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As an Inspirational Storytelling organisation, we assist deeply passionate entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs share their stories which inspire action, connect emotionally and build reputation. A. L. Services offers content development/story writing, consulting, training and other services in the area of brand storytelling. AL Services is named after Dr. Amit Nagpal’s (Founder) mother (Late) Smt Anupam Nagpal. It was started in March 2011, to undertake variety of activities in the areas of branding and storytelling with a special focus on social and other online media. Content writing service, Blog stories, info-graphic storytelling, Animated video storytelling. Alservices is the company that provides you best writing services like seo content writing, social media strategist, blog writing services and brand building through story telling. Our main focus was online branding and storytelling for personal branding or business banding. ALS began as a social media marketing firm in 2011. The focus area was online branding and storytelling was our preferred tool for branding, be it personal branding or business branding. Yet we never knew our stories would make people laugh and cry. And one fine day we began to realize the immense power of stories to inspire people, energize action, connect emotionally, build reputation and entertain us at the same time.. In simple words, we never knew that we will fall in love with storytelling. Stories are full of depth and meaning. Story delivers information, connects people on an emotional level and builds community. We love storytelling because storytelling integrates:- Self interest with others interest Education with entertainment Emotions with logic Electronic, print and other mass media (Transmedia storytelling) Young generation with the old (Transgenerational) Online with offline brand Social media with mass media Personal with business brand And most important of all, stories humanize our mechanical world.

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Business Type Service Provider
Establishment Year 2011
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Products & Services

Storytelling Packages
Welcome to the world of digital and transmedia storytelling. Make huge savings on money, by going for our package deals. We offer several digital storytelling packages, in which we create a story for multiple platforms including blog story, PPT story, visual story, video story and so on. We can also create a customize package to match your exact needs.
Communicate the same message across multiple platforms and build your credibility by consistent branding.

Social Media Branding
(Content Creation + Social Media Management)
Give it. Shut it. Forget it. Outsource your social media branding needs to us and leave it to us to nurture and build your brand. We will create content and your social media profiles and post exciting content with consistent frequency and timings.
We create content in the story format or with story touch and also manage your social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Blog and Pinterest.

Case Study Storytelling
We can help you create case study stories of your clients. The case study is the best way to demonstrate your expertise and explain your business process in B2B markets. Visuals and infographics can also be added to the case study to increase its appeal.
The customer testimonials are incorporated in the case study itself, making it all the more powerful tool.

Animated video storytelling

Videos are the most powerful branding tool because of their audio visual impact. SMEs can also make simple and basic videos to convey their message.
Simple videos can be made by mixing images and video clips, along with background music. Some products like adventure tourism, where movement/action has to be shown as part of the story, the video becomes necessary.

Marketing Collaterals
We can also help you create and design your brochures, newsletters, mailers, catalogues and so on with a story touch. Creating top of the mind awareness is the main objective of marketing and branding activities and nothing does it better than story.

About Me/ About Us website story
Stories are like an omnipotent medicine. They inspire action, connect emotionally and build reputation. And as one of the leading voices of business storytelling says, “Storytelling reveals meaning beyond self-congratulations.� In your personal or organizational story, we add energy and inspiration.
Stories also provide inspiration through role models to people and organisations, which are facing similar challenges though it can be in different industries, cultures and contexts.

LinkedIn profile/Company page story
One of the most boring tasks in the world is to read the Linkedin profiles of your connections (or LinkedIn company pages).

Blog (text) stories
Be it customer testimonials/case studies, interesting anecdotes or company events, they all have potential to be converted into interesting business stories. They may be used for a variety of purposes by an organisation.

PPT / Visual Storytelling
A picture says a thousand words and few words are added to the picture, it tells a touching story. Online media is moving more and more towards visual and audio-visual. Some products and services like interiors, architecture services etc are visual by nature and need a visual medium in any case.

Quotable Quotes
Writing Quotable Quotes for CEOs, CXOs and Entrepreneurs
You know you have arrived, when your signature becomes an autograph and your words become quotable quotes. Mass media or social, we all love to hear quotable quotes and we tend to remember them often.

E-Books (with a story touch)
Everything (data or information) cannot be converted into story, yet everything can be given a story touch to make a piece of information memorable.

Infographic Storytelling
Infographics have become very popular online because of their power to present information in a visual and appealing way. They help to visualize relationships and statistics simply and easily. The flow or sequence is also easily represented, in case a process has to be shown. The information is presented in a very structured manner and can also be used to describe the range of your goods and services.

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C-815, Nirvana Courtyard, Nirvana Country, Near South City 2, Sector 50,
Gurgaon, 122017 (Haryana) - (India)


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