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Dalian RuiTeng Pressing CO.,LTD Dalian (China)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

Sensor Signal wheel, Shock Absorber Signal Wheel, automobile engine Signal Wheel, Lithium-ion battery housing, Electron gun metal stamping parts , metal stamping printer parts, Copier parts stamping, and OEM Stamping parts. We provide stamping parts for many internationally renowned companies: Samsung, Thomson, Sanye Group, WeiLian Group, Sankyo etc. of various types of precision stamping products. We have professionally trained mold design and mold debugging team. We can design and development of stretch, fine blanking, bending and other precision stamping dies. Dalian RuiTeng Pressing CO.,LTD, has 115 sets of processing equipment, 16T-60T Specializing in the production of various types of precision stamping products. Our products range of Stamping Parts China, Metal Parts Stamping Wheel, Lithium-ion battery housing, Electron gun metal stamping parts, Metal stamping printer parts, Copier parts stamping, OEM Stamping parts . Motor Parts stamping China Copier parts stamping China Metal parts stamping China Electron gun metal stamping parts Metal stamping Stamping round washer Auto Signal Wheel Stamping service Stamping Parts China OEM printer parts China Electronic component China Automobile Sensor Signal wheel Shock Absorber Signal Wheel Automobile engine Signal Wheel...

Dalian Innovation Metal Co.,Ltd Dalian (China)

Manufacturer • Metals and Minerals • Pvt Ltd. firm

established for exporting business in North America, Europe , Japan and Korea. In 2008, joint venture a stamping factory for expending stampings in international market. In 2010, Innovation expended business for die casting, welding parts and mechanical & electrical products market. Since then, innovation combined precision casting, sand casting, die casting, stamping, cnc machining and mechanical electrical products to fabrication-trade integration of metal products manufacturer. Agricultural Machinery Parts Stainless Steel Precision Casting Parts Carbon Steel Precision Casting Parts Stamping:- Nickel Plating Auto Stamping Parts Electrical Parts Bending Stamping Auto Steel Parts Stamping Sheet Metal Automotive Accessories CNC Fabrication Stamping Metal Parts Sheet Metal Stamping Steel Parts Sheet Metal Stamping Steel Auto Electrical Parts CNC Machining:- OEM CNC Machining Steel Oil and Gas Flange OEM Machined Turning Metal Manufacturers of metal products like precision casting, sand casting, die casting, stamping, cnc machining and mechanical electrical products. Our Product Impeller, valve body, spring brake, end cap, security parts, bracket, hub, track shoe, turntable, flange, pump accessories, automotive parts , etc. Casting:- Steel Investment Casting Parts Casting Heavy Equipment Accessories Precision Castings with ISO Certificate Casting Alloy Steel Accessories CNC Machining Engineering Machinery Parts CNC Turning Engineering Machinery Spare Parts CNC Turning Agricultural Machinery Parts Precision Metal Machining Automotive Connection Sleeve...

Cangzhou Jiajia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Cangzhou (China)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

, with good geographic location. We mainly manufacture metal stamping parts(auto parts, telecom parts, deep drawn parts, machining parts, assembling We are Manufacturers, Traders, Service Provider and Exporters of metal stamping parts. Sell Metal stamping parts Precision Machine parts and Mechanical parts Deep drawn parts Deep Drawn Parts and Machine Parts Metal Stamping Parts and Machine Parts Precission cnc machining parts Metal stamping parts Machining Parts Machine parts and Mechanical Parts...

Dongguan Shengjia Hardware Products Co.,Ltd Dongguan (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

. Others: decorative lighting, toys, suitcases, locks, furniture, crafts, ornaments, clothes, handbags and other various stamping metal parts , designing and manufacturing metal stamping dies. We can offer a package deal included mould designing and manufacturing, products production, surface treatment, packing, transportation and so on; we can punch a variety of metal parts such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel etc.; we can supply and so on, and have got highly praise and favor from them. Since the establishment, we always focus on research and development on stamping housing, camera housings, panels, aluminum parts and so on; 3. Auto parts: Car charger accessories, bracket, fixed mount, nozzle cover and so on; 4 , and metal stamping dies. Metal Stamping - Metal Stamping Part- Sheet Metal Stamping Sheet Stamping Metal Stainless Steel Stamping Stamping Metal Parts Stampings Lighting Small Stampings Small Prototype Stampings Telecommunications Aluminum Stampings Automotive Stamping Part Steel Metal Punching Parts Part Aluminum Parts Custom Metal Products Furniture Stamped Parts Progressive Stamping Automotive Parts Stamping Medical Stamping Terminals Metal Sheet Stamp Aluminum Sheet Stamping Sheet Metal Parts Heat Sink: Heat Sink Part - Aluminum Consruction Heatsink Aluminum Construction Radiator : Automotive Accessory - Hardware Products Auto Metal Parts Automotive Stamping Part Car Stamping Part Car Metal Stamping Automotive Stamping Hardware Accessory - Metal Components Construction Hardware Marine Accessory - Marine Hardware Marine Spare Parts Metal Stamping - Metal Stamping Part Metal Clip Electrical Battery Terminal Clamp Forming Clip Terminal Automotive Electrical Terminal Copper Terminal Metal Stamping Terminal Deep Drawing Parts - Deep Drawn Parts Deep Drawing Deep Drawing Parts Metal Deep Draw Deep Drawing Products Deep Draw Stamping Deep Drawing Process Extra Deep Drawing Metal Deep Accessories Electric Equipment Accessory - Brass Hardware Parts Electronic Accessory Electronic Component Electrical Stamping Precision Stamping Cnc Stamping Sheet Metal Forming Sheet Metal Punch Sheet Metal Enclosure Metal Enclosure Sheet Part Sheet Metal Housing Sheet Metal Part Sheet Metal Blanking...

