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ENPAY Transformer Components India Pvt. Ltd. vadodara (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

magnetic Cores, HV insulation components, and transformer tanks as well as a range of components for the Electronics industry. vadodara We are an Internationally known company that Manufacturers magnetic Cores, HV insulation components, and transformer tanks as well as a range of components for the Electronics industry. Our Products Range :- Magnetic Cores :- 45 Cut Laminations and Cores 90 Cut Laminations and Cores Traction Transformer Cores Shunt Reactor Cores Up to 400 MVAR - 1200 kV Tank Shieldings Wound Cores :- ENSI Cores : - Toroidal Cores - HVDC Transmission C-Cores - C and E Cores - Cut Cores - Distributed Gap Cores - Special Wound Cores ENNI Cores : - Toroidal Cores - Cut Cores - Rectangular, Oval Shape & Special Type Cores - C-Cores ENAMOR Cores ENNANO Cores Amorphous Metal Distributed Gap Cores Transformer Tanks :- Corrugated Wall Tanks Transformer Windings :- Bushing...

A.Transmo Stampings Vadodara (India)

Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

Importers of CRGO and CRNGO Electrical Steel Coils and Sheets,Transformer Laminations,Cores and Strips. Importers of CRGO and CRNGO Electrical Steel Coils and Sheets,Transformer Laminations,Cores and Strips. Vadodara We are Importers of CRGO & CRNGO Electrical Steel Coils/Sheets & Manufacturing of Transformer Laminations/Cores/Strips . ...

Precision Core Industries vadodara (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

Precision Core Industries is based in a Gujarat, India. Its main objective is to manufacture and supply high quality transformer cores using facility using excellent technologies and efficient machinery for quality products. This gives us a strategic edge to manufacture cores for your requiremnt. All in all we are well equipped and experienced to supply best quality cores. Precision Core Industries vadodara Precision Core Industries is a Manufacture and Supply High Quality Transformer Cores Using Electrical Steel. All in All We are Well Equipped and Experienced to Supply Best Quality Cores....

Vilas Transcore Ltd. Vadodara (India)

Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Public Ltd. firm

of Transformer Lamination, Toroidal Cores & c.R.G.O. Slitted Coils. Mr. Nilesh Patel is the man behind the hugely successful company Vilas Transcore Vadodara - Step Lap type Lamination For Distribution Transformer - c.r.g.o. stacked assembled cores - Transformer Core coil Assembly - Yoke Shunt / Tank Shield - Wound Core for 1-3 phase Transformer - Toroidal Core for High Voltage CT - Toroidal Cores – Round & Rectangular Shape - Toroidal Cores for Medium Voltage CT - Low Voltage CT Core - Miniature Core - Rectangular Core - Nano Crystalline Cores / Amorphous cores :- - c.r.g.o. Transformer Lamination for Power & Distribution Transformers - Vertical & Horizontal Step-lap c.r.g.o. Transformer Lamination core...

Elec Steel Processing Industries vadodara (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

Lamination, Assembled Core Laminations for distribution transformers, Toroidal core, Motor Stampings,& E&I Laminations. Our products are applicable Grades, Orient Core HI-B, Orient Core HI-B-LS, M6, M5, M4, and M3 to ascertain complete satisfaction. We are also engaged in import-export business , as it is a core part of our working. Therefore, we are following stringent quality measures during the entire production process. Every stage is monitored vadodara Transformer Cores Power Transformer Lamination Current Transformers Cores Power Transformer Core Laminations CRGO Electrical Lamination Electrical Laminations Transformer Laminations Choke Core Transformer Tape Wound Core Transformer E & I Laminations:- Wound Cores:- Transformer Wound Cores Choke Wound Cores Wound Core for distribution transformers, Transformer Laminations:- Transformer Cores Distribution Transformer Laminations Transformer Cores Laminations Power We are a renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Transformer Lamination, Industrial Transformer Lamination, Assembled Core Laminations...


Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Vadodara MANUFACTURER & EXPORTERS OF:- SOLDER WIRE, STICKS, ANODES, SILVER SOLDER, ROSIN CORED/NO-CLEAN, LEAD PIPES & TUBES, SPHERES, FOILS, LOW TEMP . SOLDERS, FLUXES FOR P.C.B., ELECTRONICS, ELECTRICAL & AUTO IND. APPROVED BY I.T.I., C-DOT & DOT. Flux Cored Solder Wires - PAI RC-222 Flux Cored Solder Wire (Type R.M.A), PAI RC-333 Flux Cored solder Wire (Type R.A), PAI RC-444 Urea Cored Solder Wire, PAI RC-555 No-Clean flux cored solder wire, PAI RC-660 Organic Flux cored solder wire, PAI RC-880 (Alum-Sold) Aluminium - Solder Flux cored wire, PAI RC-910 Rosin Cored Solder Wire, PAI RC-999 Low halogen flux cored solder wire. Solid Solder Wires/ Sticks/ Anodes - Eutectic solder Sticks (Tin/ Lead), Solder preforms, Solid solder Wire (Tin/ Lead Wire (Flux cored or solid). Fluxes - Rosin Flux, Halide free No Clean flux, Organic Water Soluble flux, Transparent halide free No clean flux, Halide...

Compocan Industries vadodara (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Packaging • Proprietorship firm

of Paper & Plastic Packaging Products. Inclusive of Composite Cans, Composite Containers and Paper Cores, we offer a wide range of products vadodara Composite Cans Composite Containers -Cylindrical Composite Containers -Composite Containers -Paper Composite Containers Paper Cores -Paper Cores -Paper Fiber Cores Paper Canisters -Paper Canisters -Packaging Canisters Paper Packaging Products -Corrugated Boxes -Paper Can...


Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Partnership firm

We are one of the leading manufacturer of Radiators, Cores, Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers, after Coolers, Since last 4 Decades having vast experience in manufacturing & 9 Decades in the field. We were the 1st to start Radiator Business in Vadodara District in 1921. Our product brand Radiators , Cores are manufactured from Quality Raw Materials, having a good name in the entire market of India & abroad. We are also regular suppliers in OEM’S VADODARA We are one of the leading manufacturer of Radiators, Cores, Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers, after Coolers products like Our Products:- Accessories After Coolers Agriculture Radiators Automotive Custom Made Dozers & Loaders Forklift Genset Radiators Heavy Crane Radiators Industrial Radiators & Core...

Kirti Stampings Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

of transformer lamination, CRGO & CRNGO electrical lamination for transformers and toroidal transformer core. In addition, we also provide cut to size and core loss testing machine. With the help of these machines, we are able to supply cut to size laminations in M4, (0.27 mm thickness) M5, (0.30 mm) M6 Vadodara core. Our Product Range : - C.R.G.O. Raw Material - C.R.G.O. Slit Coils - C.R.G.O. Transformer Lamination - C.R.G.O. stacked assembled cores - Toroidal Cores Round & Rectangular - Miniature Cores...

Weldflow Engineers vadodara (India)

Trader & Service Provider • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

vadodara Electrodes High Tensile Strength Steel : - Flux-Cored/Metal-Cored Wire (Gas-Shielded) Stainless Steel : - Flux-Cored/Metal-Cored Wire (Gas-Shielded...

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