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Onix Technology India (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Chemical • Pvt Ltd. firm

We will supply ssd chemical activation powder mercury cleaning chemical for black money and black dollar ssd chemical solution ssd solution ssd chemical mercury activation powder ssd super automatic solution vectrol paste tebi manetic solution super automatic solution for cleaning black stain anti breeze black dollar black money black currency black notes defaced currency defaced money and other currency. we have all types of chemicals laboratory chemicals and industrial chemicals cleaning chemical supplies cleaning chemical manufacturers chemical cleaning supplies ssd solution manufacturers ssd solution chemical suppliers ssd solution manufacturers ssd solution suppliers black dollar cleaning chemical cleaning black money anti breeze currency cleaning black currency notes black money cleaning cleaning chemical cleaning agents and cleaning liquid. Etc.

Sai Carbohydrates Hyderabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemical • Partnership firm

Manufacturers suppliers and exporters of fine chemicals enzyme substrates carbohdrates research chemicals metals and materials located in hyderabad telangana india. our products list carbohydrates d galactoside glucoside glucoronide manose drivatives isopropyl beta d thio galactopyranoside (iptg) x glu x gluc cha salt x gal x glcnac magenta gal mug bluo gal onpg pnpg salmon gal 6 chloro 3 indolyl d galactopyranoside galactopyranoside magenta caprylate 5 bromo 6(or) 4 chloro 3 indolyl derivatives phosphates bcip magenta salmon rose bluo and indole x phosphate p toluidine salt pnpp disodium 4 nitro phenyl phosphate di tris salt 5 bromo 4 chloro 3 indolyl phosphate p toluidine salt 1 napthyl phosphate mono or disodium salt hydrate phenyl phosphate 4 methylumbelliferyl phosphate disodium 5 bromo 3 indolyl phosphate disodium(p toluidine) salt (blue phos) fine chemicals

Sun Food Tech New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Chemical • Proprietorship firm

Sun food tech is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of food colors and lake colors primarily for applications in pharmaceuticals food and cosmetics industries. Some of our most well known brands include "Sun brand" "Arun brand" And "Ace brand". our products synthetic food colors primary food colors blended food colors natural food colors essence and flavors cosmetic colors baking powder caramel power lake colors d c colors other products custard powder drinking chocolate baking powder

Sunray International Rajkot (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemical • Proprietorship firm

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc) sodium carboxymethyl starch (cms) carboxymethyl tamarind kernel powder (cmt/cmtkp) monochloroacetic acid (mca) sodium monochloro acetate (smca) guar gum powder dolomite soapstone hydrated lime marble powder chalk powder calcium carbonate cotton cake groundnut meal castor cake castor de oiled cake (castor meal) neem cake neem de oiled cake castor oil cold press (virgin) neem oil cold press (virgin) water pump insecticide sprayer ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.

Sun Exims Chennai (India)

Trader & Service Provider • Chemical • Proprietorship firm

We are providing of chemical products. our products list fuel jp54 d6 d2 jet a1 blco mazut m100 anthracite coal thermal coal steam coal grains rice wheat maize corn beans animal feeds edible oil sunflower oil corn oil soybean oil rapeseed oil palm oil sugar brazil ic 45 brown sugar fertilizers hms 1 2 used rails copper ore millberry copper cathode copper scrap aluminium ingot aluminium scrap cement iron ore bauxite nickel ore.

Desai Coat Ahmedabad (India)

Manufacturers • Chemical • Proprietorship firm

We produces high quality paints and coats for automotive industrial wood coating and decorative sectors. our products wood finishes nc clear melamine glossy 2 pack nc sealer nc filler wood filler wood shine oak yellow yellow wood paint cherry red wood paint clear gloosy wood finishes nc paints nc paints wood coating nc clear lacquer nc sanding sealer melamine glossy clear for wood finishes syntetic enamel paints synthentic paints synthetic enamel paint synthentic paints synthetic enamel paint thinner nc thinner epoxy thinners stoving thinner polyurethan thinner nc thinner thinner low grade

Escon International Surat (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Chemical • Proprietorship firm

Manufacturing company specializing in polyester whitening agents and textile auxiliaries. product rino brand polyester whitening agents rino white lt (low temperature whitening agent) printol xl ( loop accelerator) brasso chemicals sk ctn (h cons) (cotton whitener) textile auxiliaries for polyester fabrics polysol and mbx for fabric body filling and getting stiffness silicon based finishing emulsions all in one textile scouring stain removing wetting and levelling agents loop accelerators yarn dyeing auxiliaries antistatic agents

Acedynamics Vishakhapatnam (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemical • Pvt Ltd. firm

Manufacturers suppliers and exporters of water treatment plants waste water treatment plants effluent treatment plants reverse osmosis systems and ozone generators. our products list membrane filtration reverse osmosis water system industrial ro plant ultra filtration system media filters iron removal filter de ironing plant activated carbon filter multi grade sand filter dual media filter pressure sand filter ion exchange dm water plant industrial water de mineralizer industrial water softener plant mixed bed dm plant sewage treatment plant sbr based sewage treatment plant mbr sewage treatment plant mbbr sewage treatment plant package sewage treatment plant effluent treatment plants


Manufacturers & Trader • Chemical • Pvt Ltd. firm

Walkerchemicals we clean defaced currency. With ssd chemical solution and also supply ssd chemical solution that can clean all types of defaced banknotes black banknotes anti breeze stamped marked or stained currency dollars pounds euro. We melt and re activate frozen chemicals and offer cleaning services for anti breeze bills. The ssd solution in its full range is the best chemical in the market for cleaning anti breeze bank notes defaced currency and marked notes. You will be amazed by the activation power and rapidity of this chemical. It is capable of cleaning notes/currency with breeze capacity. We offer machines for large cleaning and also deliver products to any location desired by buyers we have professional technicians and support staff. Our laboratory staff are available to advice support and do cleaning on percentage for huge amounts.


Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemical • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are a well known exporter manufacturer and supplier engaged in manufacturing 4 methyl salicylic acid ethyl 2 methoxy 5 sulfomoyl benzoate methoxy benzoic acid methyl 5 chloro 2 methoxy benzoate ethyl 2 methoxy 5 sulfomoyl benzoate 4 methoxy acetophenone. our products list 2 ethoxy benzoic acid 3 4 dimethoxy benzoic acid (veratric acid) 4 methyl salicylic acid 4 methoxybenzoic acid 5 aminosalicylic acid 4 aminosalicylic acid 2 methoxy 4 amino 5 ethylthiobenzoic acid o methoxybenzoic acid 4 amino 6 chloro 1 3 benzene disulfonamide ethyl 2 methoxy 5 sulfomoyl benzoate para ethoxy ethyl benzoate (peeb) methyl 5 chloro 2 methoxy benzoate 4 methoxy acetophenone ethyl 2 methoxy 5 sulfomoyl benzoate methyl 2 methoxy 5 sulfamoylbenzoate

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