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Hytech Earth Moving Engineers Faridabad (India)

Manufacturer • Construction and Real Estate • Proprietorship firm

. It has a diversified product line which includes premium quality slew shafts, slew pinions, racks, carriage side shifts, king posts, feed pipes Worm Gear Shafts Worm Gear Shafts Line Shaft Line Shaft Hollow Shaft Hollow Shaft Pump Shaft Pump Shaft -LPG Hoses :- The Company offers hoses .Water hoses Gear Shafts Gear Shafts Rotor Shafts Rotor Shafts Steel Shafts Steel Shafts Industrial Shafts Industrial Shafts Crankshaft 3600 Ford Crankshaft 3600 Worm Shafts Worm Shafts Worm Wheel Shafts Worm Wheel Shafts Industrial Worm Shafts Industrial Worm Shafts...


Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Proprietorship firm

, ford, eicher, international, swaraj, tata, ahok leyland" such as differential shafts, clutch shafts, stub shaft, gear shaft, spline shafts, p.T.O., shaft items. GEAR SHAFTS COUNTER SHAFT TAFE(MASSEY) MAIN SHAFT TAFE(MASSEY) INPUT SHAFT TAFE(MASSEY) MAIN DRIVE SHAFTS CHAPPAN SHAFT (COMBINE) PTO SHAFTS PTO SHAFT TAFE DIFFERENTIAL SHAFTS AXLE ZYPSY PTO SHAFTS CENTER PINS PIN FRONT AXLES CENTER PINS PIN FRONT AXLES CENTER PINS PIN FRONT AXLES SPINDLE SHAFTS HEAVY DUTY HEX BOLTS TOP GEARS FORGED GEARS BEVEL GEAR FORGED BEVEL GEAR 1ST GEAR 1st & REVERSING GEAR STUB SHAFTS STUB SHAFTS / FRONT TEETH REAR TEETH 1312 LONG STUB SHAFTS STUB SHAFTS STUB SHAFTS / FRONT TEETH STUB SHAFTS STUB SHAFTS. , intermediate shaft, lay shaft, transmission shaft, lift shaft, counter shaft, primary shaft, input shaft, crank shaft, bevel gears, spur gears , bevel pinion, spur pinion, front teeth, bolts, wheel spanner, propellor shaft components, center pins, pin front axle, fly spindle, and many other export...

Satguru Engineering Works Navi Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Service Provider • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Shafts, (pneumatic expanding shafts). Over a year we have spent in research and development of various parts of the shaft since then we have built a good offer to our clients. Within a short time we have gained a prestigious name in the field of Air Expanding Shafts manufacturing. And high quality name in the market as among the top air shaft manufacturers in Mumbai. Because Excellent product, considerate service, competitive price are what we equipments related to production of Air Expanding Shaft. In addition we also have relative testing equipment to ensure ultimate quality. Though we have and providing quick after sales service. We have Air Expanding Shaft manufacturing all over Maharashtra and Gujarat. Today we are exporting in Nigeria. We have Air Expanding Shaft manufacturing all over Maharashtra and Gujarat. Today we are exporting in Nigeria. shats -Strip Shafts -Newspaper Press Core Shafts -Heavy Duty Mill Shafts -Differential Air Shafts -Cantilever Air Shafts -Slitter Knife Shafts -Unwind Manufacturer,and Service providers of safety, reliability, and feasibility Products. Our Product:- -Pad Shafts -Lug Shafts -Button Shafts -Leaf...

Technomec Industries ludhiana (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Automobiles • Proprietorship firm