Ishwar Industries jamnagar (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

, Exporter and Supplier of engineering brass components. We hold specialization in producing high precision Sheet Metal Stamping Parts, Sheet Cutting Parts , Sheet Forming Parts, Sheet Metal Punching Parts, Sheet Metal Forming Parts, Fourslide Metal Stamping Parts, Metal Washer Fasteners, Sheet Cutting Flange is to fulfill the expectation of the clients effectively by offering them international standard Fourslide Metal Stamping Parts, Metal Washer Fasteners :- Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Parts Sheet Cutting Plate Sheet Bending Parts Brass Sheet Forming Part Sheet Metal Corner Fourslide Metal Stamping We are a trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Our comprehensive range includes Sheet Metal Stamping Parts, Sheet Metal Punching Parts, Sheet Metal Forming Parts, Fourslide Metal, Fourslide Metal Stamping Parts Sheet Metal Stamping Parts:- Metal Stamping Parts Sheet Metal Pressed Parts Metal Stamping Switch Parts Copper Electrical Stamping Parts Brass Stamping Parts Sheet Cutting Contact Bending Stamping Metal Parts Brass Sheet Parts:- Fourslide Stamping Parts Twoslide and Fourslide Sheet Parts Sheet Fourslide Multiside Parts Fourslide Miniature Parts Fourslide Miniature Sheet Parts Electric Fourslide Stamping Parts Precision Metal Stamping Parts:- Metal Washer:- Brass Washers Conical Washers Metal Plain Washers Cutting Wall Flange Shower Arm Flange Sheet End Plate Metal Draw Components Baffle Stamping Parts Din Rail:- MS Din Rail Din Rail Channel Cutting Switch Parts Sheet Terminal Connector Sheet Cutting Terminal Sheet Cutting Electrical Contacts Miniature Sheet Cutting Parts Sheet Metal Punching Parts:- Brass Fuse Terminal Contact Brass Punching Parts Sheet Punching U Parts Sheet Punching Parts Sheet Metal Forming Parts Panel Din Rail Channel Custom Formed Parts:- Sheet Forming Parts Sheet Cutting Shims Retaining Rings Precision Formed Parts Sheet Cutting Elevator Brackets Sheet Cutting Clamps...

JR precision Industry Co.,Ltd shenzhen (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Metals and Minerals • Pvt Ltd. firm

Shenzhen Jiarun Precision die&tool Co., Ltd is specialized in hardware parts stamping and punch dies manufacturing, mainly products are high-speed stamping dies, stamping part ,deep drawing part,stamping mould ,deep drawing mould,extrude part,precision part,motor core, motor bracket, shredder blades, mobile connectors. The Jiarun Precision stamping Die & Mould Co., Ltd established in 1997, is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China in manufacturing motor core punching, motor core high-speed stamping dies, as well as various of metal stamping products. We have 25 - 125 tons of high-speed parts -vehicle motor rotor and stator -Auto metal stamping part -Fan motor -precision metal stamping -stamping tool for metal staping parts -Metal armature stator lamination core -Hardware stamping lamination metal parts -Custom precision metal stamping tools -Metal stamping resources for mechanical -Rotor and stator sheet -Rotor and stator -Stainless steel parts for stamping punch die -Custom metal parts fabrication -Motor of rotor and stator -Metal deep drawing die and tools fabrication -Glass door handle for metal stainless steel fabrication -Stamping tool for garage door parts -Custom aluminum stamping parts for shockproof -Metal stamping die for stainless steel home appliances -Motor fan terminal -Metal stamping lamination parts -Cores rotor and stator lamination core -house furnishings metal stamping parts -Precision metal stamping hardware parts accessories -metal core lamination Manufacturing, mainly products are high-speed stamping dies, stamping part ,deep drawing part,stamping mould ,deep drawing mould,extrude part ,precision part,motor core, motor bracket, shredder blades, mobile connectors. Our Product:- -Metal stamping die tool mould for shaded pole motor rotor -DEEP DRAW STAMPIG TOOL -OEM precision deep drawing part -Custom trimming mould -Door cabinet hinge -Metal stamping die tool mould for shaded pole motor and stator lamination core -High speed mold for brushless rotor lamination -Stainless steel stamping die -Motor bracket metal stamping die -Ceiling fan double row progressive tooling -Pump motor stamping core -Stainless steel metal product -Rotor and stator sheet -Motor rotor stator -Wind generator...

