. extruded snacks 3d snacks sheeted snacks potato extruded snacks corn stick puffed snacks papad pipe snacks future new snacksand dried pellets rugby ball plane baby gear ring ball ring mad stick square pipe. Puffed pellets rugby ball plane baby gear ring ball ring mad stick square pipe.

We are importing all kind of canned food product like button mushrooms baby corn bamboo shoots corn kernels green peas pineapple sliced dried mushroom also shitake / black mushrooms. We are also marketing indian canned button mushrooms canned fruits sauces and other canned products. Imported products canned asparagus dried black fungus canned baby corn dried shiitake canned mutton mashroom canned lychees canned bamboo shoot wood grain shiitake dried oyster mashroom dried white fungus vineger chinese rice noodle corn kernels oyster mashroom in brine tomato ketchup oyster souce soya souce. Indian products pineapple slice canned mango pulp syrups green peas fruit cocktail sarson ka saag souces ketchup vineger

Frozen sweet corn ker nels shelled corn frozen strawberry custoderd apple pulp frozen baby corn. Onion potato and garlic and also offer cold storage facility for plus and minus minus 20c


1. Fruits a)importer of fruits b)seller of indian fruits on retail and wholesale level. c)exporter of fruits. 2. Exotic english vegetables. a)exporter of english vegetables like red yellow capsicum broccoli red cabbage lettuce iceberg zukini green yellow asparagus avocodo basil celery pasley baby corn etc. b)seller of english vegetables on retail and wholesell level.

Jaima (USA), Inc.Yonkers (India)

Manufacturer export /import of honey available with variety of elements like honey 'n' herbs honey'n' neem honey ging honey 'n' amla honey lime honey 'n' saffron honey 'n' tulsi etc. fruit pulp fruit concentrates. marble granite slate peacock multicolor etc. canned fruits canned vegetables jaima offers lychee mango longan rambuttan water chestnut fruit cocktail (in syrup) young baby corn green pea whole peeled tomato mixed vegetable golden corn canned coffee tea jams sauces. yarn fabrics yarns 100 cotton acrylic cotton polyester cotton cotton viscose 100 acrylic polyester/ viscose etc. fabrics cotton corduroy flannel velveteen satin taslan jacquard poplin etc.

Manufacturers and exporters of agricultural products and commodities.our major products range groundnut kidney beans oil seeds pulses sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds millet sprays hemp seeds broad beans lentils cereal and grain vegetables beans and legumes.nutsdry nutsgroundnuts in shell henan origin shandong origin / traditional long shape hebei origin / ji you type (3kernels per pod) roasted in shells.groundnut kernels hsuji type virginia type valencia type blanched peanut coated peanut roasted salted peanut bitter apricot kernels.walnut walnut in shell walnut meat.vegetablesfresh keeping vegetables fresh garlic fresh onion fresh burdock fresh yam fresh carrot fresh chestnut fresh garlic stems fresh ginger vacuumed root fresh scallion.dehydrated vegetable dehydrated garlic flakes dehydrated granules


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