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Scientific India Ambala Cantt (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Proprietorship firm

We are manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of BIS marked Microscopes and Optical Equipment. Some of our business processes are: Manufacturing Microscopes, Manufacturing Projection equipments and Manufacturing of Educational, Scientific Instruments We are Manufacturers And Exporters Of Products As Microscopes, Scientific Instruments. Student Microscopes :- AJ 5 AJ 6 Dissecting Microscope :- Bull Type Dissecting Microscope Dissecting Operating Microscope Pathalogical Microscopes :- Student Medical Microscope Student Monocular Microscope Pathological Monocular Microscope Binocular Pathological Microscope :- Binocular Pathological Microscope Pathological Binocular Microscope Research Binocular Microscopes :- Research Binocular Microscope Research Trinocular Microscope Multi Viewing Microscope Research Trinocular Ore Microscope Universal Research Microscope Stereozoom Microscopes :- Stereozoom Microscope Binocular Stereo Microscope Stereoscopic Dissection Microscopes Trinocular Stereozoom Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Advanced Microscopes :- Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope Toolmaker Microscope Inverted Trinocular Microscope LED Fluorescence Microscope Research Microscope B2 Trinocular Research Fluorescence Microscope Trinocular Research Microscope Upright Trinocular Microscope Projection Microscope :- Projection Microscopes Projection Research Microscope Screen Projection Microscope Projection Microscope-8 Physics Instruments :- Michelson Interferometer Constant Deviation Spectrograph Abbereflactrometer Polishing Machine Rotary Microtome Travelling Microscope 6 position Travelling Microscope Metallurgical Microscopes :- Binocular Metallurgical Microscope Research Inverted Metallurgical Microscopee Metallurgical Microscope MX-2000-01 Microscopy Accessories :- Phase Contrast & Dark Field For Microscopes Polarizing Binocular Microscope :- Binocular Polarizing Petrological Ore Microscope Shope Microscope...

Infushion Equipments Inc. Ambala (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Slit lamp Manufactuerers, Slit Lamp Bio Microsocope,Operation Microscope,Surgical best anufactuer In Ambala Our Product range covers slit lamp, Surgical Microscopes, Dental Microscopes, Ent Microscopes, Student Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Elementry Microscope , Research Microscope, Keratometer, Ophthalmocscope, Gynecological instruments, Pathological instruments, synoptophore, indirect ophthalmoscope, Lensmeter , Surgical loupe, Surgical Microscopes, Lyrangoscope, Endoscope, Colposcope & Retinoscope. Slit lamp Manufactuerers, Slit Lamp Bio Microsocope,Operation Microscope,Surgical best anufactuer In Ambala We are Manufacturers and exporters / importers of following list such as :- - Ophthalmic Equipment - Slit Lamps - Surgical Microscopes - Lensmeters - Keratometer - Indirect Ophthalmoscope - Synoptophore - Trial Lens Set - Chair Unit - Dental Equipment - Surgical Loupes - Surgical Microscopes - ENT Equipment - Surgical Microscopes - Fiber Optic Head Light - Laryngoscopes - Endoscopes - Digital Vedio Camera - Gynecology Equipment - Colposcopes - Video Colposcope - Pathological Equipment - Co-axial Microscopes - Research Microscopes - Stereo Microscopes - Student Microscope - Equipment Accessories - CCD Camera...

The Western Electric & Scientific Works Ambala Cantt (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Proprietorship firm

Microtomes, Physical Instruments, Image Analysis Softwares, Microscopic Cameras WESWOX was the first company in India to introduce highest performance-to-price ratio microscopy and microtomy products for the life sciences and medical Today, we are one of the leading Indian companies manufacturing: Microscopes Microtomes Physical Instruments Image Analysis Softwares Microscopic Cameras Microtomes, Physical Instruments, Image Analysis Softwares, Microscopic Cameras Microscopes Biological Microscopes BXL Co-Axial Microscopes Fluorescence Microscopes Tissue Culture Microscope Metallurgical Microscope Projection Microscope Stereo Microscope Microtomes Physical Instruments Polarimeters Precision Spectometers Vernier Microscopes Bio-Safety Cabinets Other Instrument Imaging...