Ningbo Henry Parts Inc./Ningbo Dunhuang Company Ningbo (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

Ningbo Henry Parts Inc./Ningbo Dunhuang Company Manufacturers & Exporters of Precision Parts, CNC Parts, Casting Parts, Stamping Parts, Plastics Parts, OEM Parts, Diamond Tools, Rubber Seal, Car used Accessories. - turning parts - stamping parts - casting parts - plastics parts - rubber parts - hand tools - insulator - spring - others ...

Dong Guan FCE Prescision Eletronic Co.,Ltd Dongguan (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

stamping processes are appropriate for metal parts ranging from 0.01" to 0.05" in thickness. We have consistently invested on the most technologically and stamping production of connector terminals and housing, with products mainly used in the joint-plug ports of computers, mobile phones, cars, medical FCE Electronics is a professional precision metal stamping manufacturer, which has been engaged in the precision mold design, mold making , or complexity of your stamping, we can meet your needs accurately and consistently. From lead frames to terminals, contacts, covers, and inserts, our metal Parts : - Medical Equipment Field - Metal Stamping For Lead Frame - USB Shielding Case - Crimp Connector Automotive Terminals - 2 Pin Connector Teminals - Terminal Pressing Electrical Contact Automotive Terminals : - Stamping Punching Parts - Automotive Wire Terminals - Stamping Bending/forming Parts - Auto Crimp Terminals Electrical Stamping Parts : - Battery Spring Connector LED Lead Frame : - Copper Lead Frame - Stainless Sheet Lead Frame - Brass Lead Frame Medical Devices Parts : - Ultra Pin Terminal USB Connector Shell : - Connector Case - Computer USB Connector Housing - Stamping Clip Dongguan FCE Prescision Eletronic Co.,Ltd is a leading tool design, usb case, stamping die, simcard reader, punch die manufacturer and supplier in China. Our Product List : Precision Stamping : Stamping Mold : - Stamping Tool - Stamping Die Punch Die : - Tool Design - Punching Mold Stamping Parts - USB Case SIM Card Reader : - Customized PC Connector - SIM Card Holder - Customized SIM Card Reader - Smart Phone Memory SIM Card Reader Computer Mobile Phone Connector : - Computer Connector....

Ningbo Beilun Xiaogang Jiabing Metal Products Factory Ningbo (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

metal stamping parts, sheet metal deep drawn parts, stamping parts assemblies, weldment, hardware mechanical parts, etc. Semi-finished and finished and supportive machines lathe, sawing machine, drilling machines ,milling machines, polishing machine, vibratory deburring machine, etc. Our maximum stamping We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality Stamping Parts, Welding Parts, Deep Drawn Parts, Animal Water Drinkers, Machined Parts and Auto Parts. Our product list :- Stamping Parts - Stainless Steel Stamping Parts - Steel Stamping Parts - Aluminum Stamping Parts - Brass And Titanium Stamping Parts Welding Parts - Stainless Steel Welding Parts - Steel Welding Parts Deep Drawn Parts - Stainless Steel Deep Drawn Parts - Steel Parts - Stainless Steel Machined Parts - Steel Machined Parts - Aluminum And Brass Machined Parts Auto Parts - Stamping Parts For Cars - Welding Parts For Cars. Deep Drawn Parts - Aluminum Deep Drawn Parts Animal Water Drinkers - Stainless Steel Animal Water Drinkers - Stainless Steel Animal Feeder Machined...

Dongguan Yaotai Metals & Electronics Co., Ltd Dongguan (China)

Trader & Exporter/Importer • Metals and Minerals • Public Ltd. firm

, Kaoshiung county, Taiwan, it mainly produces precise metal dies for progressive stamping, cold dies, parts and accessories of precision stamping (like tungsten steel) so as to assure the stability of stamping processing. The stamping parts made by the company are mainly used for LCD, mobile appearance and the stable performance. The annual production capacity of the company can reach 300 sets of dies, 80 million pieces of stamping parts , 000 square meters and owning self-built workshops. The company specializes in processing of metal parts. We provide package service from mould design and production, processing of parts, surface treatment (including sandblasting, hairline-making, grinding, ED plating, paint baking, silkscreen processing and diversified development so as to gain more market shares. With the introduction of advanced stamping equipment from both home on, with the maximum thickness of 6.0mm and the minimum thickness of 0.1mm. The stamping dies are made of alloy steel, high-speed steel and super-rigid materials Traders & Exporters of Precise metal dies for progressive stamping, cold dies, and parts and accessories of precision stamping. Progressive Die Consecutive Material Belts Progressive Stamping Work Pieces TFT Panel LCD Iron Frames Photoelectric Parts Casings of Computer Switch Parts for Landfill / Baseball Machine Casings of Car Amplifiers Rectifiers, Ballasts System of Power Supply Device Radiators Satellite Receiver Parts Computer Inserts...

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