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Newact Inc Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturer • Metals and Minerals • Public Ltd. firm

Newact Inc. - Specializes in design and production of molded and machined plastic and rubber parts and components. End products include danglers for the metal plating industry. Ohio Design for manufacturing Plastic : Molded and Machined Parts Rubber : Molded, Sheet, Gaskets, Seals CAD/CAM : Design, Machining, Tooling Plating Danglers: Standard and Custom Sizes ...

ITPS (International Technical Polymer Systems) Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturers & Trader • Plastics and Rubber • Proprietorship firm

material additive for all rubber processing, plastic injection Molding and extrusion applications marketed under the trade name INTEC.ITPS, Inc. Has developed solutions to your technical and processing challenges in rubber & plastic processing. Our customers have experienced a unique process technology Ohio : Fluoroelastomers. INTEC TEKSIL MRB : Silicones and Fluorosilicones. PLASTIC : INTEC SB 94 : Plastic Injection molding and extrusion : Recommended for all "dark color" polymer systems, filled or unfilled . INTEC SB 94M : Plastic Injection molding and extrusion : Recommended for all " light color " polymer systems, filled or unfilled . 852 Ann Street NIles Ohio USA...

McColloch Sales Co Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturers & Trader • Packaging • Proprietorship firm

McColloch Sales Co. Represents manufacturers and serves customers in Ohio and adjacent states. Our customer base consists of OEM's & wholesale distributors requiring a dependable source for rubber, plastic, acoustical, and other related products. Our Packaging Supply Division was created Ohio We are manufacturers & Suppliers of rubber, plastic, acoustical, and other related products. - ACOUSTICAL FIBERGLASS - ACOUSTICAL FOAM & COMPOSITES - ACOUSTICAL SPECIALTY ITEMS - BALL VALVES - CONVEYOR BELT - EPOXY FIBERGLASS COMPOSITES - EXTRUSIONS - RUBBER - EXTRUSIONS - PLASTIC - FIRE AND ACCESSORIES - JACK-WRAP-IT - MASTICATED SHEET & MATTING - MOLDED/EXTRUDED TEFLON - MOLDED PLASTIC - MOLDED RUBBER/SILICONE - MOLDED URETHANE (SILCO) SLEEVES - GASKETS - HOSE CLAMPS, SS BANDING - HOSE: mandrel made & molded cut to custom lengths - HOSE REELS - HYDRAULIC QUICK COUPLERS...

Tiger Pack Inc. Ohio (United-states)

Trader • Packaging • Pvt Ltd. firm

Ohio and Films - STRAPPING MACHINES & PRODUCTS :- - Plastic Strapping :- - Polypropylene Strapping-Machine Grade and Hand Grade - Polyester and Automatic Tools for Plastic and Steel Strapping - Strapping Machines :- - Semi Automatic Machines for Plastic Strapping - Automatic Machines for Plastic Strapping - Custom Designed Strapping Machines - POLY & REINFORCED WATERPROOF PAPER - KRAFT PAPER :- Interleaving or Wrapping - Masking - Cloth - Strapping - Packaging - Cloth/Duct - Foils - Vinyl/Plastic - Double-Faced - Printable - HandDispensers - Flame Retardant...

Accupack Midwest Inc. Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturers & Service Provider • Services • Pvt Ltd. firm

Accupack Midwest, Inc. Is a contract facility with the ability to fill plastic and metal tubes, bottles and cartridges with liquid and powder packaging situations such as outsourcing, capacity overflow, partnering, capitol involvement and unit cost reduction. From start-up companies Ohio We are Manufacturers of contract facility with the ability to fill plastic and metal tubes, bottles and cartridges with liquid and powder products - Plastic tube sealing :- - Hot Air - Hot Jaw - Radiant Sealing - Hole Punch - Additional Services :- - Blister Packaging - Formulation Support - 2 Grams to One Gallon :- - Plastic Tubes - Metal Tubes - Cartridges - Bottles - All sizes & shapes - Pouches - Lip Balm Sticks - Lip Balm - Aromatherapy - Liqiud Make-up - Bath Crystals - Nail Products - Bath Gel - Oils - Bath Oils - Ointments - Body Oils...

ABTEC, INC. Ohio (United-states)

Trader • Packaging • Pvt Ltd. firm

Ohio We are Suppliers of Impulse bag sealers and heat sealers for sealing plastic bags. - Bag Sealers - Bookcases - Cabinets - Justrite? Flammable Platforms/Pickers - Hand Trucks - Hoppers - Steel Self Dumping - Lockers - Pallet Jacks - Pallet Rack - Plastic Bins - Poly/Plastic Bags...

Midwest Tooling Group Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturer • Plastics and Rubber • Proprietorship firm

Ohio Manufactures of molds for plastic processes, including gas assisted molding, overmolding, pultrusion, blow molding, vacuum forming, and compression molding. ...

Pave Technology Co Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Public Ltd. firm

Ohio or industrial aluminum, plastic or stainless steel shell disconnects that can be disconnected on either side of the bulkhead. Signal, power, coaxial as a PAVE-Mate II style, including both high performance military or economical industrial metal, or plastic shell multi-pin connectors. * Fiber Rod Hermetic : Low and Hi-current/voltage terminal seals for low or high pressures and vacuum use. * Solder Cup Pin Seals. * High Voltage , thermocouple and fiber optic versions are available for high vacuum use or up to low or high pressure applications. PAVE-MATE I style connectors have dual sided are also available up to 29 shielded contacts. * Thermocouple : From 1 to over 100 pairs of any type thermocouple to any lengths can be sealed flat cable can be specified if it fits the desired bulkhead housing. * D-Sub, Micro-D and Dual-Lobe Nano Rectangular Connectors. * Threaded Cu Hermetic Seals : Any type High voltage wire or cable up from 1-30 kV, single or multiple cables, with or without high voltage cable connectors...

V.O. Baker Company Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturer • Packaging • Proprietorship firm

Who We Are: V.O. Baker Company is an international distributor of industrial chemicals and related accessories located in Mentor, Ohio (U.S.A .). Our diverse product base includes: adhesives & sealants, non-destructive testing equipment & supplies, lubricants, sealers, plastic & vinyl coatings of many products. History : V.O. Baker Company was founded in 1962 by Velma Oliff Baker (1910-1977) in Cleveland, Ohio. V.O., as he was known to his Ohio - Lamps, Replacement Bulbs, Accessories, Meters MagnaPure - Penetrant Wastewater Treatment System. * Lubricants, Solvents & Plastic Coatings :- Greaseless Lubricant LPS 2 Industrial-Strength Lubricant LPS 3 (Heavy-Duty Rust Inhibitor) XL-8 Plastic Coat Scrubs-In-A-Bucket. * Adhesives...

The Model Box Company Ohio (United-states)

Manufacturer • Packaging • Proprietorship firm

% of the time while conscientiously safeguarding the environment by conserving natural resources. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Model Box services Ohio BOXES MODEL UTILITY TRAYS MODEL CUP CARRIERS. Meat, Deli, and Snack Boxes : MODELMATIC DELI MEAT BOXES MODEL SNAK-PAKS MODEL MEAT BOXES. Pizza...

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