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Laizhou Yinheng Machinery Co.,Ltd Laizhou (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Public Ltd. firm

,Ltd is specialized in development, production and sale of automobile brake-discs&brake-drums. ,Ltd is specialized in development, production and sale of automobile brake-discs & brake - drums. Product Categories Brake Disc -Modified Brake Disc Car Brake Disc:- -Brake Disc For TOYOTA -Brake Disc For HONDA -Brake Disc For Mercedes Benz -Brake Disc For BMW -Brake Disc For HYUNDAI -Brake Disc For KIA -Brake Disc For NISSAN -Brake Disc For MAZDA -Brake Disc For SUZUKI -Brake Disc For MITSUBISHI -Brake Disc For PEUGEOT -Brake Disc For CITROEN -Brake Disc For BUICK -Brake Disc For DAEWOO Truck Brake Disc:- -Brake Disc For MAN -Brake Disc For SCANIA -Brake Disc For NAVISTAR -Brake Disc For NEOPLAN -Brake Disc For GMC GMC Bearing Brake Disc:- -Brake Disc For Ford -Brake Disc For GMC Brake Drum Car Brake Drum:- -Brake Drum For TOYOTA -Brake Drum For HONDA -Brake Drum For Mercedes Benz -Brake Drum For BMW -Brake Drum For HYUNDAI -Brake Drum For KIA -Brake Drum For NISSAN -Brake Drum For MAZDA -Brake Drum For SUZUKI -Brake Drum For MITSUBISHI -Brake Drum For PEUGEOT Truck Brake Drum:- -Brake Drum For MAN -Brake Drum For HOWO....


Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Public Ltd. firm

We are the Brake Discs manufacturer from Qingdao, China. We have been in exporting for more than 10 years. Now we mainly export Brake Discs and Pads for passenger cars and heavy duty to USA, Canada, and European countries. We are Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of Brake disc;brake pads;brake shoes;brake drums...

AP Racing Coventry (United-kingdom)

Manufacturer • Automobiles • Proprietorship firm

The world of motorsport has changed out of all recognition since those early days and AP Racing have spearheaded every major development in brake and clutch 97mm multi-disc units that transmit close to 1000 bhp. AP Racing shows the way. With over 220 brake winners AP Racing shows the way. Jacks :- Standard Airjacks Telescopic Airjacks Air Jacks with integral exaust valve Props & Exaust Valves Lance and Connector Safety Competition Brake Kits :- Brake Kit Selection Kit Contents Inner Wheel Clearance Calipers Discs Disc Choice Disc Bedding] Care & Safety of Discs Disc Handing] Disc Mounting Calipers :- Caliper Handing Anti-Knock Back Springs Part Numbering Servicing Pro 5000+ Range Caliper Selection Carbon/Carbon :- Disc Choice Disc Mounting Disc Temperatures Disc Cooling Disc Bedding Disc Face Types Safety & Care of Discs Disc Handing & Identification Drive Bobbins Disc Selection Fluid :- Fluid Details Additional/Health & Safety Information Master Cylinders :- Additional Versions & Repair Kits Fluid Reservoirs Pedal Box & Balance Bar Assemblies Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valves Brake Fluid Recirculating Master Cylinders] Master Cylinder Selection Pads :- Pad Characteristics Brake Temperatures Brake Noise Pad Material Performance 'Bedding In' Procedure Pad Selection Master cylinder selection Release Bearings :- Additional Versions & Repair Kits Fluid Reservoirs Pedal Box & Balance Bar Assemblies Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valves Brake Fluid Recirculating Master Cylinders Master Cylinder Selection Reservoirs Slave Cylinders :- Push Type Slave Cylinders Pull Type Slave Cylinders Performance Road Products :- Formula Brake Kits :- Brake Kit Selection New Kits Kit Contents Inner Wheel Clearance Calipers Discs Disc Choice] Disc Bedding] Care & Safety of Discs Disc Handing Disc Mounting Strap Drive Discs Road Brake Calipers :- Caliper handing Anti-Knockback Springs Part Numbering System Servicing & Reconditioning Caliper Selection Strap Drive Discs :- Brake Fluid Formula...

Sharukh Group Of Establishment Tirur (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Proprietorship firm

Semi metallic brake pad Hydraulic brake parts Motorcycle brake shoe Ac brake Rear brake lever Auto brake lining Magnetic brakes Air brake part Truck brakes Pedal rubber Brake return springs Disc brakes Car brake discs Pedal rubber Car brake pads Brake blocks Roll brake linings Brake controller...