& Combine Parts, Shafts, Pinions, Axles, Differential Shafts, Rear Axle Shafts, Rear Teeth, Front Teeth, Stub Shafts, Gear Shafts, Transmission Shaft , Main Drive Shafts, Spline Shafts, P.T.O. Shafts, Hydraulic Shafts, Counter Shafts, Main Shafts, Intermediate Shafts, Clutch Shafts, Lay Shaft, Lift We would like to introduce ourselves as a quality manufacturer of all types of Upset Forgings (Head Forgings i.e. one side forgings) of Shafts (generally Pinions for crown wheel and pinion sets, Gear Shafts, Pins and Heavy Bolts etc.) and all types of Small Gears like Bevel Gears, Rotavator Gears Shafts, Sector Shafts, Primary Shafts, Input Shafts, Bevel Gears, Spur Gears, Bull Pinion Shafts, Bevel Pinions, Spur Pinions, Heavy Duty Bolts, Hex Bolts with Collar, Wheel Spanner, Propellor Shaft Components, Center Pins, Pin Front Axle, Spindle, 1st & Reversing Gears, and many other domestic & export engineering items." Combine - Reversing Pinions Of Combines All Types Of Shafts & Gear Shafts : - Gear Shafts - Counter Shaft - Pto Shafts - Counter Shaft Bed Ford - Pto / Differential Shafts / Pto Shafts : - Differential Shafts - Differential Shafts - Hmt Zetor & Eicher - Axle Zypsy - Shaft Escorts 335 - Pto Shafts - Center Shafts / Front Teeth / Rear Teeth : - Stub Shafts - Stub Shafts / Rear Teeth - Rear Teeth 1312 Long - 1312 Rear Teeth - Stub Shafts - Rear Teeth. Shaftmassey - Main Drive Shaft - Main Drive Gear Shaft - Counter Shaft Tafe(Massey) - Main Drive Shaft (Md Shaft) - Chappan Shaft (Combine) Axles Bolt / Trailor Bolt Small Gears 1kg To 3kg: Bevel Gears, Spur Gears Etc. : - Gears - Forged Gears - Bevel Gear Propeller Shaft Components: Stub...

Kamal Industries ludhiana (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

Motor Shaft, Bag Closer Machine Motor Shaft and Sewing Machine Motor Shaft. In addition to these shafts, we also offer Water lifting Pump Motor shaft and Ceiling Fan Motor Shaft. Manufactured with rust-proof materials, these shafts ensure complete worth of money. They are made in consideration Based in Punjab (India), we, KAMAL INDUSTRIES, stand tall among the prominent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Shafts such as, Electrical of buyers' preferences and needs. Customers appreciate and demand our products for their exceptional features. Our shafts are known for their strong wear Range : Shafts & Shaft Collars - Armature Shaft - Home Appliances Motor Shaft - Motor Shaft - Pump Shaft - Exhaust Fan Shaft - Cooler Motor Shaft - Clutch Motor Shaft - Sewing Machine Motor Shafts - V Belt Pulley Shafts - Madhani Motor Shaft - Madhani Router Shaft - CRI Pump Shaft We manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Electrical Motor Shaft, Bag Closer Machine Motor Shaft and Sewing Machine Motor Shaft. Our Product...

Zhejiang MR Driveline Co.,Ltd Hangzhou (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Public Ltd. firm

drive shaft,universal joint coupling,universal coupling, shafts (also called cardan shaft, drive shaft, universal spindle) and the components for more than 10 years. Our products are largely used in rolling , Roller conveyor, Rotating furnace, Mining machinery and other heavy duty machinery. Also we are developing the drive shaft and driveline components used in automotive application, which include the universal joint, flange yoke, weld yoke, stub shaft. drive shaft,universal joint coupling,universal coupling, We are manufacturers, traders, exporters and service providers of universal joint shafts/cardan shafts/drive shafts/propeller shafts and the driveline components just like the universal joint flange yoke, weld yoke and stub shaft....

D.K. Engineering Works ludhiana (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Partnership firm

Hollow Shaft, Hydraulic Lift Shafts, Lay Shafts, Main Shafts, PTO Shafts, Rear Axle Shaft, Bavel & Bull Pinion Shaft, Tractor Gear Parts, Combine Gear components like Gears, Gear Shafts, Special Components for Tractors, Automobile and Agriculture Machinery & Combines. Since then over the years the company investors. Products Range: D.K. Engineering Works as a manufacturer and supplier of Gear Shafts and Special automotive components has grown Components for Tractors, Automobile and Agriculture Machinery and Combines. Tractor Parts :- Clutch Hollow Shaft Clutch Shafts Hydraulic Lift Shafts Lay Shafts Main Shafts PTO Shafts Rear Axle Shaft Bull Pinion Shaft Bevel Pinion Shaft Gear Tractor Shafts and Gears Tractor Linkage Parts We are Manufacturers, Traders, Service Provider and Exporters of Precession Engineered Automotive Components like Gears, Gear Shafts, Special...

