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Alchemy ChemicalsUjjain (India)

Our products provide batch to batch consistency. They are sterilized so as to meet international norms regarding microbial counts. Uniform quality timely delivery and customer oriented working is the key to our success. Alchemy chemicals has one of the most hygienic production facilities offering sterilized herbal extracts that have been prepared as per good manufacturing practices (gmp). Our license approved duly by the food and drug administration (fda) also provides us the honor of being one of the very few companies in the field of herbal extraction to have iso 9001 2000 certification.manufacturer exporters of herbal extracts phytochemicals natural colours oleorisins pure herbs.herbal extracts acacia concinna (shikakai) adhattoda vasica (vasaka) andrographis paniculata andrographoloids 10 asparagus (shatavari) saponin 20 azadirachta indica (neem) bitt

Manufaturer exporter of medicinesmultiutility churan for stomach powder/liquid/cream(s) for skin diseases chronic problems like alopecia eczema allergy lecoderma joint pains hair falling hair oil creams lotion(s) shampoo. machines n. M. S. Deepheat(slimming)p. U. V. A(lecoderma) exfoliation(strech mark / scars / acne pits / stitch marks) skin tag removal m/c microlysis(hair remover) ultrasonic(undereye dark circle/joint pain). Face/breast lifting m/c laser hair removal laser.

Surya GlobalNew Delhi (India)

Manufacturer of steel pipes tubes lighting products cold rolled steel software solutionsherbal herbal medicinesx diaba capsule regulovac tablet gerifit syrup gerifit tablets sepnil tablet sepnil syrup uralka tablet mensturyl syrup uralka syrup lucoryl tablets vomicure syrup vominil tablets reguliv syrup reguliv tablets suryacid tablets strikalp capsuledietary supplements herbal chyawanprash kof s herbal cough syrup memorin capsule karela extract capsules amla extract capsules garlic extract capsules arjuna extract capsules brahmi extract capsules slimming capsules tulsi extract capsules herbal pain relief balm neem extract capsulesherbal cosmetics sun care sunscreen lotion anti pigmentation cream sunscreen cream facial care herbal acne cream anti wrinkle cream herbal face scrub herbal face packs fairness cream skin nouris

Alchemy ChemicalsUjjain (India)

Manufacturers and exporters of herbal extracts phytochemicals natural colours oleorisins pure herbs. herbal extracts for medicinal and cosmetic purpose acacia concinna (shikakai) adhattoda vasica (vasaka) andrographis paniculata andrographoloids 10 asparagus (shatavari) saponin 20 azadirachta indica (neem) bitters 2. 5 bacopa (brahmi) bacoside up to 40 boswellia boswellic acid up to 65 cassia senna sennasoids 10 20 centella asiatica asiatic acid triterpenes 20 40 coleus forskholi 10 20 commiphora (guggul) guggul steron 2. 5 eclipta alba bitters 3 emblica officinale (amla) tannin up to 40 garcinia hca up to 65 glycerrhiza glabra glycerrhizinic acid 40 gymnema gymnemic acid 25 50 75 herbal mix for shampoo (shikakai ritha amla neem) herbal mix for acne pimples momordica (karela) bitters 3 mucuna l dopa 20 oci

Herbal GlowNew Delhi (India)

Manufacturer exporter of hair management products herbal hair oil roots hair shampoo amla tulsi shampoo margosa shampoo (anti dandruff) heena hair pack body cleansers bath shower gel fruit face gel (deep cleansing gel) acne fruit face gel fruit face deep cleanser pied shampoo body fresheners rem wash dew drop moisturizer (for youthful glow) feel fresh talc hand and body lotion pied cream body enhancers sandal body massage oil herbal peel walnut scrub (dead cell remover) jajoba scrub almond under eye cream body beautiful products sweet 16 (fruit youth pack) fruit face pack pimplex pack glow pack body correctors stretch vanish cream scar removal cream attraction breast oil bridal management products gold glow gel silver glow gel bridal protein pack bridal protein cream. trader of beauty care products facial kit feel fresh talc body

Earnest InternationalNew Delhi (India)

Manufacturer exporter of hair and scalp cleansers aloe vera astringent aloe vera hair conditioner sandal and olive nourishing cream cucumber deep pore cleansing milk almond and saffron moisturising lotion embellica hair oil sandal and saffron face pack breast firming cream / gel natural henna henna based hair dyes saffron and papaya anti wrinkle cream creams lotions massage cream cold cream aloe vera cream / gel all purpose cream moisturising lotion cleansing milk sun screen lotion jojoba cream cocoa butter cream anti acne cream no marks cream fairness cream scrubs face packs straw berry scrub apricot scrub mud pack fruit pack marine pack anti wrinkle pack anti acne pack peel off mask hair care products herbal hair shampoos herbal hair oil natural henna herbal henna dyesherbal tea green tea herbal tea ctc tea orthodox tea

Manufacturer of sunscreen lotions u. V. Dew spf 10 u. V. Avo spf 25 u. V. Dew 15 plus spf 18 u. V. Dew 34 active ingredients. prescription drugs a ret hc cream a ret tretinoin gel hyde cream hyde solution acnelak z gel acne benz gel. soaps lemon glycerine soap lanolin vitamin e soap basil soap (holy tulsi soap) acnelak soap olemessa baby soap. miscellaneous dewderm glyaha hq lotion glyaha calak lotion olemessa lavender and tea tree emessa oil.


Manufacture export cosmetics dietary supplements sweeteners otc products phytochemicals and natural extracts.products antidiarrhoeals analgesics antiinflammatories anticolds antiallergics cough syrups tablets antiulcers antacids vitamins nutrients antiemetics antinauseants anthelmintics antifungals antispasmodics alkalizers antiasthmetics laxatives miscellaneous products antidiabetics cardiac antihypertensives/antilipids ointment products ear drops skin care products dental products injectable products otc products antimalerialsanalgesic anti inflammatory anti spasmodic analgesic gut relaxants prokinetics diuretics antidiuretics urogenital analgesics antispasmo dics antiallergics anti cold decongestants mucolytics antitussives expectorants anti asthmatics anti bacterials anti hypertensive cardio vascular drugs. hypolipidaemic drugs hypo hy

Manufacturers of sunscreen lotionsprescription drugs a ret hc cream a ret tretinoin gel hyde cream hyde solution acnelak z gel acne benz gel ocona solution g. B. H. C. Lotion podowart ssoaps lemon glycerine soap lanolin vitamin e soap basil soap (holy tulsi soap) acnelak soap olemessa baby soapmiscellaneous dewderm glyaha hq lotion glyaha calak lotion olemessa baby massage oil lavender and tea tree (l. T. T. ) Cleanser emessa oil

A.V.M. EnterprisesNew Delhi (India)

We use pure neem plants and extracts for producing the aforesaid products and apply our own patented technology in the manufacturing processherbal cosmetics for skin care hair care glow neem day glow neem under eye care glory neem aloe neem anti pimple acne mask neem tone neem detox tea aru neem shao neem neem silver hygiene products neem 0 lime neem blitz neem extracts derivatives neem oil cold processed neem extract azadirachtin neem cake powder de oiled neem seed powder organic fetilizer agro aid products eco guard crop protector neem cake bio mix (organic) neem soil conditioner veterinary pet care products anti tick lice spray anti tick lice powder pet shampoo for thicks lice flea pet fur conditioning shampoo pet soap cake pet deodorant smell care health care hygiene care products agro aid indoor outdo


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