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Guangzhou Topchina Equipment Technology Development Company Guangzhou (China)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

therapies, such as magnetism therapy, sole therapy, water therapy, electric therapy and so on, which possess 68 different impulse frequencies healthcare products. Model HJL 618B Ionized Alkaline Water Magntism Water Ionizer TP214 pitcher made with medical grade plastic Alkaline water flask TP212 Ionizer 929 Big LCD Water Ionizer Model HJL 619J Antioxidant Water Filter The Magntism Water Ionizer Ionized Alkaline Water HJL 618A Model HJL 621 618CC Water Alkaline Ionizer Magntism Water Ionizer Model HJL 618DD Water Alkaline Ionizer with Big LCD Under Counter Water Ionizer 819 Water Ionizer Water Magntism Water Ionizer Model HJL 618AA Alkaline Water Filter The Magntism Water Ionizer Model HJL 816 The Big LCD Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Alkaline Ionizer Under Counter Water Ionizer Model HJL 618DY Water Ionizer has Big LCD water ionizer 919 The latest model with high pH heating system 7 plates Model HJL 619 Water Ionizers Magntism Water Ionizer Water Ionizer Machine 939 Machine 949 with big LCD screen Alkaline water flask TP213 The Nano Energy Water Cup TP211 Model 622 Alkaline Water Model HJL 618BB Ionized Alkaline with Big LCD Model HJL 618YY The Big LCD Water Ionizer Model HJL 620 Commercial Water Ionization Water Ionizer Model HJL 618JY with Big LCD Model HJL...

SuzuionIndia Secunderabad (India)

Service Provider • Services • Pvt Ltd. firm

Water Ionizer,Digital Alkaline Water Ionizer,Alkaline Water Ionizer with dexterity includes Water Purifier, Water Ionizer, Water ATM, Water Dispenser, Water Cooler, Water Vending Machine, Alkaline Commercial Plant, Alkaline Industrial Plant, Hydrogen Water Machine, etc. Suzuion Technologies Pvt Ltd is bringing a new wave to the water purifying technology system. We are a consequential manufacturer of Alkaline Water Ionizer that can be trusted upon for providing several types of water purifying and ionizing systems. The wide range of products that we manufacture Water Ionizer,Digital Alkaline Water Ionizer,Alkaline Water Ionizer...

IONFARMS CO., LTD. Incheon (North-korea)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

that these benefits are mutually interdependent." IONFARMS(SUCHANG) CO., LTD is the export pioneer in this field and introduced water ionizer . Water Ionizer(Commercial, Residential) and Valued and Scientific Healthcare products. The founder and the boss, Dr. Ha, Ph.D., chanced upon water ioniser from his Japanese friend at 1980. Due to his high chronic fatigue and blood the ionised water. The result was amazing. His fatigue and blood pressure returned to normal and recover it has since regained his good health. Since goals has been to introduce people about the valued water ioizers and eastern healthcare science. The Company manufactures and distributes water products and services, to produce the finest, healthy water that creates human, environmental and commercial benefits, and to be constantly aware , healthy and tasty source of water in an economical, ecological and time-saving manner, through its wide range of healthcare products. One of our ionizer and healthcare products as well as FIR products. There is also an efficient and well organized team to export for response of dealers & last with our products and philosophy. We are always glad to receive any queries or suggestions and are happy to help with any water related problems IonFarms Alkaline ionized water is different from the water we drink. It contains ions, has a different boiling point, freezing point, viscosity ion water is naturally disinfected, so no bacteria can ever thrive. IonFarms produces crystal clear alkaline ionized water that is absorbed . Alkaline ion water removes impurities and activates healthy minerals into an ionic form which produces "Living Water". In addition, the alkaline immediately by the body to maintain our health, and acidified water for skin care and disinfection. * IonFarms Water Ionizer , surface tension and can enter body cells three times faster. The water we drink is exposed to every kin of toxin and pollution and is poorly filtered...