JRB Engineering Works new delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Automobiles • Proprietorship firm

facilities and capabilities to develop an extensive range of automoive gears & shafts, shaft mounted speed reducers, industrial gearboxes, right angle We Are Manufacturers, Exporters And Suppliers Of Automoive Gears & Shafts, Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers, Industrial Gearboxes, Right Angle Gearboxes Shaft Gear Automobile Sleeve Shafts Automotive Gear Shafts Gears Shafts Automotive Sleeve Shaft Industrial Gearbox Manufacturers Right Angle Shafts Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer Shaft Mounted Gear Unit Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer With Motor Mounting And Earthmoving Machines Spares. Automotive Gears Bevel Gears Helical Gears Transmission Gears Jeep Gears Shafts Commercial Vehicle Gears LCV Gears Idler Gears Three Wheeler Gears Transmission Cluster Gears Automotive Gears Automotive Transmission Gears Automotive Shafts Counter Automotive Bushing Pivot Pins Earthmoving Machinery Spares Gears Shafts Pinion Shafts Automotive Spur Gears...

Diamond Engineering Works new delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Service Provider • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Worm Shaft Tuflon Gears Straight Bevels Spline Gears Helical Gears Timer Pulley Worm Wheel Moulded Gears Fiber Gears Others Shafts- Main Drive Shaft Real Shaft With Device Reel Shafts Steel Shafts Threaded Belt Pulley Roller Shafts Side Lay Shaft With Bush Spline Shafts Steel Shafts Plain Steel Shafts Knerling Roller Shafts Side Lay Shaft With Bush Spline Shafts Steel Shafts Plain Steel Shafts Knerling Others Folder- Folder Safety Pin Folder Bar Folder Fingers Nipping Wheel Rtf Ring Tension Ring Cylender Bearers Folder Shafts Folder Cutting Rubber Assembly Nipp Rollers Plate Locking Bar Rtf Rubber Timken Bearing Web Offset List For Oriented Standerd & Super - Rubber Rollcoller Leading Roller With Bearing & Coller Unit To Unit Shaft Ink Roller Shaft Rubber Roller Socket Shim For Bush Eye Bolt Rubber Roller Socket Spring Cam Housing Cam Bush For On/Off Shaft Pbi Bracket/ Rollars Shaft Etc. For Newsline/Coroset Machines Web Break Director Digital Counter Air Regularator For Dancing Roll Mechanical Shaft With Cones For Band Reel...

Durga Plast ahmedabad (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Automobiles • Proprietorship firm

, Screws, Trapezoidal Screws, Shafts and Allied Products. At the time of our firm's establishment, we were engaged in manufacturing two basic products of decorative plastic moulding patti. Moreover, we have extended our operations by offering different types and shapes of moulding patti that are suitable Products:- Mechanical Shafts -Industrial Shaft -Shaft Screw -Stainless Steel Shaft -Clutch Shaft -Connecting Shaft -Crank Shaft -Hydraulic Shaft -PVC C-Channel Patti -PVC Corner Patti -PVC Counter Patti Long Shaft -Drive Shaft -Long Shaft -Worm Shafts Piston Shafts -Piston Cylinder Flange Mounted Shaft -Piston Flange Mounted Cylinder -Gear Shafts ACME Screw -ACME Screw -Long Screw Decorative Furniture Patti -PVC Furniture Patti -PVC Cylinders Automotive Shafts Trapezoidal Thread Screw Roll Shaft Gearbox Output Shaft Hollow Shaft Screw Conveyor Conveyor Shaft Industrial Plastic Manufacturers and suppliers of an excellent range of plastic profiles, furniture patti, screws, trapezoidal screws, shafts and allied products. Our -Motor Shaft -Precision Shaft -Industrial Pump Shaft -Spindle Shaft -Pinion Shaft -Output Shaft PVC Patti -PVC Moulding Patti -PVC Angle -E-Channel Patti Double Threaded Screws PVC Foam Machine Screws PVC Rigid Profiles Square Head Screws Industrial Screw Transmission Shaft Axle Shaft....

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