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Hanuman Metal Industries New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

of the largest manufacturers and distributors of stainless steel mixing bowls, kitchen utensils, stainless steel flat, petware, kitchenware, non tip dishes, german mixing bowls, mughlai bowls and uv bowls, oval plates, dustbins Pet Wares: Pet Bowl (Feeding Dishes, Cat Bowl), Non Tip Dishes (Dog Bowl, Anti Skid Bowls), Coop Cup (Hanging Bowl). Pet Boul (Regular and Embossed . Kitchen Wares/Bowls: Deep Mixing Bowl/Salad Bowl, German Bowl, Kitchen Tool Holder. Table Wares/AshTrays: AshTray (Indoor) without rolled edge, AshTray ), Dog Bowl Non Tip Anti Skid(Regular and Embossed also with colour and embossed rubber lip), Belly shape dogbowls Anti Skid, Double Dinners...

Expo Plast delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Partnership firm

solution! At Expo Plast, we are providing a remarkable gamut of Plastic Bowls, Heavy Plastic Bowls, Stainless steel Bowls, Pet Bowls and Plastic Lids Lids, Pet Bowls and other such products would offer you a great deal of convenience, and would enable you to work in the kitchen, in a hassle-free manner, perpetually! are committed to give utmost attention to all details during the handling process, Plastic Bowls:- Euro Lid Bowl Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Lid Bowl Skid Spaniel Bowls Ss Non Tip Anti Skid Bowls Plastic Anti Skid Bowl Sets Tt German Plastic Bowl:- German Plastic Bowl Plastic Lid Bowl German Mixing Bowl Lid Bowl:- Coloured Lid Bowl Storage Lid Bowl Plastic Lid Bowls Ripple Bowl:- Antique Lid Bowl:- Stainless Steel Lid Bowl Microwavable Plastic Serving Bowl Plastic Lid Serving Bowl Ss Plastic Lid Bowls Special Lid Bowl:- Clear Lid Bowl Special Clear Lid Bowl Special German Bowls With Lids Lock Lid Bowl:- Lock Lid Bowl Double Colour Lid Bowl Set:- Ss Air Tight Bowls Double Colour Lid Bowl Air Tight Lid Bowl Euro Lid Bowl Sets Microwave Lid Bowl Plastic Microwave Euro Bowl Plastic Anti Skid Bowl:- Plastic Anti Skid Bowl Round Anti Skid Bowl Anti Plastic Lid Bowl Special Colored Lid Bowl German Bowl:- German Bowl With Inside Lid German Bowl With Outside Lid Maspain German Bowl Laquer Double Color Storage Bowl Round Food Storage Container Grater German Bowl:- Ss Grater German Bowl Stainless Steel Grater Bowl Red Grater German Bowl Grater German Bowl Set Coloured Grater German Bowl Stainless Steel Slice Bowl We are A dependable Supplier and Manufacturer of of Plastic Bowls, Heavy Plastic Bowls, Stainless steel Bowls, Pet Bowls and Plastic Lids, we...

