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Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

We manufacture the leading brand of engines, generators, water pumps,welder & generators and engine/ generator/ water pump parts and accessories.We manufacture Generators - Dieses and Gasoline Generators.Water Pumps - Dieses and Gasoline series High Pressure water pumps. Accessories - Explosion Parts [ Diesel Engine, Gasoline Engine, Portable Gasoline Generator, High Pressure Pump, Self-Priming Pump] and special control...


Manufacturer • Services • Pvt Ltd. firm

., Ltd. is a qualified manufacturer and a experienced exporter of Inverter welders; engine driven IGBT inverter welders & intermediate frequency DC welder WELDER GENERATOR,DIGITAL INVERTER WELDER,Petrol generator welder,ENGINE DRIVEN WELDER,outdoor welder generator,WELDING CLOTHES GLOVES...

Gastech Electronic Products Pvt Ltd new delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Service Provider • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

We are designing serial products like Portable Silent Generator, Diesel Silent Generator, Diesel Portable Generator, Rear Earth Magnet Brushless Alternators 1 KVA to 8.5 KVA, Generator Cum-Welder Sets, Portable Multifuel Run (Petrol, Kerosene, LPG, CNG) Generator & Engines up to 8.5 KVA, Single Phase, Three Our Product List : Silent Petrol Generator : - 8.5KVA Portable Silent Petrol Generator - 4KVA Portable Silent Petrol Generator - 3KVA Portable Silent Petrol Generator - 5KVA Portable Silent Petrol Generator - 2KVA Portable Silent Petrol Generator Silent LPG/PNG/CNG generator : - Silent LPG Generator 8.5KVA - Silent LPG Generator 4KVA - Silent LPG Generator 5KVA - Silent LPG Generator 2KVA - Silent LPG Generator 3KVA Silent kerosene generator : - Silent Kerosene Generator 2KVA - Silent Kerosene Generator 3KVA - Silent Kerosene Generator 5KVA - Silent Kerosene Generator 4KVA Petrol generator : - Portable Petrol Generator 8.5KVA - Portable Petrol Generator 1KVA - Portable Petrol Generator 5KVA - Portable Petrol Generator 2KVA - Portable Petrol Generator 3KVA - Portable Petrol Generator 4KVA LPG/PNG/CNG generator : - Portable LPG Generator 1KVA - Portable LPG Generator 4KVA - Portable LPG Generator 2KVA - Portable LPG Generator 3KVA - Portable LPG Generator 5KVA - Portable LPG Generator 8.5KVA Kerosene generator : - Portable Kerosene Generator 2KVA - Portable Kerosene Generator 1KVA - Portable Kerosene Generator 3KVA - Portable Kerosene Generator 3.5KVA - Portable Kerosene Generator 5KVA Generator Welding Machine (Petrol) : - Portable Welding Generator 175 Amp - Generator Welding Machine 150 AMP - Portable Welding Generator 250 Amp - Portable Welding Generator 350 Amp - Portable Welding Generator 175 Amp with 3KVA AC - Portable Welding Generator 275 Amp Generator Welding Machine (Diesel) : - Potable Welding Cum Generator 150 Amp - Potable Welding Cum Generator 225 Amp - Potable Welding Cum Generator 275 Amp Diesel Generators : - Portable Silent Diesel Generator 3KVA - Portable Silent Diesel Generator 3.5KVA - Portable Silent Diesel Generator 5KVA - Portable Silent Diesel Generator 6.5KVA - Portable Silent Diesel Generator 8.5KVA....

Alpha Int'l Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai City (China)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

With continuous development, our range is expanding to engine, generator set, pumps, garden machinery, small construction machinery as well as marine products Manufacturers of :- Generators : LPG/NG Gas Generator Silent Type Diesel Generator Portable Gasoline Generator 4-Stroke Gasoline Generator Gasoline Generator Portable Gasoline Generator Gasoline Generator Diesel Generator (AT12000). Welder Generators : Diesel Welder Generator. High Pressure Washers Outboard Engines ATVs....

