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AS Laser Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

applications.We are an USO 9001:2008 company. Our products includeAgriculture Lasers-Laser Guided Land eveler, Construction Lasers, Laser Guided Graders , Lazer guided Dozers, Rotary Lasers, Dot Lasers, Line Lasers, Cross Line asers, Digital Levels, Pipe Lasers, Survey Instruments, Total Stations The company is engaged in the business of providing Laser and other high tech solutions for agriculture, construction, urvey and industrial , Theodolites, Auto Levels, Range Finders, laser evels, laser distance meter, ultrasonic distance meter, torpedo level, laser level. AS Laser Systems Pvt. Ltd. : Agriculture Lasers-Laser Guided Land Leveler Construction Lasers Laser Guided Graders Lazer Guided Dozers Rotary Lasers Dot Lasers Line Lasers Cross Line Lasers Digital Levels Pipe Lasers Survey Instruments Total Stations Theodolites Auto Levels Range Finders Laser Levels Aser Distance Meter Ultrasonic Distance Meter Torpedo Level Laser Level Manufacturers and Traders of Laser and other high tech solutions for agriculture, construction, urvey and industrial applications. Our Product Range...

Optilase Techniks (I) Pvt Ltd chennai (India)

Service Provider • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

In Laser Processing In The Field , Installed Base Of More Than A 40 Lasers Working In The Field Shows Our Commitment To The Industry. Later Optilase Became Optilase Techniks, Offers Laser Systems For Your Welding, Cutting, Drilling And Surface Treatments. We Offer Laser From Jk Lasers, Robot From Abb Optilase Was Established In 1994 To Address The Concern. We Provide Laser Solutions To Industry. With Our 28 Years Of Experiences And Expertise And Custom Built Cnc Depending On The Application. Optilase Techniks Established India'S First Laser Process Development Centre In Chennai For Fabrication Solutions Like Cutting, Welding, Drilling And Surface Treatments In The Private Sector In 2003 With 500w Cw Laser. And Have Been Working On Projects For The Surgical Equipments, Defence, Aerospace, Automobile, Electronics And Jewellery Industries., We Also Assist The Educational Institutes In Their Advanced Projects In Lasers. We are Service Provider of fabrication solutions like Cutting, Welding, Drilling and surface treatments. Products:- Laser Welding Laser Cutting Laser Drilling ...

Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd Pandan Loop (Singapore)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

Specialized in lasers, optics & laser parts - Nd:YAG & CO2 laser marking, engraving & cutting machines, mirrors, Q-switch, fiber, scanning lenses , focusing lenses, chillers, laser lamps, crystals, beam expanders, energy/power meter, laser diodes, laser safety goggles, diode lasers, CNC control -quality low-price lasers & optics for OEM and end users. We are a leading company in Singapore to provide quality laser systems & optical components , laser parts, and relevant accessories). It is managed by experienced professionals with engineering & servicing backgrounds. It provides various high software, marking software. Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of photonics products (lasers -Laser mirrors and output couplers -Nd:YAG rods -Nd:YVO4 -KTP -Zinc Selenide (ZeSe) -Sapphire Lasers -Diode-pumped solid-state lasers -Lamp -cooled stabilized and wavelength tunable CO2 lasers -Green laser pointers (532nm) Laser Diodes -Red dot-, linear- and cross-shape diode lasers -IR dot-shape diode lasers -Parallel-beam diode lasers -High-power diode lasers & diode laser driver -Diode-pumped laser modules Laser Accessories Manufacturers and exporters of Electronics Products. Such as:- Laser Parts -Laser lamps (Kr arc lamps and Xe flashlamps) -CW laser power supply (Kr lamp driver) -Pulsed laser power supply (Xe lamp driver) -Laser pump chambers -Laser diode drivers -Diode-pumped laser modules -Optical galvanometers & drivers -Mirror mounts & holders -AO Q-switch elements & drivers -Laser beam delivery -Laser marking head Marking software -Flow expander -Scan lenses /f-theta lenses -Scan mirrors -YAG laser focusing lenses -ZnSe CO2 lenses, beam splitter, windows, output couplers -Laser chiller -Laser cooler -Condensing unit -Laser power/energy meters -Laser beam analyzer -Laser safety goggles -IR beam detector -CNC control software -Marking software Laser Machines -SR Series CO2 laser marking machines -UL Series CO2 laser marking machines -Nd:YAG laser marking machines -Diode-pumped laser marking machines -Laser marking machines for piston rings -Laser marking machines for oscillators -CO2 laser...