Sterling Manufacturing Co., Ambala Cantt (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm


B. L. Scientific Instruments Co Ambala Cantt (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Partnership firm

L Scientific Instruments Co. has become one stop solution of All Types of IS:4381 certified Microscopes for meeting varied needs of chemical, research, We are counted as a prime Manufacturer, Exporter, Trader and Supplier of Fine Vision Pathological Microscope and Fine Vision Digital Microscope. Our collection of Fine Vision Pathological Microscope includes CXL Binocular Microscope (BSL 116), CXL Monocular Microscope CX 111, CXL Binocular Microscope CX 113, CXL Trinocular Microscope CX 114, etc. Our range of CXL Binocular Microscope (BSL 116) is designed with all aluminum pressure die casted body with PU coating. We have become a prime source of all types of microscopes for various sectors. We Are Leading Manufacturers, Traders And Exporters/Importers Of Microscopes for meeting varied needs of chemical, research, pathological, pharma and Dissecting Microscopes-: Dissection Microscope Bull Eyes Dissection Microscope Students Microscopes-: Student Microscope Medical Microscopes-: Medical Microscopes Monocular Inclined Microscopes-: Cxl Monocular Microscope Monocular Inclined Microscope Binocular Microscopes-: Cxl Binocular Microscope Coaxial Microscopes Trinocular Microscopes-: Cxl Trincoular Microscope Trinocular Microscopes Digital Microscopes-: Digital Microscope Fluorescent Microscopes-: Fluorescent Mcroscopes Stereo Microscopes-: Stereo Zoom Microscope Inclined Stereo Microscope Stereo Microscope Advance Stereo Microscopes Zoom Stereo Microscopes-: Stereo Microscope Digital Microscopes Travelling Microscope Polorizing Microscopes-: Metalurgical Microscopes Mgm-200 Mgm 300 Multi Viewing Microscope-: Multi Viewing Microscope Comparision Microscope-: Comparision Microscope Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope-: Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope Chemisrty-: Borer Sharpener Borer Cone Dissectible Coplin Staining Jar Glass High Density Polythene Cubes Disposable Aprons...


Manufacturer • Education and Training • Public Ltd. firm


baoding landcare scitech Co.,Ltd baoding (China)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

,Ltd is specialized in exporting microscopes and medical instruments.We are a group dedicated to provide state-of-the-art Medical Equipment with top-ranking quality and upstanding reputation.The company has been focusing on the development, manufacture, sales and service of microscopes such as biological microscopes ,stereo microscopes and metallurgical microscopes,also deal with medical instruments ex.patient monitors, ECG, pulse oximeters etc. We are a Manufacturers, Trader, Exporter and Service Provider of Microscopes and Medical Instruments like:- 24 hours blood pressure monitor with LCD display LC501A LCD large screen Pocket Fetal Doppler LC401B Handheld Pulse Oximeter Color TFT LC109 binocular lab biological microscpe LC706B binocular bio microscpe LC701B LED microscope with rechargeable battery LC702RC stereo microscope LC801C trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope LC807T Handheld Multi parameter Patient Monitor LC207 student microscope LC903E with lamp large screen Fetal Monitor LC601 electron Infusion Pump LC1003 Infusion Pump with bolus function single LC1102 400ml/h single channel Syringe Pump LC1101 993.9ml/h fetal heart detector LC401A Handheld Pulse Oximeter Color TFT LC108 monocular biological microscpe LC706M 1600X biological microscpe LC705V 1600X digital biological microscope with LED lamp stereo microscope LC801B upright Zoom Stereo Microscope LC807 6 parameters Patient Monitor 15" LC204 640X student microscope LC903C 24hours Blood Pressure Monitor LCD LC501B...

