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Alpha Lasertek was founded by, Gurkiran Dhillon, our present Managing Director in 1991. Our focus was to develop the most effective overt technology to help Indian consumer identify the fake products. We are one of the most trusted anti counterfeit hologram manufactures in India. After studying various print based and optical technologies we found Holography as the key technology. Our first project was with Bausch & Lomb the makers of famous Ray-Ban range of Sunglasses. Despite numerous challenges like unavailability of quality raw material in India, 130% import duty and missing critical converting technology we delivered on this project through innovating the manufacturing process and sourcing basic raw material from South Korea. The project was a huge success for Ray-Ban and for us. Alpha Lasertek pioneered the Security holograms, like reflective security stickers, in India and since its inception in 1991, has grown into a major player in this field with an unrivalled range of integrated origination and production facilities. Alpha is also the largest exporter of security holograms in India and is widely trusted by companies and Governments in India and Overseas. Our revolutionary holographic technologies combine advance manufacturing processes with proprietary materials and component design capability to produce cutting-edge holograms and other anti-counterfeit markings. Alpha Lasertek is highly dedicated to extensive R&D in order to develop further breakthroughs in holography, particularly in improving security features, production techniques, material technology and innovative products, with the express intention of keeping one step ahead of the counterfeiters. We have developed expertise in reflective security stickers, security stickers for vehicles and other types of anti-counterfeit holograms. We, at Alpha Lasertek understand that in this business of anti-counterfeit markings each customer has a very individual requirement. These could be type of raw materials, technology, time schedule and budgets. Due to this, we have been spending a very serious part of our turnover on product development, testing various components of design and materials. Along with these we do extensive market research in our endeavor to understand the psyche and means of the potential counterfeiter. Our in-house state-of-the-art mastering laboratory, equipments and extensive sales network allow us to generate tailor made solutions for our customers. We are in the process of installing the latest imaging studio, which would allow us to analyze minutely the various components of designs and also simulate the image, which would save tremendous amount of time and money. It is extremely important to ensure that all anti-counterfeit security production is carried out in a high security environment by the people with impeccable reputation and ethics. We, at Alpha drive our security philosophy from Japanese word "KAIZEN" which means continuous improvement. We do not leave our security requirement to functional heads or to a single system. We take it as a full responsibility and task of top management, which continuously study the possible security breach and keep on plugging gaps. It is due to this, we have successfully completed high-risk Government jobs and there has not been even one instance in these 10 years of any kind of security breach.

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Hologram tamper evident labels
Hologram scratch-off labels
Hologram with paper label
Hologram with track and trace
Hologram in hot stamping foil
Hologram with security ink printing
Holographic pharma foil
Holographic shrink sleeves
Holographic WADs
Holographic pouch
Holographic lamination film

We offer the services of Label & Tag , Technology Consulting,
Document Protection:- Illicit counterfeiting of products and documents is one of the fastest growing industries in today's global economy. Diversion (or gray marketing) of goods outside legitimate distribution channel is also growing exponentially. Both of these activities threaten the revenues and profitability of legitimate producers of goods, and undermine the credibility of issuers of documents.

Transparent Film with Security Holographic Pattern - can be applied as overlay to ID cards and documents. The excellent way to improve security of ID cards, Documents, Brand Name labels. Can be adhered over Signatures on the documents to authenticate them. In most cases works better than Seal against forgery and counterfeiting.

Scratch-Off Hologram (New):- ALPHA has launched an innovative scratch-off hologram - a product set to offer the biggest challenge yet for would-be counterfeiters and fraudsters.
Scratch holograms can be used instead of traditional grey latex scratch off panels on telephone top-up cards, Discount Coupons, etc.
Whereas the current grey scratch off panel and the equipment needed to apply it are rapidly becoming commodities, production of the ALPHA holographic scratch-off foils requires a great deal of investment in advanced techno-logies and a level of know-how which is not easily gained.

Special film preparation and laminating techniques to layer a holographic visual barrier over pre-paid card 'PIN' numbers, preventing the scratching, PIN theft and re-coating of cards.

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Alpha Lasertek India Limited

Plot No.50, Site IV, Sector 31
Kasna Industrial Area,
District Gautam Budh Nagar
Noida, 201308 (Uttar Pradesh) - (India)


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