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Our mission is to combat the nutrition deficiency of the world by unleashing the power of the super food Microalgae. Algae is one of the nature'''s first food rich in proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants that boosts energy levels and enhance stamina. ABPL vision is to create and implement long-term algal solutions in daily life, which is founded in 2015, Algallio Biotech is a group of professional researcher from algae field, focused for development of technology that produce commercial nutraceutical products. The experience team has carried out lots of research in algal area on bench-scale and pilot level for production of various products to develop competitive technology. Algallio Biotech is focused for algal derived byproducts and extracts which can be used for many applications including nutraceuticals, cosmeceutical active ingredients, health drink, protein health supplement with proper taste of natural original flavor. Algallio Biotech in the process of developing a new high quality supreme nutraceutical products which have huge market potential in the coming years.

Industry Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Business Type Manufacturers & Trader
Establishment Year 2015
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level National

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Ocean Mist: OCEAN MIST is a double blast with rejuvenating properties of tender coconut and algal extract. The alga is a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and photosynthetic pigments. Tender coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood.

Spirutea (Spirulina Green Tea- Mint/ Elaichi). Green Tea is a hot beverage which has been recognizing as the healthy option of tea in recent years. Lots of population drinks common tea but recently the trends of green tea are rising for its health benefits and are well loved by both young and old. SpiruTea is Spirulina Green Tea is a perfect combination with the natural refreshing mint / Elaichi that has health benefits of green tea mixed together with the nourishing ability of Spirulina in it. It is available in unsweetened forms, but you can mix lemon or honey to make it tastier with your choice. To enjoy this refreshing, nourishing, thirst quenching, health enhancing drink is to add hot water. It is perfect for your enjoyment at homes, in the office or outdoors as it is easy to store and portable.

Fennulina: Fennulina is a health-enhancing Spirulina and fennel seed based natural drink mix. Composed of 45% complete Spirulina protein, which shows that each portion of powder (5 gram) gives you a whole four grams of Spirulina with the natural taste of fantastic fennel. In Fennulina you will have all necessary amino acids that your body need and can sometimes be lacking in an unbalanced diet. As well as all the amazing protein each spoon of Spirulina also gives you an unbelievable dose of phycocyanin, Vitamins B, beta-carotene, vitamin E and K, and lots of micro nutrients and antioxidants. ( Sugar-free is also Available)

Tomolina Soup: Tomolina is India’s only super food Spirulina’s soup with the taste of Tomato and Man-Chow, don’t resist just try……Health ka Tasty Soup! Super Soup with Spiral Spirulina, We consider about your health, Spirulina based Tomolina soups will assist you to experience the real taste of tomato and man chow with Spirulina, and we have worked with the passion for producing the very best combination of seasonal ingredients that fill your mouth with tasty and healthy soup. Serve warm and healthy Soup to make the day good. Soup is available in Man-chow and Tomato taste.

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Ocean Mist

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Algallio Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

202, Rajvee Towers, Near Tube Company, Opposite Bank of Baroda, Old Padra Road,
Vadodara, 390020 (Gujarat) - (India)


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