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Manufacturer • Agro / Food Products • Public Ltd. firm

Pet Pre-Forms, Plastic Jar Closures, , , Florida selected blend of Colombian Excelso and Supremo beans, expertly roasted to produce a mild, full-bodied cup of coffee with a rich, smooth taste and fresh of decaffeinated coffee.Classic Gourmet Decaf:Classic Gourmet products were formulated for economy, but this a still a very nice cup of decaffeinated coffee that has better cup quality than many of our competitors top of the line products....

BIOgroupUSA, Inc. Florida (United-states)

Manufacturer • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

of the tab is picked up by you and me in our tax base. Some plastic manufacturers are now producing blends of polyethylene and additives that help the bags an alternative to polyethylene/polypropylene based plastic bags. Our products are made primarily from cornstarch, which someday may make us a little % compostable. Regular plastic bags take a lifetime, often over 100 years, to begin to degrade. Regular plastic cannot be composted. Less than 2% of plastic bags ever get recycled and those that are seldom ever become plastic bags again. Plastic bags litter our streets and waterways. However, we are not at total odds with the plastic industry. We understand how this industry blossomed as an alternative solution to products made from metal and wood . Plastic was cheaper, lighter, easier to mold and rust resistant. Plastic was also durable and long-lasting. It was never meant to "go away ". The plastic industry is very good at producing things that are meant to last. Obviously, plastic bags never fit the intent of plastic usage . They are supposed to be "disposable". They don't need a life-span of more than a year, two at the most. It's sad that the plastic industry has spent more on their image than on the problem. Plastic bags remain inexpensive only because the manufacturer's responsibility ends at point of purchase. The rest break down a little faster, but the process leaves pieces of plastic debris that are not biodegradable to definition and do not compost. In our view Florida...

Handal Plastic Surgery Florida (United-states)

Service Provider • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Organization firm

Handal Plastic Surgery at the Sanctuary Surgery Center is the leading cosmetic surgery center of the Southeast Florida region, providing excellent consultation, surgery, and post operative services. Headed by Doctor Arthur G. Handal, top plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Boca Raton, the professional facility located in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. Operating in a safe and comfortable environment, our professionals are all licensed, insured with volume of patients and a swift procedure and recovery cycle. The staff at Handal Plastic Surgery believes in providing in depth surgery counseling Handal Plastic Surgery Florida Service Provider of the Southeast Florida region, providing excellent consultation, surgery, and post operative services Facial Plastic Surgery Implants - Lip Augmentation - Ethnic Cosmetic Surgery Breast Plastic Surgery:- - Breast Enlargement - Breast Reduction - Breast Reconstruction Body Plastic Surgery:- - Liposuction - Tummy Tuck Skin Care:- - Botox Cosmetic - Collagen Injections - Microdermabrasion - Laser Wrinkle Removal...

EURO-ASIAN BLADES, INC. Florida (United-states)

Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

main offis is in West Palm Beach, Florida. We also have offices in Toronto, Canada. Diamondtoolstore offers a full line of Diamond tools including Diamond blades, core drill bits, Grinding cup wheels, Polishing discs, profile bits, profile wheels, abrasives, Machines and accessories Florida , Mono Cera Liquid Wax. Marble, Granite, Stone, Diamond blades, core drill bits, grinding cup wheels, Polishing discs, profile bits, profile wheels...

Johnson Well Equipment, Inc. Florida (United-states)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm


Liquid Coffee, Inc Florida (United-states)

Trader • Agro / Food Products • Proprietorship firm

plant in St. Augustine, Florida. LCI?s Liquid Roast Coffee premium concentrates contain no preservatives or additives: only COFFEE AS GOOD Florida :- An exceptional rich, full-bodied blend of Indonesian, Central American and African beans, roasted to a Seattle taste. A top-notch cup of coffee palate and urges your senses for another cup. GUATEMALAN BLEND :- The finest Guatemalans blended with Colombian excelso and supremo beans dark...

MILHARD (USA) Florida (United-states)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Florida metal & tubing, components (ferrous and non ferrous), plastic cutlery and thermofoam glasses with lid. We have manufacturing base in India....

Drug and Cosmetics Sales Corp. Florida (United-states)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

empty wholesale packaging components such as pumps, caps and lids, empty glass bottles, plastic bottle, plastic jars, glass jars, and cosmetic containers Florida wholesale containers. - Containers :- - Bottles: Glass - Bottles: Plastic - Jars - Metal Containers - Cosmetic Cases - Closures...

Darrell Hanna & Associates Florida (United-states)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Florida Filters Bag Filters HEPA Filters Cap Filters Internally Supported Panel Links Throw-aways Rigid Panels Auto Rolls Fiberglass and Polyester...

DelConte Packaging, Inc. Florida (United-states)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Packaging • Pvt Ltd. firm

-everything manufacturer of plastic packaging serving both the continental U.S. And the off-shore customers. Our custom made products are used world Florida We are Manufacturers & Exporters of thermoformed plastics and contract packaging. - Clamshells - Insert trays - Display trays - Plastic blisters - Die Cut Foam ...

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