Alpes Lasers SA Neuch?tel (Switzerland)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Laser), M. Beck and A. M?ller. Alpes Lasers is the first company offering the emerging Unipolar Laser technology for spectroscopy applications . Alpes Lasers has a unique know how of more than thirty years of cumulated Unipolar Laser manufacturing. Alpes Lasers also offers its know how in designing and optimising systems based on Unipolar Laser technology. Alpes Lasers is incorporated as a SA under Swiss law and is located in Neuch?tel. Alpes Lasers is a spin-off company from the University of Neuch?tel. It has been founded mid 1998 by J. Faist (co-inventor of the Quantum Cascade Alpes Lasers SA Manufacturers of :- DFB-Laser FP-Laser Starter Kit Laser Housing Laser Driver Temperature controller....

Oxford Lasers, Inc. Massachusetts (United-states)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Since 1977, Oxford Lasers has been supplying laser solutions to science and industry. Oxford Lasers was founded in 1977 by physicists from Oxford of Excimer lasers and Copper Vapor Lasers. Since 1990 it has manufactured laser-based systems incorporating lasers of all types, with an increasing emphasis on solid state lasers. University whose research had been directed towards the study of new, yet practical, laser devices. Initially the company focused on the manufacture Oxford Lasers, Inc. Manufacturers of :- Laser Micromachining Systems Contract services. Automation Laser drilling, cutting, scribing, marking & other applications . Laser micro machining & Laser ablation of metals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers....

Laser Lab India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

Laser Lab India is a pioneer company in India to provide laser solutions and services to a wide range of medical sectors, various industries and individual consumers with a strong commitment to customer service. Laser Lab India is an exclusive distributor of Epilog Laser, USA for their complete range of CO2 Laser engraving, marking and cutting systems for India & surrounding countries. Epilog is proud to introduce the most technically advanced line of CO2 laser engraving and cutting systems ever manufactured - The Legend. Laservall Asia, Italy for their whole range of Nd-YAG & DPSS Laser and manufactures advanced laser systems for a wide array of industrial and medical applications. We have a complete range of laser systems such as Fiber, Diode -pumped and Lamp-pumped Nd-YAG Laser Marking, Scribing & Cutting Systems, CO2 Laser Engraving System, CO2 Laser Marking Systems, CO2 Laser Jet Systems , CO2 Laser Cutting Systems, etc. Laser Lab India provides service, spares and accessories for almost all kind of laser systems. Marking & Welding Systems for India. V-Gen, Israel for their range of Fiber Lasers for India and surrounding countries. V-Gen develops Laser Lab India Pvt. Ltd. to customer service. Lasers : Epilog Lasers CO2 Lasers ND YAG Lasers Fiber Lasers Sheet Cutting Laser Hi Power Laser Medical Lasers Laser We are provide laser solutions and services to a wide range of medical sectors, various industries and individual consumers with a strong commitment Accessories Samles : Epilog Samples Metal Marking Laser Welding Laser Videos Electronics Marking Materials Testing Comparision...

Quantalase Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. indore (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

Instrumentation, Optical systems and Special Optical components. India has a few manufacturers of Industrial lasers and laser systems as well as Medical lasers. However no one manufactures Lasers, Laser Instruments and Optics required by R&D programmes of India. Similarly there is hardly anyone . Quantalase has expertise to develop and supply solid state lasers such as NdYAG laser for R&D applications. Quantalase has established facilities for developing and manufacturing some Lasers and Laser based Instruments, Spectroscopic Instruments, polishing of optical components Quantalase Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2005 by a group of experts each with more than 40 years of experience in Laser Technology, Laser of R&D laboratories. Quantalase has developed and supplied Nitrogen Laser, Dye Laser, Nitrogen Laser based and LED based Fluorimeters in India who can supply special optical components such as metal mirrors for high power lasers etc. Quantalase proposes to meet some of such requirements applications etc. It has also designed Spectrometer with CCD array as detector. Quantalase has supplied metal mirrors for high power lasers to DRDO We manufacturers and traders of Industrial lasers and laser systems as well as Medical lasers. Our Product Range : Spectroscopic Instruments Power IR Lasers - Schott Glass Optical Filters Custom Laser and Optical Systems : - Fluorimeters - Spectrometers Lasers : - Nitrogen Lasers - Nd YAG Lasers Optical Components : - Gold Coated Metal Mirrors for High...

