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Panthi International Surat (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Partnership firm

We are manufacturing supplying and exporting of various industry based products like spices flour salt basamti rice and fresh onion. spices dry red chilli red chilli powder dry chilli flakes asafoetida powder coriander cumin powder coriander powder turmeric fingger turmeric powder black pepper powder black pepper raram masala chicken masala garlic powder garlic cumin flour wheat flour gram flour corn flour menda flour basamti rice 1121 basamti rice (steam row golden) 1509 basamti rice (steam row golden) pussa sell (steam row golden) and other salt all type available fresh onion all size available

Suyash Herbs Export Private Limited Surat (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Pvt Ltd. firm

Manufacturer traders and exporter of highest quality of standardized ayurvedic herbal products including vitamins minerals and enzymes available. our products natural essential oils aromatherphy oils aromatic chemicals perfumery compounds spa oil carrier oils flower oils natural essential oils spice oils vegetable oil essential oil (pl) aromatic chemicals aromatherapy oils oleoresins absolute indian attars hydrosols floral waters perfumery compounds herbal extracts extract resinoids herbal powder schiff's base food colours food ingredients medicinal plant extract mint products spray dried products menthol floral extract major oil nut oil reconstituted resinoids health functional food ingredients green spice extracts peppermint oil cinnamic aldehyde cinnamic alcohol menthol crystal peppermint oil patchouli oil spearmint oil black pepper oil patchouli oil neem oil almond

P R G EXIM Shivpuri (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers traders and exporters of all the kinds of agro commodities. our products wheat maize barley groundnut pulses millet soyabean seed coriander seed black mustard seeds chickpea and spices

Sourav Food And Agro Pvt Ltd. Miraj (India)

Trader • Agriculture-and-food • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are traders of excellent taste and high nutritional content raisins. our products list golden raisins brown raisins black raisins green raisins.

Shri Laxmi Mehandi Udhyog Sojat City (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturers suppliers and exporters of natural and harbal henna powder and senna leaves pods and ajwain and all harbal items like neem tulsi amla ritha sikakai multani and black and brown hair dye.


Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Pvt Ltd. firm

Manufacturers trader service provider exporters of innumerable organic food products such as medicinal herbs agro cereals indian pulses oil seeds essential oils dry fruits. our product range spices product organic ajwain seed organic dill seeds organic coriander seed organic fenugreek seed organic fennel seeds/ (sonf) organic cumin seeds organic black pepper organic black cumin seeds/ kalonji organic bay leaves organic cardamom seed organic cinnamon (cassia) organic red chilly organic mustard yellow organic coriander powder organic turmeric organic turmeric powder medicinal herbs organic amla dried organic dried stevia leaves organic dried senna leaves organic ashwagandha roots organic ashwagandha powder organic psyllium husk organic psyllium seeds agro cereals organic amaranth seed organic flaxseeds organic natural wheat organic maize/corn organic bajra / pearl millet o

The Counts Coimbatore (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Proprietorship firm

1. Panner rose petals (rose water) 2. Dried rose petals (cosmetic) 3. Orange peel 4. Lemon peel 5. Alovera gel 6. Punarnava root / coarse roots 7. Dried oregano 8. Dried thyme 9. Dried rosemary 10. Dried saga leaves 11. Gymnema leaves 12. Lotus leaves 13. Lotus petals 14. Cissus quadrangular 15. Lemon grass 16. Mint leaves 17. Curry leaves 18. Coriander leaves 19. Nannari root 20. Majit 21. Mooringa dried leaves(organic non organic available) 22. Papaya dried leaves 23. Marigold leaves 24. Marigold dried flowers (food colors) 25. Calendulla leaves 26. Calendulla flowers 27. Chamomile 28. Stevia dried leaves (organic non organic available) 29. Basil leaves (holy basil and wild basil available ) 30. Kalmegh (nilavenbu) 31. Neem leaves 32. Dried ginger flakes (organic non organic available) 33. Dried ginger whole(organic non

Big Fly Hygiene Products Limited Rajkot (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Pvt Ltd. firm

We manufacturers traders exporters of grains pulses spices and oilseeds. our process products grains oilseeds spices pulses packaging whole spices cumin seeds coriander seeds fenugreek seeds fennel seeds chilli whole turmeric finger nigella seed (black cumin/kalonji) ground spices chilli powder turmeric powder cumin powder coriander powder coriander cumin powder ginger powder fennel powder fenugreek powder wheat sesame (natural) mustard (black)

Coastal Catch Exports & Imports Kochi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Proprietorship firm

We are one of the leading manufacturers traders importers and exporters of fresh chilled frozen seafood. our products cephalopods frozen frozen squid indian squid needlesqid needle squid pharaoh cuttlefish cuttle fish squid calamari squid octopus dried dried squid dried octopus crustaceans cephalopods crustaceans fish molluscs frozen pink brown shrimp brand coastal catch rock lobster sea white shrimps sand lobster black tiger hoso frozen shrimp white shrimp frozen vannamei shrimp sea crab mudcrab deep sea lobster spotted legged red lobster rocklobster spiny lobster (rock lobster ) deep sea shrimp scampi humpback thakkali pullan /hump back nylon shrimp red ring / arabian red shrimp jawalashrimp jawala paste shrimp king prawn marine shrimp marine shrimp (karikkadi) brown shrimp

Prem International Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agriculture-and-food • Pvt Ltd. firm

Indian spices cumin seeds fennel seeds chillies (whole grounded) curry powder coriander seeds fenugreek seeds turmeric dill seeds black pepper ajwain cardamom mustard seeds nutmeg celery seeds ginger tamarind cereals pulses wheat rice maize barley seeds sorghum millet lentils chickpeas dry beans moongdal whole urad dal whole chana dal (gram) toor dal mansoor (red lentil) oil seeds natural sesame seeds hulled sesame seeds black sesame seeds golden sesame seeds ground nuts/peanuts sunflower seeds flax seeds (lin seeds) animal nutrition cotton seed meal soyabean meal guar meal cotton seed hull rapeseed meal yellow maize millet white sorghum yellow sorgham fresh vegetables potato onion green peas garlic guar gum beans green chilli fresh

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