N.K. Jain Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Ambala Cantt (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Pvt Ltd. firm

The Best Or Nothing, That Is Our Focus With the clarity of vision to respond to evolving needs in modern microscopy, Labo America was founded on its unique abilities to deliver high precision microscopes and optical instruments. With a modular line of microscopes from the elementary level to fully extendable systems for laboratory and surgical suites, our ability to consistently All LABOMED microscopes are UL and CE approved. Our Mission Our goal is to be a global market leader in life science and medical microscopy products with the highest price-to-performance ratio. Our microscopes must serve to enhance research and medical diagnostics. execution of quality control and product support to our network of faithful distributors so that our customers realize supreme value in owning a LABOMED microscope Manufacturers and exporters of products as Medical :- ENT Microscope Prima ENT Microscope Gynecology Microscope :- eVA Microscope Prima GN Microscope Prima C Microscope Prima CS Microscope Multi-disciplinary Microscope :- Prima Mµ Microscope Dentistry Microscope :- Magna Microscope Prima DNT Microscope Prima DNT Trainer Microscope Eye Care Microscope :- Surgical Microscope Prima OPH Microscope Slit Lamp :- eVO 300 Microscope eVO 400 Microscope eVO 500 Microscope Life & Materials Sciences :- Upright Microscope Sigma Microscope CxL Microscope Lx 300 Microscope Lx 400 Microscope Lx 500 Microscope Lx POL Microscope Inverted Microscope :- TCM 400 Microscope MET 400 Microscope Stereo Microscope :- Luxeo 2S Microscope Luxeo 4Z Microscope Luxeo 4D Microscope Luxeo 6Z Microscope CZM6 Microscope Cameras :- For Life & Materials Sciences iVu 3100 Cameras iVu 5100 Cameras For Prima Cameras :- iVu S5 Cameras...

Isomicroscopes Ambala cantt (India)

Manufacturer • Services • Proprietorship firm

In 1975, Vijay Instruments corp started as a sole proprietorship firm with Microscopes as a single product. We initially started manufacturing compound microscopes, medical microscopes, travelling microscopes, disecting microscopes, projectin microscopes, binocular microscopes. The company which started with manufucturing Microscopes, in the year 1989 ventured into the manufacturing of physics and other lab instruments for educational Vijay Instruments Corp , today offers manufacturing & supply of microscopes, wide spectrum scientific instruments for physics, chemistry, biology lab, We initially started manufacturing compound microscopes, medical microscopes, travelling microscopes, disecting microscopes, projectin microscopes, binocular microscopes. Our Product :- Phase Contrast Equipement Microsope Lamp Dark Field Condensor Projection Microscope Advanced Research Binocular Microscope BN 9bxi Binocular Microscope BN 7b Newton Rings Microscope Medical Microscope MD 07 Compound Microscope ST 04 Compound Microscope ST 03 Compound Microscope ST 05 Single Nose Microscope...

LABOVISION Ambala cantt (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare • Proprietorship firm

LABOVISION, located in India and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is engaged in the manufacture of High Quality Microscopes and their Accessories.The range spans from School Level Foundation Microscopes, to Senior Research Microscopes, Industrial Utilities and the latest Innovation in Microscopy, the Digital Microscopes such as AXL Series, KS Stereo Series , Inverted IXL Series & DG Sense Digital Series The Digital Microscopes are supported by our Students Microscopes, compound microscope, MICROSCOPES, MICROSCOPE, microscope, microscopes, Advanced research microscopes, Eyepiece, Exporter, India, objective, Metallurgical microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Binocular Microscopes, microphotography, phase contrast, magnifier, dark field, polarizing, huygenian , optics, monocular, trinocular, projection, widefield, image analysis, microscope software, microscopy. Our Philosophy We, at Labovision, understand the importance of the results that a microscope generates. The Optics form the most essential part of the Microscope, and could therefore be called the heart of the microscope. We are Manuacturers, Trader and Exporter of High Quality Microscopes and their Accessories. Our Products :- Educational Microscope :- MEDSTAR Junior D/D MEDSTAR Junior R/P MEDSTAR Senior KL 10M KL 10B COAX 10B AXL Mono Clinical Microscopes :- AXL BINO AXL 30 KX i2000 Sense i4000 KFL 30 KFL 30 LED IXL 20 IXL 40 Teaching Microscope :- DG EDU LAB DG LAB DG Sense i1300 DG Sense i3000 DG Sense i5000 DG zm2000 DG Star DG Star 2 KXR 52 AXR 51 KXR 53 Metallurgical Microscope :- KX POL FE 10M FE 20M FE PRO 900 FE PRO 900i KS f2000 KS z2000 KS z3000...

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