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Shanker International new delhi (India)

Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemicals • Proprietorship firm

Shanker International is a young, customer oriented dynamic merchant exporters. The company is dealing primarily in Alcohol and Alcoholic products in the supply of alcohol and alcoholic products in various international markets and our objective is to supply our Customers at very competitive Alcohol, Iodised Salt, Whisky and many more products from India. Shanker International has built a strong equity with the consumers, Consistent quality , professionally managed and well integrated suppliers of alcoholic and other products worldwide. Mission We are committed to sustainable business We are suppliers and exporters of Alcohol and Alcoholic products. Our products :- Extra Neutral Alcohol or ENA (Ethyl Alcohol) Triple Refined Free Flow Iodised Salt....

JIGUJA Seoul (North-korea)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Agro / Food Products • Proprietorship firm

revealed that consuming the extract prior to alcohol stabilizes body temperature and heartrate. This, coupled with the reduction of hangover symptoms It is a health boosting Energizer, designed to reduce the symptoms of alcoholic over-indulgence. The active ingredient in this herb tea is from alcoholic absorption. All of these compounds act in different ways to reduce alcoholic toxicity and energize metabolism. Medical analysis such as nausea, headache, dehydration and alcoholic breath proves that the product is effective at combating even the toughest hangover. Easterners symptoms and addictions to alcohols, or recover from the sickness associated with excessive enjoyment of alcohols during the night, under the company for drinkers, It has been used for thousands of years by Eastern cultures for the feeling of well-being before, during and after drinking alcohol. Our Product - THE WORLD UNIQUE, HERB ENERGY DRINK Drink was developed to help the people enjoy alcoholic beverages cheerfully and healthfully without hangover...

Lafzcare Mumbai (India)

Exporter/Importer • Others • Organization firm

The Lafz Halal-certified brand located in Bangladesh, This Non-alcoholic body spray is an imported Halal perfumed alcoholic free deo. Skin Friendly Alcohol Free. Halal Body Spray | Halal Deodorant| Halal Perfumes Lafz halal body spray is a wonderful Brand, There is no element of alcohol, harmful preservative and animal body. Lafz is a range of Halal personal care products...


Manufacturer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm


Happyland Corporation Shenzhen (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Agro / Food Products • Proprietorship firm

The largest developer and manufacturer of low alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, renewed its Ice Dog cocktail range by the novelty Rum&Ice based of low alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, confirmed trademark Red Devil right in the territory of Uzbekistan and Armenia, having gained the lawsuit on dark rum. Ice Dog is the range of low alcohol beverages released at Russian market in 2001. Its characteristic feature is ?ice? idea, basical in the city of Tver (Russia) to produce flavored alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of the leading international and local brands. machinaries & metal scrap(such as rail scrap, HMS 1 & 2 etc). Our Product Range : Alcoholic cocktail Casamova Alcoholic cocktail Trophy Alcoholic cocktail Ice Dog Non alcoholic drink Russian Cola Non alcoholic drink Trophy Alcoholic cocktail Trance Alcoholic cocktail Jaguar Alcoholic cocktail Manchester Alcoholic cocktail Red Devil...

Varni Exim Private Limited bareilly (India)

Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemicals • Pvt Ltd. firm

Varni Exim Private Limited is a flourishing entity in the market, as an Exporter of Ethyl Alcohol and Denatured Alcohols. The range of Alcohol made of quantity required. Quality Certification We are an Exporter of best quality of rectified Spirit (95.5 % minimum strength), Extra Neutral alcohol - Grain & Molasses Base ( 96% and above ) Absolute Alcohol pharmacy and industrial grade strength ( 99.6 % and above). Special denatured Spirit is after Varni Exim Private Limited is a flourishing entity in the market, as an Exporter of Ethyl Alcohol and Denatured Alcohols. Ethyl Alcohol :- Absolute Alcohol Rectified Spirit Alcohol Extra Neutral Alcohol (Molasses Base ) Neutral Grain Alcohol Denatured Alcohol(SDS) ...


Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Agro / Food Products • Public Ltd. firm

We are manufacturers and exporters of Liquor products. Our products are ethanol[fuel ethanol], rectified spirit, alcohol, extra neutral alcohol[ena], alcoholic beverages....

Nalcohol Chemcial Co.Ltd. Zibo (China)

Manufacturer • Chemicals • Public Ltd. firm

A manufacturer of chemical intermediates and Refrigerants like propyl alcohol, butynol, and HFC125, 134a, 32, etc. With high quality Nalcohol Chemcial Co.Ltd. Manufacturers of Chemical intermediates: Propyl Alcohol(n-propanol) Butynol, C12, etc. Refrigerants: HFC125, 134A, 152A, 32, etc....

Shiva Chem Industries ghaziabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemicals • Proprietorship firm

Aliphatic Solvents Acetic Acid Alcoholic Thinner Nail Polish Alcoholic Thinner Industrial Alcohol Hydrocarbons ...

Pan Oleo Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Chemicals • Pvt Ltd. firm

- Palmitic Acid - Caprylic Acid - Lauric Acid - Stearic Acid - Caprylic ' Capric Acid - Myristic Acid - Oleic Acid Fatty Alcohols : - Octyl Alcohol - Myristyl Alcohol - Lauryl-Myristyl Alcohol - Octyl-Decyl Alcohol - Cetyl Alcohol - Lauryl-Cetyl Alcohol - Decyl Alcohol - Stearyl Alcohol - Lauryl-Stearyl Alcohol - Lauryl Alcohol - Behenyl Alcohol - Ceto-Stearyl Alcohol - Esters - Castor Oil - Speciality Oils and fats....

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