R. M. Engineering rajkot (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Proprietorship firm

Our product range includes Brake Disc, Brake Drum and Wheel Hub. Our Product List : Brake Disc : - Ace Brake Disc - Trailer Brake Disc - Toyota Hilux Brake Disc - Tata Sumo N/M, 207 DI,207EX,Telcoline 4X2 Brake Disc - Tata Ace Brake Disc - Toyota Innova Brake Disc - Tata Safari Brake Disc - Corolla Front Brake Disc - Esteem Brake Disc - Verna Brake Disc - Corolla Rear Brake Disc - Alto Brake Disc - Tata 207 DI RX Brake Disc - Accent Brake Disc - Fiat Siena Brake Disc - Winger Brake Disc - Tata Sumo Old Model Brake Disc - Tata Winger Brake Disc - Tata Indigo Manza Brake Disc - Toyota Qualis Brake Disc - Tempo Traveler Brake Disc - Tempo Cruiser Brake Disc - Maruti 1000 Brake Disc - Gypsy Brake Disc - Santro Old Model Brake Disc - Tempo Traveler New Model Brake Disc - Astar Brake Disc - Santro New Model Brake Disc - Tata Sumo Vented Brake Disc - M Hawk Brake Disc - Honda Civic Brake Disc - Toyota Hiace Brake Disc - Front Brake Disc - Sumo Grand Brake Disc - Tata Indigo Manza and Vista Diesel Brake Disc - Suitable Brake Disc for Sumo N/M,207DI,207EX,Telcoline 4X2 - Bolero Brake Disc - Ford Figo Brake Disc - Ford Ikon Brake Disc - Suitable Brake Disc for Mercedes Actros SG and CI Casting : - Iron Casting - Cast Iron Casting Discs : - Grinded Brake Disc - Slotted Rotors - All Brake Discs - Car Brake Disc - Ventilated Brake Disc - Brake Disc Tata Sumo - Brake Rotor - Solid Brake Disc - Quality Brake Disc - Steel Brake Disc - Cross Drilled Brake Disc - Altis Rear Brake Disc - Tata Indica (Vista) Petrol Brake Disc Passenger Car Parts Plain Brake Disc : - Honda City Brake Disc - Skoda Octavia Rear Brake Disc - Tata Indigo - Brake Disc - Suitable Brake Disc for Tempo Cruiser type 2 - Honda City Type 3 Rear Brake Disc Vented Brake Disc : - Brake Disc For Audi Q7 - Xylo Brake Disc - Tata Indica Brake Disc - Sumo Victa Brake Disc - Honda Civic Rear Brake Disc - Passenger Car Components - Bolero Brake Disc - Brake Disc for S Cross and SX4 - Brake Disc for Different Industry : - Brake Disc for Truck - Vented Brake Disc - Brake Rotor - Bronze Bushing New Items : - Brake Drum - Spring Bracket...

Capulkit@123 Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Pvt Ltd. firm

tractor spare parts, spare parts, auto parts, auto spare parts, brake plates, clutch plates, automotive spare parts, brake disc Our company specializes in clutch and brake parts including clutch discs, clutch brakes, clutch covers, brake disc actuating, brake disc, and many more tractor spare parts, spare parts, auto parts, auto spare parts, brake plates, clutch plates, automotive spare parts, brake disc...

Johnson Industries Ltd. Richmond (Canada)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Offer worldwide the most comprehensive range of industrial brakes and brake systems available from any single source. In 1993 Johnson Industries purchased the British brake company "Elevanja". The Elevanja company has been designing and manufacturing brakes since 1915, and the acquisition has made the Johnson brake line very versatile. Johnson designs and manufactures a range of products in house including hydraulic, pneumatic, spring-set or manually applied caliper disc brakes and brake Johnson also produces electro-magnetic and electro-hydraulic thruster drum and disc brakes which are in service around the world on cranes, hoists and In addition to the brakes mentioned above, brake discs and brake drums can be built to customer specifications. The Johnson catalog contains many standard diameter brake discs and fly wheels with or without mounting holes, hub, straight bore, tapered bore, key way In addition to brake discs Johnson manufactures many different models of brake drums. Johnson also offers a variety of transmission couplings for brake applications. We also design and manufacture Storm and Parking brakes. Storm brake systems include automatic and manual rail clamps, rail brakes and wheel clamps. Our Products are as follows -Disc & Shoe Brakes and Complete Brake Systems -Rail Brakes & Clamps -Wheel Brakes & Clamps -Complete Storm Brake Systems...

M/s Ushaa Industries Coimbatore (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

OUR PRODUCTS RANGE :- - Brake Liners - Brake Pads - Brake Shoes - Brake Discs - Brake Blocks - Brake/Clutch Segments - Bake/Clutch Bands - Clutch Linings - Clutch Shoes - Clutch Shoes - Wind Mill Brake Pads - Clutch Disc - Brake Bands - Brake Blocks - Brake Shoes For Hoists - Clutch Liners - Industrial Brake Liners - Clutch Bands - Brake Segment Product - Clutch Segments - Industrial Friction Materials....

Friction Elements Bangalore (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

FRICTION ELEMENTS Introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturers of Clutch Discs, Plates and Damper Assemblies used in different and varied applications In addition to this, we also manufacture electromagnetic clutch and brake assemblies, for toothed clutches,which are used in the machine - tool industry All clutch disc types being manufactured from sintered bronze,steel, metal impregnated fabric friction material, bronze & cerametallic etc. We are Manufacturer and suppliers of Clutch Discs, Plates and Damper Assemblies. Brakes : Brake Crane Brake Blocks Brake Discs Brake Hoist Brake Liners(Industrial) Brake Machine Tools Brake Mechan I Cal Brake Pads Brakes Electomagnetic Discs : Disc Carbon, Graphite Disc Cork Steel Discs For Industrial Machines Like Lathe,Miller,Driller,Grinder Etc. Clutch Segment For Presses Earth Moving Clutch Plates Fibre Disc Sintered Clutch Plates Transmission Disc Clutches : Reconditioning Of Clutch Units Electomagnetic...

Center Tecno Freno LECCO (Italy)

Manufacturers & Service Provider • Automobiles • Public Ltd. firm

Manufaturers of break discs, break pads, pipes require for vehicals. *Break Disks: -Model Composito: Brake disc composed of two parts: - central Ergal hub wrought from the solid, with superficial furrows which assure an Besides, it allows the development of all breaking systems and oversize kits -Model RS:Heat treated cast iron brake disc with sports working, type hole Right for all kinds of car and for all those who demand their car highly sporting performances -Model DTM: Heat treated cast iron brake disc with oblique -Model GR.N: Heat treated cast iron brake disc with oblique furrows, fit for a sporting road use. It improves the friction coefficient....

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