Korea Medical Industry Co., Ltd. Seoul (North-korea)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Korea Medical Industry Co., Ltd. Is a K.FDA (Korea health authority) approved import/export and manufacturing company of medical device specialized in advanced medical equipments, including lasers, electrosurgical units etc. , therapy lasers. Our product range includes: 1. Surgical lasers - -CO2 surgical laser K30 with super pulse or ultra pulse mode laser -Diode surgical laser -Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers KMI Phoenix, KMI Nain for tattoo and pigment removal -Laser acessory: smoke evacuator, laser goggles, fiber lasers for LLLT and with option for P.Acne therapy - -LaserCure HeNe laser with scanner + optional warm FIR 300w -LaserCure HeNe +blue light with scanner -LaserCure warm-scan with scanner -InEx-TheraLaser Red+ IR diode laser for point therapy, laser acupuncture 4. Dental lasers, curing etc . - -CO2 laser with dental guide -Yag lasers Saturn with fiber -Argon Dentcure -Curing light, halogen -Curing light, LED -"Crystal Light , handpice / tips, micromanipulator 2. Liposculpture laser - automatic treatment type - -Acne treatment - Blue Light 300CW 3. Therapy Import/Exporter and Manufacturer of KMI, medical lasers, surgical lasers, CO2 lasers, Q-sw Nd:Yag lasers, cosmetic Lasers, diode lasers, yag lasers...

Hangzhou Brandnew Technology Co,.Ltd. Hangzhou (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Entertainment and Sports • Public Ltd. firm

BrandNew, the laser diode company, manufactures high-power diode lasers and systems in a wide range of output powers and wavelengths including fiber -coupled, stack bar lasers and plug and play lasers. Cooperated with Institute of semiconductors Chinese academy of sciences and Zhejiang University -coupled, stack bar lasers and plug and play lasers. Single Bar Diode Laser - 793nm Single Bar Diode Laser - 808nm Single Bar Diode Laser - 940nm Single Bar Diode Laser - 976nm Single Bar Diode Laser Conduction Cooled Diode Laser - 808nm Conduction Cooled Diode Laser - 915nm Conduction Cooled Diode Laser - 940nm Conduction Cooled Diode Laser - 976nm Conduction Cooled Diode Laser Vertical Stack Diode Laser - 808nm Vertical Stack Diode Laser - 940nm Vertical Stack Diode Laser - 975nm/976nm/980nm Vertical Stack Diode Laser Horizontal Stack Diode Laser - 808nm Horizontal Stack Diode Laser - 940nm Horizontal Stack Diode Laser - 975nm/976nm/980nm Horizontal Stack Diode Laser Fiber Coupled Diode Laser - 808nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser - 830nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser - 915nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser - 940nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser - 975nm/976nm/980nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser We are manufacturers, traders and exporters of high-power diode lasers and systems in a wide range of output powers and wavelengths including fiber...

China Lasers (Wuhan) Co Ltd Hubei (China)

Manufacturer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Public Ltd. firm

Specialized in lasers & optics - Nd:YAG & CO2 laser marking, welding & cutting machines, mirrors, Q-switch, fiber, scanning lenses, focusing lenses , chillers, flashlamps, crystals, bean expanders, energy/power meter, laser diodes, safety goggles. China Lasers (Wuhan) Co Ltd (CNL), formerly lasers, industrial laser machining systems and laser micro-machining systems. We have a workshop for laser material processing & feasibility study by Wuhan Government, membership of the Chinese Optical Society, chairman of Wuhan Laser Association of Optics Valley of China, director of Hubei Province Laser Association. We have import and export authority. Our business areas cover the fabrication, research and development of gas & solid-state a standard factory floor with 2, 300 meter square. We are a leading company on lasers in China. Our success lies in our commitment and expertise China Lasers (Wuhan) Co Ltd lasers High-power diode lasers & diode laser driver Diode laser welding/drilling machines Green laser pointers (532nm) Red dot-, linear - and cross-shape diode lasers IR dot-shape diode lasers Parallel-beam diode lasers Fiber lasers -Laser Machining Systems: SR Series CO2 laser marking machines UL Series CO2 laser marking machines Nd:YAG laser marking machines Diode-pumped laser marking machines Fiber laser marking machines Laser marking machines for piston rings Laser marking machines for oscillators Diode laser welding/drilling machines CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines CO2 laser engraving machines -Optical Components & Crystals: Beam expanders Zoom beam expander Motorized zoom beam expander Scan lenses /f -theta lenses Scan mirrors YAG laser focusing lenses ZnSe CO2 lenses, beam splitter, windows, output couplers Laser mirrors and output couplers Nd:YAG rods Nd:YVO4 KTP Zinc Selenide (ZeSe) Sapphire -Laser Parts: Laser lamps, Linear flashlamps, Circular flashlamps CW laser power supply Pulsed laser power supply Laser pump chambers Laser diode drivers Diode-pumped laser modules Optical galvanometers & drivers Mirror mounts...

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