Compare Water Ionizers Floeida (United-states)

Service Provider • Electronics and Telecommunication • Organization firm

Mr. Ionizer Service Provider of Major brands of water ionizers compared and reviewed, by performance, durability, Jupiter, Tyent, KYK, Life and Enagic ionizers. Compare Water Ionizers We Are Service Providers of Electronics And Telecommunication Products. Water ionizer, jupiter, tyent, kyk, life, enagic, comparison, compared, compare ionizers, compare water ionizers ...

Landmark Inc Rajkot (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

real of activities includes export and import of Portable Steam Bath, R.O. System, Water Dispensers. Keeping abreast of new developments in steam in steam generating technology. 50 Lph Ro System 100-250 Lph Industrial R.O. Plant 8000 Lph Industrial Ro Plant Alkaline Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Digital Morning Walker Domestic Sun Blue Ro Water Purifier Domestic Sun Green Ro Water Purifier Domestic Water Purifier Of Water Ionizer Drinking Ro Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System Leg Foot Massager Mineral Purifier Mineral Ro Of Alkaline Water Ionizer Mineral Ro Water Purifier With Alkaline Water Mineral Water Ionizer With Alkaline Water Morning Walker Office Ro Water Purifier With Alkaline Water Portable Sauna Steam Bath For Home Use Purifier With Alkaline Water Ro Water Purifiers Steam Bath Sauna Steam Rooms Steam Shower Cabin Water Alkaline Water Ionizer Water Purifier Water Filter Ionizer Water Ionizer With Alkaline Water Purifier Water Purification Filter Water Purification Process Systems Water Purifier Equipments Water Softener Water Softner Plant. Ionizer Water Purifier Ankle Foot Massager Ankle Leg Foot Massager For Home Automatic Ro Water Purifying Plant Aws Membranes Beauty Portable Steam Bath Purifier System With Alkaline Water Remote Control Based Steam Bath With Folding And Portable System Residential Kent Ro Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis We Are Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters and Importers of Portable Steam Bath, R.O. System, Water Dispensers. Keeping abreast of new developments Water Purifier Eco Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier System Electronic Foot Massager Folding And Portable Steam Bath Folding Personal Steam Sauna Bath Home Ro Water Purifier System Industrial Dm Plant Industrial Mineral Water Dm Plant Industrial R.O. 50 Lph Industrial R.O. 250 Lph Industrial R.O. 3000 Lph Industrial R.O. 8000 Lph Infra Chi Morning Walker For Home Jogging Infra Digital Vibrating Morning Walker Infra Morning Walker Infra Red Morning Water Purifier Landmark Domestic Sun Violet Ro Water Purifier Landmark Eco Ro System Landmark Industrial 250 Lph Ro Plant Landmark Industrial 3000 Lph Reverse Osmosis Plant Landmark Industrial Dm Plant Landmark Industrial Water Softener Landmark Sun Green Water Purifier Landmark Sun Rise Domestic...

Lan Shan Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Manufacturers of:- water filter, water purifier, water dispenser, fountain, medium to large water equipment, ozonizer, lonized water, tea equipment and shower filter, home water treatment, reverse osmosis system, drinking water machine, water filter, ionized water, water filtration system, water purification systems, water purifier, fountain, drinking water dispenser, ozonizer, UV sterilizer, RO parts and accessories, RO system, water coolers , water softener, water heater, commercial and industrial reverse osmosis equipment, water treatment equipment, design, planning, and installation. ...

Minmen Plastic Co,. LTD Taichung (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Consumer Goods • Partnership firm

ionizer, alkaline water ionizer, water purifier, water softener, water filter, shower filter, oral irrigator, dental care product, water saving shower heads, health care product Minmen Plastic Co, . LTD is a professional Plastic finished goods factory in TAIWAN that making oral irrigator , water purifier , filter, water & marketing group divisions in global even we have many customers in China and rising gradually. We produce such products for OEM or agent as follows : Water Water ionizer, alkaline water ionizer, water purifier, water softener, water filter, shower filter, oral irrigator, dental care product, water saving shower heads, health care product...

