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ITP Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon (India)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

manufacturing plants located in haridwar and gurgaon are equipped with state-of-the–art manufacturing equipment; it produces every month wire products, ferrite transformers; to wire harnesses and molded cords . Its wide component range includes relays, capacitors, connectors, proetction device Gurgaon Cables 2.Latching Relays 8 - 20 Ampere 25 - 80 Ampere 100 - 250 Ampere 3.Capacitor Cap-Plastic-Film 4.Relay Relay-Reed Relay -Power-Mini Relay-Power (Mini) PCB Type Relay - Industrial Type Relay-Automotive Relay-Telecom Relay-Herm-Sealed 5.Switches Switch-Rocker Latching Relays :- Subcategories in Latching Relays : 1. 8 - 20 Ampere 2. 25 - 80 Ampere 3. 100 - 250 Ampere OMRON COMPONENTS :- Subcategories in OMRON COMPONENTS : 1.Omron Relays PCB Power Relays PCB Signal Relays High Frequency Relays MOSFET Relays Automotive Relays Solid State Relays General Purpose Relays 2.Omron Switches Micro Switches DIP Switches Tactile Switches Rocker Switches PCB Mount Switches 3...

Interface Microsystems gurgaon (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

, Comfort, Convenience, Warning, LED Lighting, Dashboard Accessories, Engine Related parts and Relays. While most products are for 12V system, many gurgaon With Lock Dual Normally Open (No) Relay Termination ''' 8 P Coupler With Lock Two Speed Radiator Fan Relay Termination ''' Iso Termination Delay Timer Relay :- Horn Relay Tail Lamp Relay Micro Relay Iso Relay Iso Mini Relay Japanese Blower Relay Universal Relay Mini Relay Japanese With Boot Relay Japanese Sealed With Boot And Bracket Starter Relay Heavy Current Relay Power Relay Change Over Micro Relay (Iso) Termination - Micro Iso Termination Change Over Relay (Iso) Termination - Iso Termination Change Over Relay Special Termination - Special Connector Change Over Relay Japanese Termination ''' 6 P Coupler With Lock Normally Closed Relay Termination - 4p Coupler With Lock Dual Head Lamp Relay (Dhl) Termination ''' 6 P Coupler Security-Telematics Miscellaneous:- 24v To 12v Converter Low Voltage Booster K Line Integrator Delay/ Long Time Timers Noise Filter & Diodes (9580 , 9620, 9697, 9521) Led Assembly:- Stop And Tail Lamp High Mount Stop Lamp Day Running Light Outside Rear View Mirror Roof Lamp Relays...

Anu Industries Ltd Gurgaon (India)

Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

, Fiat etc., The company manufactures electronic and electrical auto parts like ignition coils, actuators, relay assembly starters, flasher relays, washer motors , etc .for cars and two wheelers. Gurgaon We are Manufacture a host of quality Automotive Electrical & Electronic Components. Cap Noise Suppressor & Relays Washer Tank Assly Cng Regulator...

Indian Technological Products Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon (India)

Trader & Service Provider • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

manufacturing facilities now in Gurgaon and Haridwar where it makes cable Assemblies for Electronics and automotive applications, coils and transformers and power cords. ITP's manufacturing plants located in Haridwar and Gurgaon are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment; it produces there are 350 people at its Gurgaon plant which are likely to go up to 500 ITP VISION To deliver high value to the customer by providing reliable, high quality products, ferrite transformers; to wire harnesses and molded cords. Its wide component range includes relays, capacitors,connectors,proetction device with a German company Gruner to manufacture latching relays used in prepaid meters. The plant is located in Haridwar and has around 250 people. The relays Gurgaon ; to wire harnesses and molded cords. Our Product List : Battery : - Battery-Li-ion Relay : - Relay-Automotive - Relay-Hi-Current - Latching Relays by Gruner - Relay-Power(Mini) - Relay-Telecom - Relay-General-Purpose - OMRON Range of Relays Conformal Coating (PCB/LED) : - Conformal Coating (PCB -Banana - Socket-IC - Socket-Power - Socket-Relay - Terminal-Panel-Mtg - Terminal-Misc EMI Filter : - RF/EMI Filter Fuse : - Fuse-Glass - Fuse-Auto LED...

Pitney Bowes gurgaon (India)

Service Provider • Computers and IT • Pvt Ltd. firm

than 1.5 million clients in approximately 100 countries around the world rely on products, solutions and services from Pitney Bowes. gurgaon Franking Machine - DM550i Digital Franking Machine Address Management : - AddressRight DA50s Inserting : - Relay 1000 folder inserter machine - Relay inserter system with file control - Pulse''' inserting solution Parcel & Mail Sorting ; - TrueSort automated parcel solutions - VariSort...

Harinder Industries Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

in 1985. The company is diversified into Automotive Switch, Trailer Connectors, Wire Harnesses, Plastic Molding parts, Electronics (Flashers, Relays etc and relays, to become one of the leading OEM suppliers in Tractor & Trailer segment. Our products enjoy up to 90' of the OE market share. HIPL , flashers, relays, sensors, CDI & RR units, trailer parts like 7 pin plug & socket, wiring harness, battery & Jumper cables, mobile charger & socket Gurgaon Switch Indicator Switch Toggel Switch Starter/ Ignition Switch Push Button Switch Neutral Safety Switch Light Operating Switch Hazard Warning Switch Electronic Buzzer:- Electronic Flahser:- Electronic Relay:- Trailer Socket:- We are diversified into Automotive Switch, Trailer Connectors, Wire Harnesses, Plastic Molding parts, Electronics (Flashers, Relays etc.), Glow plugs and Sheet metal parts as a progressive OEM supplier. We launched exclusive electrical switches, plugs & sockets, flashers and relays, to become one O-154, Sector – 7, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon-...

A To Z Electrotrade (India) Pvt Ltd gurgaon (India)

Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

Tubes, PVC Wiring Channels, Bus Bar Insulators, Electrical Relays, etc.) form the basis of electric energy. Whether it is during the day or at night gurgaon Industrial Circuit Protection Toroidal Transformers Relay & Connector Terminal Connector Circuit Breaker Cables Glands Bus Bar Insulators Din Rail Electrical Relays Compressed Insulated Terminal PVC Cable Ties Wires and Cables...

Ajanta Control Systems Gurgaon (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

, proximity sensors, control panels,safe earthing electrodes,relay cards,industrial connectors,production display boards, digital pressure sensor Gurgaon - SSR - Automation Products - Signal Tower, Revolving Light - Laser Gun,I/R Temp Sensor - Relays Card - Limit Switches - CNC Machines Products - Single Change Over Relays Card - Double Change Over Relays Card - X General Purpose Limit Switches....

Smartbus Automation Pvt ltd. gurgaon (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

gurgaon :- Buspro : User Interfaces Dimming Actuators Relay Actuators LED Actuators DALI Actuators DMX Actuators System Units Demo Cases KNX : KNX User panel Wireless sensor Wireless relay Dimmable Ballast 1-10V Series DALI Series Intefaces KNX Timer Actuator KNX Dimmers KNX Curtain Controllers KNX Power Supplies KNX Relays KNX DALI Controllers KNX DMX KNX Sensors KNX Line...

Oasis Electronics Gurgaon (India)

Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

Gurgaon Manufacturers Of Wiring Harness, Terminals, Couplers, Connectors, Relays, Switches, Cluster Assy, Dmd Sleeves, Cables....

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