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Business overview

AmeriFund Capital Finance, LLC is a Florida based private banking firm located within Boca Raton's prestigious Mizner Park. This company was founded and continues to be headed by its President, Jeffrey Spanier. Over the years, AmeriFund has proven itself to be a premier lender within the stock lending industry. Acting as an institutional lender, AmeriFund finances clients on a multitude of exchanges, including the foreign markets. AmeriFund Capital Finance, LLC provides loans on every form of equity ranging from Corporate Treasury Securities (Corporate Financing Programs) to Restricted securities (Affiliate & Non-Affiliate Programs) to your typical Free Trading Stock. Additionally, we offer option conversion programs for officers and directors in addition to an array of other sophisticated lending packages. As an industry leader, we continuously demonstrate vision and steady growth. The strength and size of AmeriFund is directly attributed to the forward thinking, market sophistication and reputation of its principles. It is due to their integrity and firm steady hand that this organization has the drive, resources and ability to bring to market an assortment of superior lending products and services. Nationwide, we currently maintain a network of over 180 financial professionals who service the firm and is rapidly expanding its reach across the globe.

Industry Insurance and Financial Services
Business Type Service Provider
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level National

Products & Services

We provides loans on every form of equity ranging from Corporate Treasury Securities (Corporate Financing Programs) to Restricted securities (Affiliate & Non-Affiliate Programs) to your typical Free Trading Stock.

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Load characteristics for officers and directors with restricted securities :-
Minimum Market Capitalization of $ 250mm
Must trade options
LTV's (Loan to Values) from 40% - 80%
Terms from 2 - 10 years
Fixed Interest Rates well below Prime
Interest Payments made quarterly
Principle due at the term of the loan
No Margin call

Loan Benefits :-
Borrowing against your stock allows you to access capital in a private transaction without having to sell your securities to market.

With a stock loan, you get liquidity from your asset now, retain contractual ownership, enjoy the tax benefits that come from not having to sell your securities and profit from appreciation of your portfolio should the stock price rise in value after the loan matures......After principle and interest are paid.

Enjoy the freedom of walking away from your loan with no further obligations, should your share price decrease in value. The flexible exit strategy permits you to either pay off the loan and regain your securities, or walk away from interest payments or repayment entirely and forfeit only the collateralized securities.......Even if the stock price has declined.

Raise capital without securities going to market, utilizing assets with no REAL value
Replace high interest credit lines
Lower fees than traditional Investment Banking and other market related financing.

Contact Details

AmeriFund Capital Finance, LLC.

225 N.E. Mizner Blvd
Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33432 () - (United-states)


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