Joystick Health Care Products surat (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

of Domestic Water Purifier & Industrial Water Purifier Systems comprises Alkaline RO, Health Line Products, Counter Top RO System, Hot & Cold Water in the year 1989, the company is a leading manufacturer, exporter, importer, supplier and trader in the domain of water purifiers. Our rich industrial . We also trade in products manufactured by other companies and are one of the distributors of 'Kent' Mineral RO Water Purifiers. The basic purpose Manufacturers, traders and exporters of water purifier & industrial water purifier systems comprises alkaline ro, health line products, counter top ro system, hot & cold water dispenser. Our Products:- Anti Oxident Alkaline Water Products -Alkaline Filter For Ro -AALKRA RO WATER PURIFIER WITH ALKALINE -Anti Oxident Alkaline Water Jug -Biocera India -Bio Cooking Stone -Anti Oxident Alkaline Stick -JAQUARO ALKALINE & MINERAL FILTER Digital RO -JOY-25 Digital RO -Water Cooler with RO -JOY 50 - Digital RO -Mobile RO -Coin Card Operating Water Vending Machine Domestic Ro machine Fuel Saver (Petrol / Diesel Saver) WATER IONISER Air Purifier Water Mist Domestic Online RO. -Alkaline Filter For Ro manufacturer -Alkaline Products Importer & Exporter -Importer & Exporter of Alkaline Stick -Importer & Exporter of Alkaline Jug in India -Biocera Alkaline Jug Bioceramic Balls -Bioceramic Balls -Biocera Jug Commercial RO Products -Hot & Cold Dispencer -Industrial 100 LPH Water Vending Machine -Multi Coin Operated Water Vending Machine -250 - 1000 LTR MULTI COIN / CARD OPERATED WATER VENDING MACHINE RO for Dialisys & Chips Ozone Purifier Ozone Generator Multifunction Ozonizer Coin operated vending machine -Coin Operated Vending Machine -Multi Coin Operated...


Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Public Ltd. firm

Massager -SPA Natural Rhythm Massager -AIR SPA FRESHENER -Air SPA Freshener with LED Lamp Stand Ozone Series - -WATER OZONIZER & PURIFIER -AIR OZONIZER & IONIZER -AIR OZONIZER & IONIZER -CAR AIR OZONIZER & IONIZER -Portable Ozonizer -Photocatalyst Air Ozonizer & Ionizer Nanometer...

Golden Swan International Mumbai (India)

Trader • Consumer Goods • Organization firm

Imagining life without water is a painful task. Tolerating thirst for a few minutes is okay but living with the fact that this thirst is a permanent problem can be quite disheartening. Even in the Indian culture, guests are always welcomes with a cool and soothing drink of water. Well , this is because scientifically water is known to cool down the overall body temperature and restore the peaceful equilibrium so that the guests can have an effective conversation. Lack of water in the body can actually trigger a series of diseases including headaches, urinary stones and a lot more is that drinking unhygienic or polluted water is also equally dangerous. In India, the quality of drinking water that is available is very poor and highly polluted. Golden Swan is the first of its kind agency that specialises in implementing processes that give pure water. The initiative of this company is directed towards helping people get access to pure and safe drinking water, in all places. Vision :- Mr Kavi Bhatia, the founder of the company it impossible to accept the difference in the taste and quality of water. The water in India tasted bad and that’s when he undertook the mission to channelize his expertise and desire to deliver pure and safe drinking water to his fellow countrymen. Golden Swan is the first of its kind agency that specialises in implementing processes that give pure water ALKALINE IONIZER ALKALINE JUG / PITCHER ALKALINE BOTTLE CHLORINE FREE SHOWER ALKALINE STICK OUTDOOR WATER BAGS ELECTROLYSIS ALKALINE IONIZER NANO ENERGY ALKALINE FLASK...

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