Naaz International Delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

Puppy Dish, PET Feeding Bowl, Dog Feeding Bowl, Dog Bowl, Double Dinner Bowl, Dog Beds, Dog Accessories, Anti Skid Pet Bowl, etc. With the consistent that it is the quality of products that separates the good from the best. All our products that include Dog Collars, Leather Dog Collars, PET Feeding Bowl , Dog Bowl, Double Dinner Bowl, Dog Beds, Dog Accessories, Anti Skid Pet Bowl etc., are made using the best quality raw material that make our range Feeding Bowl Stainless Steel Coop Cup Hand Painted Pet Bowls Stainless Steel Pet Bowls Printed Pet Bowls Embossed Pet Bowls Pet Bowl Solid Pet Bowls Dog Bowl:- Stainless Steel PET Mixing Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Side Embossed Dog Bowl Dog Bowls Designer Dog Bowl Embossed Dog Bowl Silicone Cat Dishes ANTI SKID DOG BOWL WITH SILICON RINGS Double Dinner Bowl:- Double Diner Dog Bowl Double Pet Dinner Double Dinner Bowls Jacket Quilted Dog Jacket Dog Collars Colored Dog Collars Anti Skid Pet Bowl:- Anti Skid Cat Dishes Anti Skid Pet Bowls With Design Anti Skid Pet Feeding Bowl Pet Bowl With Color Anti Skid Base Anti-Skid Pet Bowls Wooden Double Diner Pet Bowls:- Wooden Double Diner Dog Bowls Wooden Pet bowls Raised Wood Dog bowl Stand Wooden Pet Bowl Wooden Double Diner pet bowls Wooden Dog Bowl Stand Raised Wooden Double Diner pet Stand Double Diner Double Diner Box Double Diner box w bowls w brass fish Double Diner scissor shape with bowls Single Pet Diner Bowl Bird Coop Cups Buckets Puppy saucer 11 inch,15 inches SS Parrot Cups Feeding Bowls:- Regular Pet Feeding bowl Regular feeding bowl wall Embossed SS Puppy Dishes Regular feeding Bowl Top Inside embossed Stainless Steel Pet Feeding Bowls Colored Embossed Pet Bowls SS PET Bowls Pet Bowl Display Stand Non Skid Bowls :- Regular Non skid Dog bowl Regular Non skid bowl wall embossed Top Embossed Non Skid Dog Bowl Non Skid Dog Bowl Belly shaped Non skid with Nut Holder Adjustable H base with coloured bowls Wrought Iron Double Diner with Feeding bow Wrought Iron Double diner with Top Embosse SS Pet Feeding Bowl, Dog Feeding Bowl, Dog Bowl, Double Dinner Bowl, Dog Beds, Dog Accessories, Anti Skid Pet Bowl, etc. Pet Feeding Bowl:- Single Dinner Pet...

Jinzhou Zhongwei Singing Bowl Factory jinzhou (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Art and Craft • Proprietorship firm

Welcome to Zhongwei Singing Bowl Factory.-Your online source for Crystal Singing Bowls and Vibrational Healing Tools for Transformation. We are a factory mainly producing Crystal Singing bowls in China.We invite you to learn about our high quality, pure quartz singing bowls. Each bowl is made crystal.The mainly there products include Classic Frosted Singing Bowl, Classic Frosted Singing Bowl and the Practitioner Series Bowls. using a unique patented process, which results in strong bowls with an incredibly pure tone. All our bowls are made ONLY with 99.99% pure quartz Jinzhou Zhongwei Singing Bowl Factory Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Crystal Singing Bowls. Our Products List :- Quartz crystal singing bowls Crystal singing bowls Quartz singing bowls Quartz crucible Quartz crystal musical bowls Frosted crystal singing bowls Frosted singing bowls Clear singing bowls Clear crystal singing bowls Crystal tuning fork Quartz tuning fork Handheld crystal singing bowls Healing bowls Crystal mucical bowls Quartz musical bowls Frosted crystal musical bowls Frosted musical bowls Clear musical bowls Clear crystal musical bowls...

Jinzhou Wanshida Quartz Glass Co., Ltd jinzhou (China)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Public Ltd. firm

singing bolw,gold crystal singing bowl and so on;and we can supply you all kinds of music notes to meet requirement of different customers;at the same ,and near to seaside with convenient traffic. Our comapay deals with all kinds of crystal singing bowl,such as frosted crystal singing bowl,clear crystal bowl accessories Clear singing bowls Quartz crucible Quartz plate Quartz tube Quartz rod Quartz singing pyramid Quartz singing bell Gold singing bowl Color singing bowl We are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Bowl:- Selling Leads Frosted singing bowl Handle clear singing bowl Crystal tuning fork Singing...