Xiamen Yongquan Group Co., Ltd. Xiamen (China)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Manufacturers of: Diesel Engines Horizontal Gasoline Engines Kerosens Engines Generators Diesel Genset Gasoline Genset Welder & Generator Water...

Doneria Engg. Company Limited Agra (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Diesel Generator sets from 2 KVA to 125 KVA in one to six piston models. Centrifugal water pumpsets with ISI marked engines. Manufacturers and Exporters of :- Generator Diesel Engine Diesel Pumpset Centrifugal Water Pump Diesel Genset Aircooled Diesel run water pump Products Supplier and Manufacturer: Generator sets, diesel engine, pump set, diesel generators, lpg generators, centrifugal water pump sets for irrigation , welder generators, a.C generators...

Kipor Power Co., Ltd. Wuxi (China)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

., LTD made its contributions to the researches of generators and general generator sets. At present it has developed series ofproducts such as digital generator、super-quiet generator sets and so on. Relied on the market information, it is stepping into the generator area within 200KW. Today? Manufacturers of :- * Generator products :- Digital generator series - - Ti series of digital generator - Tc series of digital generator. General-purpose generator series - - diesel generator sets - gasoline generator sets. Super-quiet generator sets. Welder series - - diesel welder - gasoline welder. Mobile illumination trolley series - - digital generator light tower - tripod floodlight series....

kshaypatra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. new delhi (India)

Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

Diesel welder facilitate smooth welding and also has characteristics as wide adjusting range of welding current, easy generation of arc and stable flame In addition to the above it may also be used for power generation, separately or simultaneously. Our Products Range :- * Diesel Generators :- - Silent Diesel Generator - Rtu Type Diesel Generator - Rtu Type Diesel Generator * Diesel Generators * Mobile Flood Lighting Tower * Diesel Welder....

Nortrans Exim Pvt Ltd Kochi (India)

Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

NEPL Specializes in trading and exporting of new and used Power Generators (Industrial & Marine Applications), Chemical products, Agricultural products is the preferred one stop Online Power Transmission and Generation Directory that provides info what you are exactly looking for. Looking for a nearest Power Transmission and Generation? Want to contact any Power Transmission and Generation right now? Start exploring and get instant response for Power Transmission and Generation. NEPL Specializes in trading and exporting of new and used Power Generators (Industrial & Marine Applications), Chemical products, Agricultural products , Food products Exothermic Gas Generators Flywheel Generator AC Generator Repair Generator Installation Services Generator Welding Equipment's Automatic Generator Diesel Generator Set Hire Power Generator LNG Generator Mobile Diesel Generators Diesel Generator Truck Mounted Generator Hire Dynamo Meter for Motor Generator Generator Spare Part Generator Lighting Tower Battery for Generator Motor Rewinding Service for Generator Trolley Mounted Generator Hydro Generator Generator Trolleys Generator Hire and Services LPG Generator Solar Generator Petrol Based Generator Diesel Generator Second Hand Generator Soundproofing Alternators for Diesel Generator Sound Proofing set for Generator Room Arbitrary Waveform Generator Standby Power Generator...

JinLongTeng Power Engine & Machinery Co.Ltd. Fuzhou (China)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Public Ltd. firm

JinLongTeng Power Engine & Machinery Co.Ltd. factory, is located in FuZhou (Electric motor, generators and appliance area), the capital of FuJian Province It is mainly engaged in production and export of power equipment, including portable gasoline and diesel engines, gasoline generators, diesel generator sets, welding generators, mobile light towers, water pumps, cultivators, snow blowers,etc. We are engaged in production and export of power equipment, including portable gasoline and diesel engines, gasoline generators, diesel generator sets , welding generators, mobile light towers, water pumps, cultivators, snow blowers. Our Products:- Engine: Gasoline Engine Diesel Engine Portable Generator: Gasoline Generator LPG&NG Generator Diesel Generator Diesel Welder Generator...

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