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Yixing Huanzhou Micro-electronics Co., Ltd. Yixing (China)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

concrete kind of the products has: Used for protecting the STPA/SA series solid of the communication apparatus and discharging and managing, 3DD series transistor , 2SD series high to keep transistor , various kinds of stereo special- purpose to tube , electricity-saving lamp electronic 1300 serial transistors , single that ballast spend specification instead, two-way silicon controlled rectifier series, Darington series transistor, Shorter base diode that series Arrestor Silicon controlled rectifier 2SD Matched pair teansistor 3DD 1300 Darlngton Schottky Touch off the diode Micophone...

SUV System Ltd Shenzhen (China)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Public Ltd. firm

- FAIRCHILD diodes - Diodes Inc - INFLNEON Diodes - IR Diodes - NEC Diodes - LITTELFUSE Diodes - ON Diodes - NXP Diodes - ST Diodes - TOSHIBA Diodes Transistors : - Metal Can Packages Transistors - Voltage Regulators Transistors - Fleld Effect Transistors - Bipolar Transistors - Discrete Semiconductor Transistors - Multi-units Transistors - Transistors Freescale - Digital Transistors - Fairchild Semiconductor Transistors - DIODES Transistors - Infineon Technologies Transistors - IR transistor - NEC Transistors - ON Transistors - NXP Transistors - ST Transistors - TOSHIBA Transistors Other Parts : - Chip Fuses -...


Manufacturer • Services • Pvt Ltd. firm

Specialize in Electronic Components: IC / Transistor / Diode / Capacitor / Resisto / thyristors / igbt modules / led diodes etc. Intergrated circuit/IC diodes mosfet transistors led diodes igbt modules/thyristors capacitors/resistors...

Fuxin Tianqi Electronic Co., Ltd. LIAONING (China)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer in producing all kinds and series of capacitors and transistors which come from our capacitor factory and transistor Manufacturers of all kinds and series of capacitors and transistors which come from our capacitor factory and transistor factory. CAPACITOR CAPACITOR EQUIPMENT TRANSISTOR...


Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Partnership firm

Manufacturers of Power Semiconductor:- Mosfet, Thyristor, Diodes, SCR Block, Cap Thyristor, Transistor Module, Silicon Rectifiers, Transistors, IGBT Modules...

Konark Industries Bhubaneswar (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Diode, Capacitor, Register, Transister, Burner, PCB, Smd Leds, UVLEDS And Selling Our Finished Products Our Products List :- CFL Bulbs Grinder Fan AC Inverter Induction Cooker Capacitor Register Transistor Burner PCB SMD Leds UVLEDS Electrical Products....


Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

The products mainly include IGBT module, transistor, power transistors, semiconductor, power semiconductors, IGBT inverter, welding machine module, thyristor module, diode module, power module, controlled silicon, bridge rectifier, IGBT transistor, DC/DC converts,.GTR, IGBT driver module, control module, rectifiers Our Products : FUJI IGBT Module - IGBT FUJI Electric - igbt module fuji electric - FUJI Rectifier Module - IC drive - Rectifier FUJI - RF transistors Circuit Fuji - FUJI IPM Module - 1MBI400F-060 - Elevator IGBT Module - Fuji Electric IGBT Module - 6MBI15L-120 - FUJI IGBT Modules - Electronic Components Transistor IGBT - 6DI20C-050 IGBT module - 6DI120A-060 - fuji IGBT Controller Module MITSUBISHI IGBT Module - IGBT MITSUBISHI - MITSUBISHI Diode Module - Isolated Transistor - SCR module CM100TU-12F - MITSUBISHI Rectifier Module - MITSUBISHI PLC - Power Transistors - CM200DY-24H - mitsubishi igbt driver module - CM300DY-12H SANKEN Parts - IXYS Thyristor Diode - VUO110-16No7 TOSHIBA module - IGBT Toshiba - MG20G6El1 - TOSHIBA Thyristor Module - Rectifiers Module - Toshiba Transistor MG75J2YS50 - PIM MODULE power module - IPM IGBT - Toshiba Elevator Module IGBT - MG300J2YS40 - mg300q1us1 IGBT driver - Thyristor Diode Toshiba - RF Transistor Semikron Rectifier Module - SEMIKRON IGBT Module - Rectifier Diode Semikron - Semikron Diodes - IGBT Power Module SKIIP35NAB126V1 - semikron power IGBT transistor driver module - semikron power IGBT transistor driver module - SEMIKRON transistor power IGBT transistor module - SEMIKRON power IGBT module - IGBT SKKH56 - EUPEC/INFENION thyristor module - Power IGBT - GTO MODULE - PIM module Infineon - FP75R12KE3 - FP25R12KT3 - Infineon IGBT - FS300R12KE3 - Isolated transistor module - FG4000GX90AD Power Diodes - Eupec Mosfet INFINEON / EUPEC MODULE - INFINEON IGBT MODULE - EUPEC thyristor module DDB6U104N16RR - Eupec IGBT transistor - 1Di50MA-050 - SCR RECTIFIER - Infineon Make IGBT - Infineon Diode Module - INFINEON IGBT transistor - Infineon Rectifier Module - MCC132-16IO1 - Infineon - PRX igbt - IR MODULE B40DL100S05 - Bridge Rectifier Infineon GTO - IGBT Modules Fuji - CS610816B - DFA100BA160 - FCA50CC50 IPM - 1MBH60D-100 - IC transistor IGBT power intelligent module GT25Q101 - power transistors - M57962AL - Rectifier Diode - New EUPEC IGBT Modules - 6MBI100j-060B - ETK85-060 - ETK81-050...

Fuxin Tianqi Electronic Co., Ltd. FUXIN LIAONING (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer in producing all kinds and series of capacitors and transistors which come from our capacitor factory and transistor Manufacturers & Exporters Of Capacitors and Transistors. Our Products Range Include: 1. SERIES OF SILNCON CONTROLLED POWER RECTIFIER(TRANSISTORS): - Flat Style Silncon Controlled Rectifier - Diode Module - Stud Style Silncon Controoled...

Tianjin Century Electronics Co.,Ltd. Tianjin (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

Micro electronic: - Lightning Surge Protection Device -Silicon controlled Rectifier - 9000 series Transistors -Schottky Diode -Horizontal Deflection -Bi-electrode Static Induction Transistors -Industrial High Power Transistors -3DD13000 Series Trasistors for Energy-Efficient Light and Electronic Transistors. -Grid Alignment Transistors -Chips 3. Relay: -Auto Relay -Telecom Relay -General puspose Power Relay -Control Relay 4....

Changjiang Electronics Technology Co. Ltd Jiangyin (China)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

Discrete Device- DIODES SCR Voltage regulatorIC TRANSISTORS- Darlington transistors General purpose transistors High voltage transistors Power Transistors and power switching transistors Switching transistors MOSFET IC...

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