Daivie Exports Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

Bowls & Dog Bowls which are practically designed and inexpensively marketed, in addition to exemplifying the features such as adequate space, easy Steel Bucket Dog Food Container Hamster Dish Fancy Dog Bowls Parrot Bird Feeder Sublimation Dog Bowl Adjustable Double Diner With 2 Base Pet Bowl Bird Coop Cups Double Diner Powder Coated Unique Pet Bowls Pet Food Scoop Antiskid Square Design Dog Bowl Pet Food Container Cat Food Dish Ant Free Pet Bowl Ceramic Dog Bowls Double Diner Powder Coated Cat Food Plate Bird Feeder Cup Sublimation Printing Coop Cup Stainless Steel Food Scoops Raised Cat Printed Style Dog Bowls Dog Food Scoop Bird Feeding Bowl With Rod Hanger Anti Skid Cat Bowls Display-Stand For Anti Skid Dog Bowls Spill Proof Dog Bowl Bowl Bird Feeding Bowl With Chain Hanger Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Anti Skid Wall Embossed Dog Bowls Cat Dish Slow Feed Dog Bowl Dog Bowl Stand Stainless Bowl Adjustable Pet Bowls Stainless Steel Utensils: Litter Tray Stainless Steel Pet Food Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Food Bowls Cat Dish Printed Pet Dish Powder Coated Pet Bowl Metal Pet Bowl Adjustable Singe Dinner Pet Bowl Regular Pet Feeding Colored Bowls Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowls Heated Pet we are a leading manufacturer and exporter of the household utensils domain. Our Products:- Pet Products: Pet Bowl Wide Rim Embossed Fixed Single Diner With Flying Pet Dish Colored Bucket Modern Dog Bowl Pet Dish Stand Anti-Skid Dog Bowl Adjustable Double Diner Collapsible Dog Bowl Stainless Feeder Chain Stainless Steel Canister Set Stainless Steel Flat Bucket With Hook Elevated Dog Bowl Stainless Steel Cat Dish Pet Bowl Coloured Ss Printed Dish Anti Skid Dog Bowl With 2 Color Finish Pet Bowl Wall Embossed Dog Food Canister Antiskid Wall Design Dog Bowl Pet Food Storage Canisters Double Pet Diner Bowl Pet Food Bowl Stand Pet Food Stand Anti Spill Dog Bowl Hanging Bird Feeder Pet Bowl Display Stand Stainless Steel Dog Treat Canister Pet Bowl Stand Stainless Steel Flat Bucket Stainless Steel Coop Cup Ss Sublimation Printed Coop Cups Adjustable Double Diner With Flying Pet Dish Stainless Steel Pet Bowl Floral Design Coop Cup Antiskid Ring Design Dog Bowl Cat Feeding Bowl Stainless Steel Pet Canisters Stainless Steel Round Pet...

Marine Space craft private limited new delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Art and Craft • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are a leading firm that is engaged in the manufacture & export of Tibetan singing bowls & Buddhist craft items.we also deal in traditional Indian used as aids of meditation & spiritual well being. We are specializing in the manufacturing singing bowls that were popularly used by the disciples of Buddha. All ritual items like religious statues, prayer wheel, old singing bowls, carved singing bowls, offering bowls, butter lamps, Serums and exporting wide range of Tibetan singing bowls & Buddhist craft items that have high religious significance. Our organization is also engaged bowls, carved singing bowls, old singing bowls, prayer wheel, tings ha bells, Assam bowls, copper Assam bowls, brass Assam bowls, Tibetan bells . Our products :- Singing Bowls : Assam Singing Bowl Kasa Bowl Mantra Engraved And Laquered Bowl Mundapa Bowl Dia Mundapa Singing Bowl Old Khara Singing Bowl Pyramid Bowl Dia Tibetan Etched Singing Bowl Tibetan Khara Singing Bowl Tibetan Lingam Singing Bowl Tibetan Singing Bowl (Engraved With Tibetan Motiffs) Tibetan Singing Bowl (Etched With Om Mantra) Tibetan Stand Bowl Tibetan Buddhist Bells : Buddhist Bell With Dorje (Super Manju Shri Vajrasattva White Tara Mallets : Felt Mallet/Beater (For Playing Singing Bowl/Gong ) Wooden Mallets Copper Incense Holders Jewellery Boxes Copper Jewellery Boxes 325 Grams Diameter 9.5 Cms (280-Gm) Incense Box Dia - 14 Cms Incense Storage Box Copper 16 Singing Bowl Cushions Buddhist Statues Prayer Wheels. We are manufacturers, online traders & exporters of Tibetan singing bowls & Buddhist craft items. We also deal in traditional Indian handicrafts...


Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

, stainless steel knife set, stainless steel dog bowls, pet bowls, kitchen utensils, tableware, kitchenware circles and patti patta. Since its inception of the largest manufacturers and distributors of stainless steel mixing bowls, kitchen knife set, cooking kitchen utensils, stainless steel knife set, kitchen utensils, stainless steel flat, petware, kitchenware, non tip dishes, german mixing bowls, mughlai bowls and uv bowls. We are exporting cooking , supplier and Exporter of Stainless Steel Pet Products - Standard Feeding Bowl (Pet Bowl) Regular, Standard Feeding Bowl (Pet Bowl) Embossed, Non Tip Anti Skid (Dog Bowl) Regular, (all anti skid bowl are also available in color rubber lip; embossed rubber lip; strip rubber embossed rubber lip), Non Tip Anti Skid (Dog Bowl) Embossed, Non Tip Anti Skid Belly shape dog bowl, Coop Cup, Kitty Cup, Hamester Dish, S S Wire Double Dinner for Pets Cooking Kitchen Utensils - Deep Mixing Colander, German Bowl, German Calender, Footed Bowl, Basin, Soup Plate, Oval Platte , Fry Pan, Mixing Bowl (Deep and Regular) / Salad Bowl Kitchen Tools - Soup Spoon, Whisk, Kitchen Tool Holder, Kitchen Knife Set Tableware - Ashtray ( indoor, outdoor), China Plates We are the leading manufacturer of stainless steel products, pet ware, pet accessories, pet bowls, dog bowls, kitchenware, bar ware, tableware , utensils, ashtray, German bowls, deep mixing bowls, colanders, whisks, dust bin, hamper, kitchen tool holder, brush holder, cutlery, etc. Manufacturer...

H.B. Exports New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

Manufacture and export mixing bowl, plates, trays, fry pan, spoon, and other stainless steel utensils.Of like Bowls, Plates & Trays, Colanders, Ash Trays, Strainers, Pet Bowl Cookware, Bread Baskets, Waste Bins, Others Bowls :Stain Bowl, Whip Bowl, Mixing Bowl - German, German Bowl - Deep, Mixing Bowl (Wide Rim), Mixing Bowl (Regular), Tulip Bowl, Oval Bowl, Korean Bowls, Deep Mixing Bowls with Ring, Soup Bowls, Measuring Bowls, Lid Bowls , Mixing Bowls - Deep, Salad Bowl-Belly Shape, Salad Bowls, Deep Colander, German Bowls-Rubber Base, Coaster. Plates & Trays : Charger Plate, Pizza Tray , Tea Bag. Pet Bowl : Cocker, Dog Bowl (Belly Shape), Pet Bowl, Dog Bowl (Plain), Pet Bowl-Rubber Base, Dog Bowl Embossed, Pet Bowl With Holder, Double...

J.M.D. International moradabad (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Art and Craft • Partnership firm

: - Gold Plated Bowl - SINGLE BOWL SET - Brass Bowls - Brass Boul - Sil/Gold Leaf Set - Sil/Gold Bowl - Silver bowl set - Sil/Gold Boel set Bowl - Machine Made Singing Bowl - Aluminum Singing Bowl - Stools/tables Wooden Boxes : - Wooden Box - Wooden carved box - T-Light Holder Handicrafts : - Metal Box. - Wedding Crystal Candle Holder - Crystal Tealight Wooden Incense Holder : - Top Loading Incense Tower - Top Loading Tower Brass Bowls Decoratives - Christmas Tealight Holders - Crystal Tealight Holder - Star Tealight Holder Singing Bowls : - Singing Bowls - Handmade Singing...

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